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Kansas coach’s weekly radio show tense as ever

October 27, 2006


Kansas University football coach Mark Mangino's weekly radio show on Thursday was about as tense as ever, just days after KU crumbled down the stretch in a loss to Baylor.

One caller asked Mangino if he was expecting to be retained as KU's coach next year. Mangino, implying it may have been a Kansas State fan, responded, "You folks on the other side of the state keep crossing your fingers."

Another asked how KU's problems winning road games could be solved, calling Mangino's coaching tenure "less than mediocre." Mangino gave an unusual answer, saying that research was done to see whether fumes on the team bus, radon in the locker room or too much butter at team meals had something to do with it. A later caller told Mangino he acted unprofessionally in his response.

"When I get a question that's ridiculous or rude," Mangino said, "I'm going to make fun out of it."

Most of the callers were supportive of Mangino, one even suggesting that the coach needed to be more secretive about personnel decisions than he is, citing Mangino telling reporters that quarterback Kerry Meier would be unavailable for Saturday's game against Colorado.

Mangino responded saying he believed in being honest to reporters, before saying, "I'd prefer not to talk about anything, but that's not the way it works."


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