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Final: KU wastes lead, lose 36-35

October 21, 2006, 1:53 p.m. Updated October 21, 2006, 5:38 p.m.


Game recap

Fourth straight game with a lead, fourth straight loss for the Jayhawks.

The first half KU commanded itself to a 35-17 lead. It's defensive woes appeared to be solved - forcing three turnovers from its previously struggling secondary. Running back Jon Cornish ran for 140 yards in just the first two quarters. Things were going the Jayhawks' way.

Then came half-time.

Some empty drives on both sides didn't seem like a big deal given the Jayhawks' 35-17 lead. But when the momentum changes, the Jayhawks don't have an answer.

On the KU's first drive of the fourth quarter senior Adam Barmann replaced the injured Kerry Meier. For a quarterback that didn't begin warming up until the waning seconds of the third quarter, Barmann almost helped secure a Kansas win - the first one in the last three tries.

Wide receiver Marcus Hereford had beaten his BU counterpart opening him up for an easy touchdown run but the redshirt sophomore dropped Barmann's pass. The failed third down conversion brought in punter Kyle Tucker.

From there, the Bears didn't look back.

The ensuing drive, Baylor went the 80 yards in five plays in just over a minute to break the second-half scoreless drought.

Now down two scores with fives minutes on the clock wasn't a bad position for KU. However, when Baylor took only 51 seconds to drive 84 yards in fours, the Jayhawks weren't as comfortable as they had once thought. It was on that very drive where the KU secondary began to show signs of the old. Bell connected on a unmarked and wide open Dominique Ziegler for a 60-yard pass that set up the 4-yard touchdown pass just a play later.

Kansas caught a break when a shaky fielded kickoff from Hereford left the Jayhawks on their own 1 yard line. The penalty forced Baylor to redo the kick, but it was too late - Floyd Casey Stadium was already roaring in excitement for the comeback Bears who were within a touchdown of winning on homecoming day.

The, for a short period of time, it looked like the Kansas defense might actually stop the Bears from spoiling yet another game. Just as luck would have it, on third down Bell completed a 13-yard pass to the KU 10 and it was over. Bell found a diving Ziegler in the end-zone for the game winner.

A minute had never been enough time for the Jayhawks to mount a successful drive, especially not given the circumstances - To go 68 yards with the second-string QB with one timeout - it wasn't going to bright.

The Jayhawks managed 12 yards and again a dropped pass - this time from Marcus Henry - that jeopardized field goal position and KU's chance to win. And for the fourth straight time the Jayhawks gave up a game it had a chance to win.

While the KU coaching staff is taking responsibility for not pulling out the 'W' in the end, it's still tough to swallow.

Cornish finished the game with 196 yards on 24 carries and two touchdowns. Meier threw and ran for 62 yards and two touchdowns. The secondary had three turnovers for the game - two interceptions and forcing a fumble.

For a team that gave up 21 unanswered points, Baylor returned the favor and then some. Bell finished the game with 394 passing yards and all five touchdowns. What's more, they also finished the game with the win as KU finished with yet another close loss.

Final: KU 35, Baylor 36

With 1:08 left in the game, KU had one last chance to win the game. As Meier sat on the sideline after suffering an injury late in the third quarter, Barmann managed to get to Kansas to their own 48 yard line. The Jayhawks had an opportunity to get inside field goal range for place kicker Webb, but Henry dropped Barmann's pass on the 39 yard line.

To add to the problems for KU, the 'Hawks called a timeout after Barmann was sacked with nine seconds on the clock. The scoreboard showed KU had no remaing timeouts following the failed challenge attempt, but the scoreboard was wrong.

Kansas could only attempt to throw long and get out-of-bounds to stop the clock and set up a game-winning field goal attempt with nine seconds left. Barmann's last effort from the KU 36 was intercepted ending the game and KU's chance to win.

Bell threw complete to Ziegler on a wide receiver screen on first-and goal, diving into the endzone for the touchdown. Baylor went for another two-point conversion but failed a dropped Bell pass keeps BU's lead at 36-35. KU has 1:08 to score with no timeouts due to the failed challenge and with Barmann at quarterback.

Following KU's timeout, Bell miscued on his next two passes, but completed his third attempt for a 13-yard pass to the KU 10. Kansas coaches challeneged the call arguing the receiver was not in-bounds. Officials decide the play would stand as called on the field.

Starting on their own 42, Baylor drove 45 yards to the KU 23 with five complete passes from Bell. Kansas took a timeout to regroup defensively, holding a 5-point lead with 1:32 left in the game.

Coach Mark Mangino talks about the game against Baylor


Baylor has shut out Kansas in the second half, scoring 13 unanswered points.

