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Walker raises support for Kenyan library

October 3, 2006


Debbie Schachner of O'Fallon, Ill., stepped through Lawrence Monday on her cross-country trek to raise $47,000 for the construction of a library in Timau, Kenya.

While here, she spoke at the Rotary Club luncheon about her journey.

Schachner was in the Kenyan city of about 100,000 from January to October 2003, working as a volunteer teacher with Action for Water and Education (AWE).

She saw a need for a public library and started working with the government to make it a reality.

"I can't walk away from them, so I'm walking for them," Schachner said.

If Schachner raises the money to build the library, the Book Aid organization and Kenya National Library Services have agreed to pay for 20,000 books, staff, salaries and recurring monthly costs, she said.

Schachner said she started walking in California and hopes to finish in Delaware sometime in April. She has raised $25,000. More information about her walk can be found on her Web site at


Confrontation 11 years, 8 months ago

Maybe some Lawrencians who want a $40 million library could head to the east or west coasts.

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