Seabury falls, 3-2

It’s hard enough to play a game an hour late, after having already spent time warming up, because of the late arrival of the opponents – as was the case for the Seabury Academy soccer squad Thursday at Youth Sports Inc.

But it’s even harder when you also factor in the cold temperatures, the blustery winds and the low-lying sun, which made for a Seahawks 3-2 loss to Hyman Brand.

“The game was passionate and fought out in the cold weather, and I’ve got to like that,” Seabury coach Gunar Harmon said. “We played, probably not as mentally sharp as we were, but we were put off by various changes. We were out here at 3:30 warming up – if you can get warmed up in the cold – and had to leave for half an hour, go back to the school and then come back. So their routine was a little off. But, hey, it was a game that was hard fought.”

The Rams tallied two goals in the first half having the advantage of both the wind and the sun to their backs.

“Whoever plays into the sun is going to be blind – plus the fact that we’re facing two elements in that direction it’s going to be tough,” Simon Thompson said. “You’ve got to try to keep the ball on the ground, which we tried to do to the best of our ability.

“The midfield had to be all around the pitch, had to get back for defense because the ball just flies everywhere in the wind. … Trying to focus when you’ve got wind in your face and you can’t hear a thing with the wind blowing, it’s tough.”

Thompson cut Hyman Brand’s lead to one with the first goal scored in the second-half with just under 19 minutes remaining in the match.

Nearly two minutes later, the Seahawks drew even with the Rams when Max Cannon hooked up Aaron Chung for the team’s second goal.

“Last game I missed a lot of chances, so I felt really bad for my team,” said Chung, who had missed the start of the season after suffering a broken leg over the summer. “Today, I was able to score for my team, so I was really glad. I’m proud of my team, they played really well.”

The Seahawks will now have a little lull before they start post season play, which they won’t find out when and where until Oct. 21.