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On the money

October 30, 2006


Gone are the days of joining a company after college and staying with it for a promotion-filled 40-year career. Here are tips for success from Curtis J. Crawford, author of the new book "Corporate Rise: The X Principles of Extreme Personal Leadership":

¢ Identify what you want to do. Develop a comprehensive personal career plan and review it with your supervisor.

¢ Develop a relationship with your supervisor and his or her boss.

"Talk to your boss about taking on broader responsibilities, ask how she got where she is and discuss how you can earn the right to move ahead," Crawford said.

¢ Find a mentor who can guide you through your career transitions.

¢ Strive for excellence. No matter where you are, the quality of your work matters.

¢ Consider lateral moves. You may find that you will experience less friction from your peers when you change jobs laterally within the same company, and you'll be able to see your work from a different perspective.


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