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Self: Decision on Giles could be made soon

Jayhawks to enjoy ‘56 hours off’

October 25, 2006


It's becoming more and more likely - with each passing day - suspended forward C.J. Giles' days as a Kansas University basketball player are over.

"Could be ... yes. I would say there is certainly a definite possibility that could occur, and a decision could be made here in the next several days," KU coach Bill Self said Tuesday, asked if Giles could be "done" at KU.

"I think I said last week he would have the opportunity to possibly straighten some personal issues out. There hasn't been enough time elapsed to know if that has been done. But there are so many things, it would be very difficult for him to do that ever at Kansas."

Giles was not invited to KU's early 5:30 a.m. workout Tuesday, his suspension hitting the one-week mark.

"I have not spoken with him. Others have talked to him. We check on him, monitor him academically," Self said. "I told C.J. there is no reason to spend any time talking until this comes to a definite resolution."

Self said Giles had "multiple things he's dealing with. He has some issues, some things. You guys know about one."

Giles has a pending Jan. 8 court date to respond to issues regarding paying child support to the mother of his baby boy. Last week Self said Giles had "personal issues" including but not limited to poor academic performance. He missed a morning practice eight days ago and has not been invited back since.

"Yes," Self said, asked if Giles had to straighten out all issues to return to the team.

Is there a cutoff point where a decision must be reached?

"I do think something could be done in the next several days," Self said, adding the situation was not a distraction. "I'm not dealing with it now, to be honest."

Self said he had not talked to Giles about transferring. "I don't think that would be his primary goal, but I don't know," Self said.

¢ Seattle teammate dies: Giles and Rodrick Stewart have been shocked and saddened by the death of former Seattle Rainier Beach High teammate Marcel Pellum, who died last weekend in a car crash in Seattle. Stewart will miss practice Friday and Saturday to attend, and speak at, the funeral in Seattle.

¢ Bumps, bruises: KU freshman Sherron Collins and junior Russell Robinson were given the day off Tuesday to rest various ailments.

"Sherron's body is beat up now. He has a sore back, sore knee and strained calf," Self said. "He has been just OK health wise. He picks things up quickly, though.

"Russell is just sore," Self added. "He'll play so many minutes during the season. He goes so hard. I don't think we need to overload Russell too much."

Self said both players would have been able to compete if KU had a game today. The Jayhawks won't practice again until 5 p.m. Thursday.

"That gives them 56 hours off," said Self, who held the early Tuesday practice so he could go recruiting. "The guys are working pretty hard. They are tired right now. We practiced last night (Monday) until 7:30 and went again at 5:30 today. We needed to have a teaching day and that was pretty much what this was, today."

Self said the team "was behind" in the areas of defense and rebounding.

"We are not near as sound as we should be. We spent the majority of last week emphasizing offensive things, which is fine," Self said.

¢ Speedy Arthur: Self lauded frosh forward Darrell Arthur.

"I don't know if I've had anybody change ends better than he does - defense to offense," Self said of the cat-quick player.

Of frosh Brady Morningstar's progress, Self noted: "Brady has done fine. The game is a little fast for him, all the freshmen now. He will be fine when he gets comfortable. He is just not comfortable yet."

Of team speed, Self said: "Those guys do get up and down the court pretty good. Breakneck speed (as described by Sports Illustrated recently) might be a little exaggeration."


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