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Bush may stump for Ryun

Congressman admits race with Boyda is close

October 31, 2006


— Republican leaders from the White House to the Statehouse on Tuesday closed ranks behind U.S. Rep. Jim Ryun, of Lawrence, as Democratic challenger Nancy Boyda appeared ready to pull off a major upset.

"We need to have Republicans come home," said Ryun, one of the most conservative members of Congress.

Boyda's surge prompted reports that President Bush would stop in Topeka on Sunday, two days before the Nov. 7 election. Earlier this month, Vice President Dick Cheney put on a fundraiser in Topeka for Ryun, which the candidate said netted $209,000.

Also on Tuesday, statewide Republican officeholders launched an all-out blitz for Ryun with a rally in the Capitol.

Touting Ryun's record were U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback, Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh, Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger, Treasurer Lynn Jenkins, House Speaker Doug Mays and lieutenant governor candidate Susan Wagle.

Ryun criticizes Boyda

After the rally, Ryun lashed out at Boyda, saying she was lying about his record and flip-flopping on major issues.

"She's willing to do whatever she can to get elected. Telling the truth is not part of her forte," he said.

Boyda, however, said voters were growing tired of Ryun's negative campaigning and adherence to national Republican Party positions on a wide range of issues.

"Voters have had enough of the big billion-dollar lobbyists running Congress," she said.

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Ryun, a five-term incumbent, easily defeated Boyda in 2004 in the district that includes west Lawrence, Topeka, Manhattan and much of southeast Kansas.

But Boyda said this year that her uphill bid to unseat Ryun had become a David versus Goliath battle.

Close race

In recent weeks, Boyda has maintained that her campaign polling showed that the race had tightened.

But Ryun had always dismissed Boyda's claim, even insisting just days ago that he had a 17-point lead.

Even on Tuesday, Ryun's campaign manager, Jeffrey Black, said the race wasn't close. Just minutes later, however, Ryun conceded it was.

Other developments indicated a Boyda upset may be brewing.

The Cook Political Report, an independent, nonpartisan newsletter that analyzes campaigns, listed the Boyda-Ryun race as a toss-up. Three days ago, the report said the race likely would go to Ryun.

National interest

Another signal the district was in play was the entrance of national political party groups in the race.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ran a television ad criticizing Ryun, and the National Republican Congressional Committee was set to launch an anti-Boyda ad.

Ryun denounced the DCCC ad that accused him of voting against military bonuses while supporting his own congressional pay raises.

Ryun said he has voted for military pay raises each year for the past 10 years. And even though the DCCC operates independently from the Boyda campaign, Ryun called on Boyda to contact the DCCC and demand it remove the ad.

Boyda's campaign said it couldn't contact the DCCC about the ad because that would be illegal under federal campaign laws.

Boyda responds

Meanwhile, Boyda said voters are questioning Ryun's campaign tactics. For example, Ryun has a television ad that accuses Boyda of supporting a "cut and run" approach in the war in Iraq.

"They are finally beginning to see through the false choices, such as 'Are you for cut and run or stay the course?' Those kinds of questions don't support a real discussion of the issues," she said.

On immigration, Ryun has accused her of supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants.

But again, Boyda said, voters are suspicious of Ryun's rhetoric.

"I have taken a strong stand on immigration for three years. He's been in Congress 10 years and let millions of illegal immigrants come in. Voting for a fence right before you come home for a campaign, they see through that," she said.

Presidential presence

As for Bush's expected visit, Ryun's campaign said it didn't invite the president, but campaign manager Black said, "If he decides to come, we would welcome him with open arms."

Even so, the Ryun campaign sought to distance itself from Bush in some areas. A Ryun radio ad says the congressman opposed Bush's amnesty plan for illegal immigrants.

Brownback said despite Bush's low voter-approval ratings, a visit by the president would help Ryun.

"The president is the loudest voice, he is a clear articulator," he said.

Brownback, who once represented the 2nd District, said he believed Ryun would win, but he said the district can't be considered a safe Republican seat.

"It is a very balanced district, so when you get a tough election cycle, it makes it a very competitive seat," he said.


monkeyspunk 11 years, 4 months ago

If having Dubya come down is such a bad thing for a candidate, then why isn't Ryun cancelling?

