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Study: Parents willing to test teens for drugs

October 27, 2006


— A majority of parents of teens are willing to ask them to take a home drug test, according to a recently released survey from the nonprofit drug-prevention group notMyKid.

Two-thirds of parents of teenagers are willing to ask their child to take a home drug test as a prevention method, according to the survey of 2,064 adults nationwide.

The study applauds parents for being proactive in talking regularly with their children about the perils of drug abuse. The vast majority of parents talk with their kids about drug abuse on a weekly or monthly basis, the survey said.

It also found that a quarter of parents either have not had those discussions at all or did not begin discussions until their children were in high school.


sublime 11 years, 1 month ago

Another way to keep kids off of drugs is to show them examples of people that have ruined thier lives over drugs.If you don't know any examples, google"meth mouth"images.Show your kids where that path will take them.I think the drug testing is a good idea.We as parents have got to step it up.No one wants to raise a dope head.I have found in my experience that you can't be your childs "friend".You have to be a parent first.I would rather have my teenager mad at me at turn out right.Than to think I'm "cool"and grow up to be a dope head.

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