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Farmland questions

How do city officials plan to approach the development of the former Farmland property?

October 28, 2006


It is interesting that within a relatively short timeframe, Lawrence city commissioners wrested control of development of the former Farmland fertilizer plant site on the east edge of Lawrence away from Douglas County commissioners and then denied Wal-Mart the right to build a store at the northwest corner of Sixth Street and Wakarusa Drive.

How is the city going to pay the costs of developing the Farmland site? Granted, they will get some money to try to eliminate toxins left at the site from the fertilizer operation, but who is to pay the rest of the sure-to-come substantial costs? City taxpayers or who? This is a giant question now in the lap of the city.

At about the same time, these same commissioners denied Wal-Mart the right to build a large retail facility at the site that is zoned for business. The company would have hired many employees, would have provided extra income for many families and would have spun off added taxes for the benefit of the entire community.

Do current city leaders have something against large retail businesses? Are they opposed to any major developments other than in downtown Lawrence to "protect" downtown? How do they intend to generate more money for Lawrence to pay for many city needs? Is the answer just to add more taxes on local residents and continue to make it difficult for new business and industry to locate in the city?

What happens if a large, perhaps even a "giant" company wants to locate at the Farmland site? What if a group of retailers might like to locate there? Will they be denied in an effort to "protect downtown"? Or will city commissioners, by that time, be so hungry for new jobs, a way to pay for development of the land or new tax revenues for the city or will the political scene have shifted enough to cause these same commissioners to find some excuse to OK such a project?

What if one of the applicants for such a building permit were Wal-Mart, that company which is supposed to be so bad and brings nothing good to the community?


lunacydetector 11 years, 2 months ago

the three no growth city commissioners do not care about bringing jobs to lawrence. they never were and never will be, because they don't want lawrence to grow. they want lawrence to stagnate. all began when they enacted the 'living wage' law -or i should call it the 'no living wage' since no companies have located here since its enactment. how many years has that been now?

lawrence, kansas business UNfriendly

bearded_gnome 11 years, 2 months ago

retailers, ... there? that's a funny one!

still say, we should build a new refinery there, that way the soil polution won't bug anybody and we'd have the first new refinery in 30 years built in the u.s. we're located nicely for such.

cowboy 11 years, 2 months ago

biodiesel or ethanol refinery , jobs , jobs , jobs.

classclown 11 years, 2 months ago

The city intends to build a huge parking lot there. Private vehicles will be banned in the city of Lawrence. The town's bus system will meet all of your transportation needs within its limits.

Anyone driving into town will be expected to park at the new Park & Ride and bus in from there. If for some odd reason you would actually want to drive somewhere else to work or shop (although why would you really ever want to? ), you can take the bus to your car and drive from there.

The city will also provide rickshaws to all the homeless people so that they may be able to earn some beer money by ferrying people around downtown and other choice locations rather than harrassing passers by.

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