Why isn't he cancelling like some of Kerry's allies who are now avoiding D+ Johnny like the plague?

fool_on_the_hill 11 years, 4 months ago

Is political passion a bad thing? No. Not as long as you aren't out there spreading poison in a radical way. Is Bush a good leader? I would have to say no. If he was a good leader his popularity would show in the polls. Is he a lier over the war or over social security? Not neccearily. Of course, as a politicion he is in a group that generally have questionable motives. Strange how they caught Bill Clinton shaking his finger telling a big lie and the left still supported him. He wasn't that bad of a leader with all that political polish that he had. The media liked him so he was cast in a favorable light when ever possible. If the media gave poor George the same break he would be more popular, too. But alas, this is just the way it is. All this poison in the air. It doesn't seem it will ever go away. One poet in our time said the answer is "blow'en in the wind" and then a group came along and said " all you need is love"! I guess they found the answer and told us about it. It goes way back this answer that blows in the wind. It's all around all of us all the time and we just can't see it. Love your enemies and they will begin to love you back. Hate them and they will hate you. And there you have it. Spread hate and you shall reap hate. You know the rest!

kuachio 11 years, 4 months ago

Kind of funny that Ryun needs President Bush to come and campaign for him. This has to be the same President Bush who Ryun says he doesn't agree with in his radio ad on immigration. Think they will stop playing the ad?

white_mountain 11 years, 4 months ago

Nancy is better looking. She's got my vote.

Richard Heckler 11 years, 4 months ago

Retired Lieut. Gen. William Odom calls the Iraq War "the worst strategic mistake in the history of the United States" and draws a grim parallel with the Vietnam War. He says that US strategy in Iraq, as in Vietnam, has served almost exclusively the interests of our enemies. He says that our objectives in Vietnam passed through three phases leading to defeat. These were: (1) 1961-65, "containing" China; (2) 1965-68, obsession with US tactics, leading to "Americanization" of the war; and (3) 1968-75, phony diplomacy and self-deluding "Vietnamization." Iraq has now completed two similar phases and is entering the third, says Odom, now a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. In March he wrote in the newsletter of Harvard's Nieman Foundation:

Ryun has not supported the middle class from 2003 to date:

Richard Heckler 11 years, 4 months ago

So Bush is coming to Kansas. Guess things aren't going so well in Missouri and Tennessee.

Maybe some member of the press can question the republicans on this Bush lie.

Has the president actually lied to the public about Social Security?

Yes. President Bush has repeatedly said that those who put their money in private accounts are "guaranteed" a better return than they'll receive from the current Social Security system. But every sale of stock on the stock market includes the disclaimer: "the return on this investment is not guaranteed and may be negative"--for good reason. During the 20th century, there were several periods lasting more than 10 years where the return on stocks was negative. After the Dow Jones stock index went down by over 75% between 1929 and 1933, the Dow did not return to its 1929 level until 1953. In claiming that the rate of return on a stock investment is guaranteed to be greater than the return on any other asset, Bush is lying. If an investment-firm broker made this claim to his clients, he would be arrested and charged with stock fraud. Michael Milken went to jail for several years for making just this type of promise about financial investments.

In fact, under the most likely version of the Bush privatization proposal, a 20-year old worker joining the labor force today would see her guaranteed Social Security benefits reduced by 46%. Bush's own Social Security commission admitted that private accounts are unlikely to make up for this drop in guaranteed benefits. The brokerage firm Goldman Sachs estimates that even with private accounts, retirement income of younger workers would be reduced by 42% compared to what they would receive if no changes are made to Social Security.

President Bush also misrepresents the truth when he claims that Social Security trustees say the system will be "bankrupt" in 2042. Bankruptcy is defined as "the inability to pay ones debts" or, when applied to a business, "shutting down as a result of insolvency." Nothing the trustees have said or published indicates that Social Security will fold as a result of insolvency.

Until 1984, the trust fund was "pay-as-you-go," meaning current benefits were paid using current tax revenues. In 1984, Congress raised payroll taxes to prepare for the retirement of the baby boom generation. As a result, the Social Security trust fund, which holds government bonds as assets, has been growing. When the baby boomers retire, these bonds will be sold to help pay their retirement benefits.

complete facts:

Jd Finch 11 years, 4 months ago

What happens to the campaign money if they lose? Is it returned to the party or to the donors?

