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Wrong focus

The actions of an individual congressman are important, but they shouldn’t distract the nation from other pressing issues.

October 13, 2006


What does it say about the thinking of many Americans, as well as many in the news media, when they act as if the disgraceful behavior of a congressman is the most important issue facing this nation when, at the same time, an outspoken critic and enemy of the United States is believed to have exploded a nuclear device and threatens to conduct more tests?

What does it say about how the American public views the major issues facing voters in the upcoming election? How could some say the election should turn on how voters feel about the actions of the congressman rather than on North Korea thumbing its nose at the United States, China, South Korea, Russia and Japan, saying it will continue to build missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads? What about Iran's actions on developing nuclear weapons?

If Korea is allowed to build, test and deploy nuclear weapons without a truly serious response by the United States and the other countries mentioned above, why is there any reason for Iranian leaders to take seriously the objections of Uncle Sam and other leaders?

These are serious matters, far more serious and far more dangerous to the country than the actions of a single member of Congress.

Also, it is difficult to understand the reasoning of many Bush critics who want to place the blame for North Korea's nuclear activity at the feet of President Bush when, in fact, it was officials within the Clinton administration who gave the materials and approval for North Korea to develop its current nuclear capabilities.

The game of politics is likely to become very ugly in the weeks leading up to the Nov. 7 election, and it is hoped Americans will view current domestic and foreign situations in a balanced and honest manner.

Bush has made mistakes, and history will judge his policies. However, he cannot be held responsible for many current dangers that he either inherited or had no control over. True, he initiated military action in Iraq, but he and many others at that time said such action was necessary and that Iraq had acted in violation of numerous United Nations resolutions. Early in his presidency, Bush warned of the dangers of the "axis of evil" - North Korea, Iraq and Iran - and his warning has proven to be well founded.

And yet, some in the media and political activists apparently want the public to believe the most important issue facing this country is the condemnable action of a congressman toward a former congressional page.

Disgusting actions by an individual should be dealt with, but they should not overshadow the seriousness of the North Korea nuclear situation, the Iranian nuclear threat, the future of Uncle Sam's role in Iraq, the national economy, this nation's national security, the ongoing unchecked genocide in Africa, dangers threatening the stability of Social Security, employment rates for American workers, tax policies, etc.

Something is out of whack!


temperance 11 years, 1 month ago

Yes, this editorial is seriously out of wack . . . and obnoxious. The American public doesn't need to be lectured on the serious and important issues facing this country, thank you very much. It's clear from the deepening Iraq quagmire and the absolute collapse of Congress as a meaningful check on the Executive where this country is headed. The Foley matter only confirms that the GOP cares more about maintaining power than helping our country.

Now, the LJW tells us that serious people should concern themselves with North Korea and the new country that neocons want to attack (Iran). Then the editorial follows the GOP playbook by blaming Clinton, even though Bush has had 6 years to develop a meaningful nonproliferation policy but has chosen to do nothing. Blaming Clinton for Bush's do-nothing Korea policy is this the "seriousness" that the writer advocates? It seems like more Republican buck-passing to me. Iraq and the Foley scandal are bad news for the GOP and that they're trying everything they can to change the subject it's not going to work this time.

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