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New York City to search for more Sept. 11 remains at ground zero

October 21, 2006


— The city said Friday that it will search parts of the World Trade Center site again for remains of the Sept. 11 dead after several bones were pulled out of an abandoned manhole - a discovery that stirred up new fury and disbelief among victims' families.

The family members demanded that construction stop at ground zero until remains of all their loved ones are recovered. They also called for state and federal investigations into the failure to completely remove remains from ground zero.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg called an emergency meeting at City Hall that included police, fire officials and the city medical examiner after the discovery of bones Thursday in a manhole in the 16-acre site. Remains as big as arm or leg bones were found, along with personal effects including at least one wallet, officials said.

The meeting yielded a plan that would have utility companies that are inspecting manhole and utility areas be accompanied by staff from the police and fire departments and the medical examiner's office. Searchers will examine about six more manholes in the next few days, officials said.

City officials will also analyze underground areas to see whether there could be places that weren't searched or need to be searched again.

At ground zero Friday, in an area far from where contractors discovered the bones a day earlier, people in hooded white suits went in and out of a white tent next to a police van and a garbage bin.

Police and forensics experts were digging through dirt and other material pulled from the manhole in search for more remains, said an official who spoke on condition of anonymity because of instructions not to speak publicly about the matter.


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