KU expecting an onside kick, Baylor instead opts to go long to the lone returner Hereford. The Jayhawks avoid disaster after Hereford dropped the ball and was tackled at the one yard line. Baylor's penalty caused the Bears to redo the kick and ultimately gave KU possession on their 15 with three minutes left in the game.

After playing a solid game defensively, the KU secondary broke down for the first time, giving up a 60-yard pass from Bell to unmarked Dominique Zeigler to the KU 4. Bell found a diving Mosley for the four-yard touchdown pass, but KU redeemed itself as Stuckey broke up the Bears' two point conversion attempt. Baylor went 84 yards in four plays taking up 51 seconds to cut the lead to 35-30.

The Jayhawks couldn't convert on third-and 5 and punt the ball away. Baylor will take over at their own 17 yard line with five minutes left down two scores.

Kansas finally on the other side of the penalty flag as Barmann's pass intended for Dexton Fields is picked off by Anthony Arline. A pass interference call gives the Jayhawks the ball on their own 45.

Bears fans get back into the game as Baylor gains momentum from the Bell touchdown pass with less than ten minutes remaining in the game.

It's a 14-point turnaround for the Jayhawks after Hereford dropped an apparent touchdown pass as Baylor's Bell finds Shelton for a 42-yard touchdown pass with 9:22 in the fourth quarter. Shelton beat KU cornerback Thorton on the play to finish the Bears' drive of 80 yards in five plays to bring the score within 11 points.

On his first drive of the game, Barmann nearly connected with Hereford for a touchdown. Hereford had beaten the BU cornerback on a corner route setting him up for an open touchdown, but he dropped the Barmann pass on the third down attempt. Tucker's punt sailed into the endzone, giving the Bears possession at their own 20 yard line with 10:38 on the clock.

Barmann entered the game for the first time following the change of possession from Webb's interception.

Freshman cornerback Anthony Webb picked off a Bell pass on a third-and 8 play from the Kansas 45 yard line. It's the third turnover forced by the Jayhawks on the day. KU will take over control on their own 35 yard line with 12:45 left in the game and posting a 35-17 lead.

Meier is shaken up on the last play of the third quarter. As his right shoulder area is checked out on the sideline by trainers, senior quarterback Adam Barmann began to warm up.

KU starts the fourth quarter with a punt by Tucker putting the Bears on their own 41.

With seven penalties, KU has now given up 55 yards compared to Baylor's 11 yards on one penalty. But the Bears couldn't capitalize on a 25-yard pass interference penalty on cornerback Darrell Stuckey and were forced to punt. Lamb lets the ball bounce out of bounds at the KU 6.

Cornish has totaled 187 yards on 19 carries with a minute left in the third quarter.

Another penalty puts the Jayhawks in third-and long position that they can't overcome. Meier finds Dominic Roux for an 11-yard pass completion, but the 'Hawks were still three yards short. KU's Tucker punted the ball. Baylor will take over possession on their own 11 yard line with fives minutes left in the third quarter.

Murph is attended to on the sideline by medical staff. With his helmet off, Murph's right wrist is tapped.

Cornish keeps adding to his numbers on the Jayhawks' first drive of the second half. On third-and 10 on the Baylor 24, Kansas ran a reverse play with Marcus Hereford overthrowing an open Brian Murph in the endzone. Murph ran into a camera platform placed behind the endzone and appeared shaken up but walked off the field. KU was forced to attempt a field goal, but a low snap led to a wide 42-yard field goal attempt by Webb.


Coming into the game Baylor may have forced 20 turnovers in addition to giving up 19 of their own. But after the first half versus Kansas, the Bears can add two more to their own turnovers and none to the total forced.

Kansas' first turnover came midway in the first quarter immediately following KU's first score of the game. Arist Wright picked off a Bell pass, returning it 28 yards for the touchdown and the 14-7 lead.

Baylor quickly came back with a field goal and a touchdown of its own seemingly regaining control at 17-14, but the KU offense proved its efficiency in the redzone with QB Kerry Meier behind center, rattling off 21 unanswered points.

Kansas found success on the ground with running back Jon Cornish who ran for 140 yards on 14 runs and two touchdowns. Meier connected with Dexton Fields for a touchdown in addition to running for one as well.

KU's defense intercepted a ball and forced a fumble by cornerback Justin Thorton which set the 'Hawks up for its fourth score of the game. Although the Jayhawks gave up 137 passing yards to Bell in the air, the Bears only racked up 187 total offense in the first half while maintaining a 35-17 lead after one half of play.

Cornish finds the endzone again, this time for a 1-yard touchdown run following the right side of the KU offensive line into the endzone. The Jayhawks upped their lead to 35-17 with less than 30 seconds left in the first half.

The Jayhawks' defense forced its first BU punt of the game - a 68-yard boot by punter Daniel Sepulveda, but KU's returner Jonathan Lamb fielded the punt at 20 yard line and ran the ball to the Baylor 28 with less than a minute before half.