fool_on_the_hill 11 years, 4 months ago

My eyes in my head see the world spinnig round and they also see the same people on here blogging on about every issue. Some of them are well connected to web sites that feed them information. Or could it be propaganda. It doesn't matter if you on the left or the right, there are plenty of propaganda web sites out there for everyone. But, when someone has an opinion on about everything I start to worry that they may be a little radical. Radicals cause trouble. Wise moderate people are the ones that the majority listen to. Radicals generally hurt their cause by making accusations they can't prove. Or, in others words, spreading poison. Fanatics are easy to spot in a crowd. They are usually the ones jumping around spouting out a lot of opinions. Or carrying a sign that is truely offensive to those on the other side of the issue. I wish that we could all give our opinion without making accusations. Calm thoughtful observations. You might want to say that someone is mistaken rather that saying they are lying. If a woman has had an abortion is it really helpful to call her a murderer. If someone is against gay marrage is it helpful to call them a bigot. How is that going to bring people together? Try reading a book called the "The Four Agreements". If you do your best to follow those guide lines then more people will listen to you. And you will not be so angry all the time. Peace starts with you.

KsTwister 11 years, 4 months ago

Is Bush the 'kiss of death' for a politician? I am beginning to view it that way the way some republicans act when they find out. Appears as a weak desparate last attempt for the repubs.

drewdun 11 years, 4 months ago


It seems to me that you're saying political passion is a bad thing. I don't know - it very well could be. However, we live in a democratic society that permits such outrageous talk (God knows I've engaged in too much of this), and it would seem that the majority of the electorate of the US supports these ridiculous attack ads, or else candidates would not run them and risk alienating the majority. Basically giving the people what they want. I am seriously tired of these political ads though, from all sides. They are utter crap.

Ken Miller 11 years, 4 months ago

John Kerry is a moron. Here you have a downright depressing situation for most GOPers... Foley, Iraq, Bush with very low approval ratings... and Kerry "jokes" about dumb students becoming soldiers in Iraq! Talk about the perfect scenario for all of Rove's minions to get the Republican base off their couch next Tuesday and out to vote. Ryun's supporters may not have as many yard signs out, but the only action that counts comes Nov. 7th.

roger_o_thornhill 11 years, 4 months ago

Run Jim, Run!

Mr. Bush--go to Crawford instead. Take a few days off. You deserve it. You can't help the situation here in the ol' Kansas #2, and you will just cause headaches for all the regular Topekans whose lives will be interrupted by your visit. (I know you don't realize it, but your convoy causes crappy traffic.)

Mr. Ryun--If you believe like the GOPConservative person says, and the rapture is soon, why waste your time in DC?

GOPConservative 11 years, 4 months ago

A vote for Ryun is a vote for sending your son, your daughter or yourself off to die in the Holy War that Ryun and the other members of the Christian Coalition have been promoting for the last 30 years. That is why they have been support foreign policies that inflame the Muslim world against us.

Even before the electon, Bush and the Neocons are proposing doubling the number of troops in Iraq. If Bush maintains control of Congress, the Neocons will want even more troops and will probably have to re-establish the Draft to supply them.

Ryun and Bush won't be satisfied until every Muslim is transformed into an American-hating terrorist.

Ryun and the Christian Coalition have spoken out repeatedly that all the armies of the world must be gathered together and killed in Armageddon for Bible prophecy to come to pass.

But for Ryun and the other members of the Christian Coalition, seeing your children die to bring back Jesus has a practical side. Ryun has made a fortune from his contacts with the defense industry. He has been a leader among the fiscal liberals in Congress in borrowing from the atheist commies in China.

Jim Ryun has helped transferred trillions of borrowed dollars to tax-sucking defense contractors while skimming off a small fortune for himself.

At first glance, it seems queer that Ryun supports saddling the American People with massive debt to the atheists in China, but pushing the world toward the end of times, and killing off our children requires it.

Ryun and the other members of the Christian Coalition sincerely believe that after the Rapture, such problems as global warming and the National Debt won't matter because the Earth will become a Lake of Fire, while Ryun and the others who are "saved" will be safely in the arms of Jesus.

For Ryun, it also means he has been a major supporter of slave labor, forced prostitution and forced abortion in the Marianas. Ryun made more than $300,000 in profit from such industries when Jack Abramoff and the Christian Coalition provided him with a fancy $700,000 home in Washington, D.C. for only $400,000 to reward him for his support.

Pushing the world over the brink to bring about the end of times through fiscal liberalism and a terrorist-inspiring foreign policy clearly has its perks.

Ryun knows from his hero, Pat Robertson, that his wealth from prostitution, forced abortion and slave labor is temporary. As a follower of Robertson's teachings, he knows that after the Rapture, all that will remain of him on Earth will be the fillings in his teeth, his glasses and his watch.

