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Lesbian couple from out of state marry

October 9, 2006


— A lesbian couple from Rhode Island who won the right to marry in Massachusetts had their ceremony Sunday in Attleboro.

After being denied a marriage license in Massachusetts, Wendy Becker and Mary Norton challenged a 1913 state law that prohibits out-of-state residents from marrying if the union would not be permitted in their home state.

They argued that same-sex marriage was not specifically banned in Rhode Island. Superior Court Judge Thomas Connolly agreed last month, saying he saw no evidence of a "constitutional amendment, statute, or controlling appellate decision" making same-sex marriage illegal in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Gov. Don Carcieri, a Republican and a gay marriage opponent, said through a spokesman that he has no plans to try to revise the state's laws.

Becker and Norton have been together for 18 years and have two children, 3-year-old Mickey and 6-year-old Hannah.


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