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Old Home Town - 100 years ago

October 2, 2006


From the Lawrence Daily World of Oct. 2, 1906: "There is uncertainty about the use of 'city water' and whether the water from our local wells is purer than that from the Kaw River. Tests are being made but there is no immediate evidence of any problem. However, the local schools have been advised to use the 'city water' rather than well water though no dangers seem likely. Some organic matter and minerals have been found in some samples from wells. : A 91 million-bushel wheat crop for the state of Kansas is the next to largest on record. Adding the proceeds from the corn, cattle, hay, dairy products, mines, gas, oil and last, but not least, the helpful hen, the Kansans will have a net surplus of $250 million this year. Farmers' pockets are bulging with money, so much so that some do not know what to do with it except to organize new banks to handle their proceeds."


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