Until then, he can live high on the hog with his kick backs and gifts from Jack Abramoff and the defense industry.

rhd99 11 years, 4 months ago

Wow! RYUN must be desparate! BOYDA! BOYDA! BOOOYYYYDDDDAA!

rhd99 11 years, 4 months ago

Jim Ryun & all others, INCLUDING Bush, can take their extremist agenda & STUFF IT! GO BOYDA!

whitetower 11 years, 4 months ago

""She's willing to do whatever she can to get elected. Telling the truth is not part of her forte," he said."

Where is "truth" in politics? I mean, really, who does he thing he is he kidding?

Besides, comments like that make one look pretty desperate.


EasilyAmused 11 years, 4 months ago

Did Brownback actually say Bush was a clear articulator?
Now thats gotta be a joke.

Scott Tichenor 11 years, 4 months ago

The Three Stooges in Topeka. Bush + Ryun + Reverend Fred Phelps. Lot in common between those three.

rhd99 11 years, 4 months ago

There's a fourth stooge, Nugget. KLINE!

rhd99 11 years, 4 months ago

Scum like KLINE & FRED PHELPS need to be HUNG OUT TO DRY themselves!

staff04 11 years, 4 months ago

Charlie Cook, the most respected non-partisan Congressional election analyst in the country, moved this race from "Likely Republican" to "toss-up" in today's Cook Political Report in Congressional Quarterly. Not sure I would want both Cheney and Bush stumping for me, but what the hell...

blackwalnut 11 years, 4 months ago

Nancy Boyda will represent Kansas - not some national party agenda.

Nancy did not take money from the Democratic National Committee, just so she would say what she knows to be true and do what she believes.

Vote for Kansas - not the RNC, not the DNC, not Bush rubber stamper Jim Ryun.

NANCY BOYDA is for Kansas and Kansans

Darth_Vader 11 years, 4 months ago

I'd like to vote for Nancy Boyda... but I don't think she can run a mile in under four minutes.

Mike Blur 11 years, 4 months ago

A few things to say about the upcoming election...from someone (me) who resides in a heavily "red" part of the 2nd, Jackson County (one county up from Topeka/SNCO) we are so "red," when I voted in the primary, I noticed I was the only "independent" on my log page of 25-30 Republican voters. Good thing the Dems had an open primary, otherwise I wouldn't been able to vote at all in August.

Here's a LTE in Monday's Holton Recorder (from someone else, not me): "Dear editor, Last year about this time (Oct. 1 2005) it rained around 10 inches in and around Valley Falls and by the next morning there was flooding downstream. We were getting ready for church when we heard Grantville was being flooded. The same thing was happening in north Topeka, Oskaloosa, Silver Lake, Rossville, and other communities. Thousands of acres were being flooded, crops washed away and houses and outbuildings being destroyed. Our governor was on top of the situation as were the Red Cross and many other agencies but to help recover from this, aid would have to come from the federal government. Sen. Pat Roberts was helpful but in the majority of the cases it was too little, too late. Some people in Grantville called and e-mailed Rep. Jim Ryun for help with no response. Nancy Boyda and myself were invited soon after to attend a meeting on the flood, as was Rep. Ryun who was a no show. We heard many speakers from farmers to homeowners. The one that caught my attention was the comment "we need some common sense in Washington, DC. That's why we need Nancy Boyda in Congress. Larry Bigham Grantville"


Mike Blur 11 years, 4 months ago


Here's an excerpt from the Monday opinion column of the Holton Recorder written by David Powls, the "Dan Simons" of the Recorder:

"While U.S. Second District Congressman Jim Ryun, a former Olympian, is an athletic hero of mine, the answer to the question of whether he is deserving of a sixth, two-year term probably is no. First of all, I do not like electing congressmen to two-year terms. I think they are required to spend too much time worrying about re-election. The two-year cycle certainly has a lot worked to Congressman Ryun's advantage. Ryun is a great goodwill ambassador for the state, due to his celebrity - and that is important, but Kansans need more - we need leaders at Washington. D.C. I support Nancy Boyda, a Democrat, to represent the Second District at Congress. I do not know whether she will be able to accomplish more than Ryun, in the long run (no pun intended) but I believe she deserves a chance. She is intelligent, understands the issues and is willing to discuss them with her constituents. Most importantly, I think she will listen to her constituents and consider how decisions made at D.C. will affect Kansans. I also supported her two years ago.

David Powls"

(The Holton Recorder does not post LTE's or opinions on their website if anyone wishes to verify content I posted, call the Recorder at the number listed on their website. I personally typed the preceding for the benefit of my fellow 2nd District constituents. - mike)

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