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Duo powers Baldwin soccer past Seabury

October 25, 2006


— Dustin Schiller and Fernando Chuery haven't played soccer together for too long. Chuery, a senior, came to Baldwin High last year from Brazil, while Schiller just started to receive significant playing time this season as a junior.

Tuesday night at Baldwin High, the two looked like they had grown up playing soccer together. No-look, reverse passes. Creating shots on goal. The duo was largely responsible for Baldwin's (12-4-1) 5-0 victory against Seabury Academy (3-5) in the Class 4-3-2-1A regional tournament.

"Dustin and Fernando know where the other person's going to be," Baldwin coach Gus Wegner said. "They move really fast and take some of the defenders out of the play."

Schiller was noticeably quicker than anyone else on the field. He used his quickness to dribble or pass ahead of the Seabury defense. All that was left was Seabury goalkeeper Philip Anderson.

Schiller and Chuery accounted for all five Bulldogs goals. Schiller scored one goal and assisted in another. Chuery had a monster day, scoring two goals and assisting in two more.

"He dribbles really well, and he gets you lulled into the fact that he's going to be there, but then all of a sudden, he's gone," Wegner said of Chuery. "He has tremendous stamina. He doesn't really get tired. He's looking for the pass, and he's a great team player. Then, he can crank off a shot."

When asked what he'd rather do - score or set up someone else for a goal - Chuery's answer came quickly.

"Of course, I'd like to score the goals," Chuery said, laughing. "That's probably the best part of my game."

Schiller was quick to respond to the statement.

"What game?" Schiller asked, jokingly. "And that's on the record."

Schiller's style of play on the field correlated with his personality. He played very loose and it was evident he enjoyed being out there.

Schiller assisted in arguably the nicest-looking goal of the day. With his back facing the goal, Schiller saw senior Avery Baughan streaking toward an open spot. Without missing a beat, Schiller got a little fancy. He kicked the ball backwards and through a Seabury defender's legs. Baughan did the rest and blasted the ball past the goalkeeper for Baldwin's fifth goal of the day.

"There was just a lot of movement without the ball," Schiller said. "Coach always stresses offense, pushing the ball up and staying aggressive."

Baldwin produced 20 shots on goal, compared to Seabury's 11.

Despite Seabury's season coming to an end, coach Gunar Harmon found positives from the defeat.

"It was the best game of the season, despite the score," Harmon said. "We had early chances. You get so few chances, and soccer's all about trying to take the most out of your opportunities."

As the game went on and the temperature became cooler, several Seabury players felt the strain of the 80-minute game.

"We're as beat up, coming off this field, as we've been all season," Harmon said. "I've got a goalkeeper (Anderson) who got a concussion; I have three our four guys limping around the field. We were just short on bodies, coming down to the end."

Baldwin will face Kansas City Piper on Thursday in the next round of the playoffs at 6:30 p.m. at Liston Stadium.


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