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October 30, 2006


Words can never hurt him

Washington - Michael J. Fox laughed off criticism of his appearance in recent political ads in support of embryonic stem cell research, but said his mother was not as amused.

"She was not happy," Fox said during an interview aired Sunday's on ABC's "This Week."

Fox, who has Parkinson's disease, said his mother, Phyllis, was with him when he shot the ads and knew that he "was struggling to stay still. Because I truly wanted to stay still. It's more comfortable. It's not comfortable to be moving around."

Fox, who supports embryonic stem cell research as a possible cure for Parkinson's, drew some conservative criticism after a Missouri ad began running during the World Series. It showed Fox visibly shaking while urging viewers to vote yes for stem-cell research and for a Democratic Senate candidate over the Republican incumbent.

Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh criticized him, claiming that Fox was "either off his medication or acting." Limbaugh, who apologized later in his broadcast, called Fox "really shameless" in his effort to stir up sympathy.

Fox said he was neither acting nor off his medication. "I'm experienced enough and mature enough to take my licks," said Fox, who was shaking during the interview aired Sunday. "But I know the community was really hurt by it. And it really brings up the specter of, 'go away, shut the window, shut the doors, close the curtains and suffer, and don't let us know,' because it's a fearful response."

Jackson to accept award

London - Michael Jackson will make a rare public appearance next month at the World Music Awards in London, organizers announced Sunday.

The reclusive king of pop will receive a Diamond Award, given to artists who sell more than 100 million albums, at the industry ceremony on Nov. 15.

Jackson has made few appearances since being acquitted of child molestation charges in June 2005. He left the United States soon after and has spent time in Bahrain and Ireland.

The World Music Awards were held in Monaco for 15 years before moving to the United States in 2004 and 2005. This year's event at London's Earls Court Arena is to be hosted by Lindsay Lohan.

Politics in the heartland

Columbus, Ohio - Jon Stewart and staff from Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" fielded questions from Ohio State University students and others at a special appearance, but the comedian also had a query of his own. "A buckeye is a gay acorn, right?" Stewart asked about 12,000 people gathered Saturday at Value City Arena.

The popular news parody was gearing up for a week of broadcasts from Ohio for its "Midwest Midterm Midtacular." Saturday's appearance was added after spaces for the four nights of tapings at OSU's Roy Bowen Theatre filled up.

Stewart and the crew, including correspondents Jason Jones and Samantha Bee, showed clips from the show and answered questions provided in advance. They also peppered students with questions about college life, including whether pets and methamphetamine labs were allowed on campus.

For the record, "buckeye," a type of chestnut tree, is an informal name for people living in Ohio.

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James was to be the featured guest today at the first of the "Daily Show" tapings.


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