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KDWP tweaks fishing reports

October 30, 2006


Wildlife and Parks has added a new wrinkle to the state fishing reports it has been providing for more than 25 years.

What started as a weekly mailing has evolved into electronic reports posted on the Web at

While this technology makes it possible for staffers to update reports at any time, it has also led to greater public expectations.

In an effort to improve accuracy, Wildlife and Parks has developed a link on its Web site called Public Fishing Reports. By clicking on, anglers can sign onto a blog and let other anglers know about their experiences at different waters in the state.

"With more than 250 lakes in Kansas, there is no way we can cover every lake every week," state fisheries chief Doug Nygren said, "so we often rely on local contacts. Hopefully, this new public fishing report system will fill in some of the gaps."

Nygren hopes the new public reporting system will provide more information in a more timely manner.

"By its very nature, fishing success is fickle," he said. "On any given day on any given lake, one angler may be doing well while another is having no luck at all.

"Our reports are designed to give anglers a general barometer of fishing activity, not a set-in-stone forecast. Boat traffic, angling pressure, weather, water turbidity and seasons all affect fishing success."


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