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October 7, 2006


The Wednesday Afternoon Bridge Club game played eight and a half tables. The Sept. 27 game was directed by Virginia Seaver. In the stratified Mitchell movement, Yvonne Hedges and Sally Taylor won first in A and B playing North-South. Harry Shaffer and Grant Sutton won second in A and B, and Suzanne Wassmer and Wanda Durbin won third in A. Wanna Roszel and Bebe Huxtable won first in C. Ann Thompson and Pat Musick won first in A, B and C playing East-West. Cathy Blumenfeld and Lois Clark won second in all three strata, and Shirlie Vaughn and Shirley Reese won third.

¢ The Wednesday Evening Bridge Club played two tables directed by Don Brennaman. Betty Spalsbury and Grant Sutton won the Sept. 27 event.

¢ The Friday Afternoon Bridge Club was directed by Don Brennaman. Nine tables played a stratified Mitchell movement on Sept. 29. Playing North-South, James Zhang and Harry Shaffer won first in A and B, followed by Dianne Childs and Polly Schoning who won second in A and B. Phyllis Brownlee and Mary Joyce won first in C and third in A and B. At East-West, Paul Heitzman and Dave Piro won first in A. Cathy Blumenfeld and Lois Clark won second in A and first in B and C, followed by Eldon Herd and Chuck Hedges who placed third in A and second in B. Mona Bell and Madelyn Jenks won second in C.

¢ The Monday Evening Bridge Club played nine and a half tables in a stratified Mitchell movement directed by Jeff Nash. Julia Brooks and Virginia Seaver won first in A playing North-South, followed by Ken McCullough and Larry Bodle in second place in A. Yvonne Hedges and Sally Taylor won third in A and first in B. Phyllis Brownlee and Madelyn Jenks won second in B. First in C went to Martie Hartman and Pat Burgstahler. At East-West, Jeane Landry and Lynn Hui won first in A, and Paul Heitzman and Donna Johnson won second. Barbara Merriam and Dorothy Netson won third in A and first in B and C. Bob Hemenway and Bobby Patton won second in B and C.

¢ University Bridge Club announces the winners of its Sept. 30 meeting. Hosts were Alice Akin and Florence McNicoll. Blue winners were McNicoll, first; Hazel Stellmacher, second; Lois Liebert, third; John Golden, fourth; Walt Hicks, fifth. Pink winners were Mary Jo Spotts, first; Wanda Kring, second; Mary Gaumer, third; Cora Kuepker, fourth; and Aileen Bocquin, fifth.


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