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Commissioners change stance on KDOT review

October 12, 2006


Douglas County commissioners have decided to drop their opposition to having the Kansas Department of Transportation review the Lecompton bridge issue.

Commissioners Bob Johnson, Charles Jones and Jere McElhaney voted Wednesday night to have a letter sent to KDOT explaining their change of stance.

Last week the Jefferson County Commission asked KDOT to decide whether the bridge that spans the Kansas River should be closed during major repairs or if it should be left open to one lane. Jefferson County has favored leaving the bridge open for the benefit of the Perry-Lecompton school district and local businesses. Douglas County favors closure so the bridge can be finished more quickly.

Douglas County, however, also is asking that Jefferson County pick up the extra cost associated with leaving the bridge open if that is what KDOT decides.


roger_o_thornhill 11 years, 6 months ago

I can't imagine how much further someone would have to drive to get from Lecompton to Perry if the bridge is closed completely. Turns a 2 mile drive into 20.

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