Kansas capitalized on the Baylor fumble, marching down the field behind Meier and Cornish runs. Cornish finished the six play, 53-yard drive on a 15-yard run into the endzone for KU's fourth score of the game. Cornish now has 120 yards on nine carries as KU takes a 28-17 lead with three minutes before halftime.

Baylor trying to attack KU's two linebackers, give up their second turnover of the game. Free safety Justin Thorton forced a fumble that KU recovered at their own 47-yard line.

KU picked up two first downs on their second scoring drive of the game, including a 31-yard run from Cornish on a third-and 4 option play to the Baylor 14. Meier found Dexton Fields on a corner pass into double coverage for the 13- yard touchdown catch on third down. Webb's PAT was good, giving the lead back to Kansas at 21-17 halfway into the second quarter.

On third-and goal from the KU 4 yard line, KU's defense blitzed but Bell converted a receiver screen play to connect with Trent Shelton for the touchdown. The Bears drove 54 yards in five plays to regain the lead 17-14 wtih 11:23 to play in the half.

Again, penalties come into play for the Jayhawks as defensive lineman Bob Whitaker is called for a false start, moving KU's third-and 1 back to a third-and 6. Meier's incomplete pass to receiver Jason Lamb forces KU to punt from thier own 29 yard line. Kyle Tucker's 40-yard punt gave Baylor the ball on their own 36-yard line.

The key sack for loss of yards helped the Jayhawks halt the Bear's drive. Baylor's Bell overthrew an open receiver on third-and 14 forcing the Bears to settle for a 31-yard field goal from Ryan Haves cutting KU's lead to 14-7 ten seconds into the second quarter.

KU's Jeff Wheeler was called for a 15-yard personal foul penalty - the Jayhawk's third of the game. But Wheeler made up for the penalty on the next play, sacking Bell for a loss of 15 yards. KU's three penalties have totaled 25 yards.

Cornerback Arist Wright intercepts a Bell pass on the first play of Baylor's second drive, returning it for another KU touchdown. The interception was Bell's ninth of the season and Wright's first of the year. KU now leads Baylor 14-7 with 6:45 on the clock.

On the Jayhawks ensuing drive, KU responded with a touchdown of its own. Driving 78 yards in eight plays, Kansas picked up a key first down from an extra effort from receiver Brian Murph on a 13-yard pass from QB Kerry Meier.

Running back Jon Cornish broke free for a 27-yard run giving KU possession the Baylor 5-yard line before Meier converted a QB draw play for the five-yard touchdown run. Place kicker Anthony Webb converted on the PAT to tie the game 7-7 with 7:38 in the first quarter.

The Bears take the first lead of the game at 7-0 after marching down the field 80 yards on 11 plays in the first drive of the game.

KU came close to stopping Baylor on third-and 8 on the KU 24 yard line, but KU defensive end Mike Rivera was called for holding, putting Baylor on the KU 5. BU quarterback Shawn Bell found running back Brandon Whitaker on third-and goal for the five-yard touchdown pass at 11:13 in the first quarter.

Game preview

The Kansas University football team makes its second Big 12 road game appearance in today's 2:05 p.m. showdown against the Baylor Bears in Waco, Texas.

While both teams enter the game with matching records of 3-4 overall, Baylor has managed something that KU hasn't - a Big 12 win, and more specifically two of those. The Bears dropped a close 63-31 decision at No. 6-ranked Texas last Saturday night. Baylor's quarterback Shawn Bell passed for 303 yards and two touchdowns, even catching one on a trick play in the third quarter. Behind Bell, the Bears have become one of the most efficient passing teams in the league. The senior QB has completed 63 percent of his passes for 1,928 yards and 13 touchdowns. In addition, four wide-receiver positions are listed on Baylor's depth chart instead of the usual two or three, and 16 different Bears have caught a pass this season.

KU, on the other hand, is struggling where Baylor is prospering. The Jayhawks are on a three-game losing streak with key losses coming from defensive miscues in the secondary. Starting in the 'Hawks 39-32 overtime loss at Nebraska, KU's secondary has continually given up several 50-yard plus pass plays a game. Last Saturday's 42-32 loss to Oklahoma State at Memorial Stadium featured six second-half touchdowns - all through the air. However, part of Kansas' secondary has been productive. Sophomore cornerback Aqib Talib leads the Big 12 in passes defended, breaking up 12 and intercepting two more for a total of 14 even after missing the first two games of the season because of a disciplinary suspension.

At home this season, Baylor is 2-2 and 1-0 in Big 12 play at Floyd Casey Stadium. KU won the last meeting 28-21 in Lawrence in 2003, but the Jayhawks have yet to win in Waco, dropping its three previous game there.


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