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Wintry weather causes cancellations

November 29, 2006, 1:57 p.m. Updated November 30, 2006, 7:48 a.m.


Continued winter weather caused Lawrence public schools to announce the cancelation of Thursday classes. The announcement came at 6:15 a.m.

Lawrence's Veritas Christian School earlier announced it also has canceled classes.

The closure of Lawrence public schools means that other private schools - Sunshine Acres Montessori School, Montessori Children's House, Raintree Montessori, St. John Catholic School, Corpus Christi Catholic School and Bishop Seabury - automatically close.

Other closed preschools and daycares in Lawrence included Head Start, First Presbyterian Church Preschool, Lawrence Arts Center Preschool, Montessori Discovery Place Preschool and Princeton Children's Center

Cancelations were also announced for the following northeast Kansas districts:

¢ USD 434 Santa Fe Trail

¢ USD 341 Oskaloosa

¢ USD 342 McLouth

¢ USD 343 Perry-Lecompton

¢ USD 348 Baldwin City

¢ USD 464 Tonganoxie

¢ USD 458 Basehor-Linwood

¢ USD 491 Eudora

Other northeast Kansas districts closed Thursday: Wellsville, Ottawa, West Franklin, Central Heights, Garnett, Osawatomie, Paola, Louisburg.


¢ Pinnacle Career Institute classes in Lawrence

¢ Independence Inc. offices in Lawrence

Know of a cancelation? Send us the information at


Christine Pennewell Davis 11 years ago

thinking I should call and tell my senoir to come home it is just cold and depressing out there.

opinion 11 years ago

Can you have them bring my soph. home? ;^)

I don't want him driving in the stuff.

Christine Pennewell Davis 11 years ago

me either she drive an escort I hate this kind a of weather, why not just snow I would feel better.

Christine Pennewell Davis 11 years ago

lucked out she came home for lunch and told her she could not leave.

Christine Pennewell Davis 11 years ago

i know I am over protective but it is my job...

opinion 11 years ago

Good, I'm glad she is home safe. I will be picking up my son, to his embarassment, as soon as school is out.

countrygirl 11 years ago

Tongie is letting their kids out of school at 1:30.

mom_of_three 11 years ago

There are a couple of junior high basketball games this afternoon, and I am waiting for those to be cancelled.

opinion 11 years ago

In regards to getting info on after school events being cancelled, the high schools are good at keeping things up-to-date on It would be nice if there was something similar for the Jr High as well.

Steve Jacob 11 years ago

I think the big one right now is the Boys and girls clubs at the schools canceled or not? That will cause all heck :)

nikkifee 11 years ago

ah, the days of highschool, i wish we had cancellations, i don't like driving out in the ice especially when lawrence doesn't use salt on their roads, which i still dont' understand, and i have class who is still having the review session for a test at 7pm... and i dont' know how safe it will be trying to drive around to campus with all that ice on the road when i have a little honda with 2WD.

Rafael Sanchez 11 years ago

I dont believe the club is cancelled. I just called over there and he said he was waiting for the drivers to pick up the kids since its early day.

GetItRight 11 years ago

Are they asleep at LJWorld?

They never even posted that Veritas canceled today.

LPS just called off all afternoon and evening activities.

countrygirl 11 years ago

Eudora and Perry are both releasing early too. What's up LJW? Why are we having to go to KC web sites to find out what's going on with our kids?

smiles 11 years ago

Ditto aquakej - let me know what you hear!!

conservative 11 years ago

Just checked, Boys and Girls clubs ARE open today.

Christine Pennewell Davis 11 years ago

I understand the reasons behind the boys and girls club staying open but that is so good and bad, I hope all goes well for them goodluck.

nikkifee 11 years ago

if anyone else needs school closings go to i don't know how far out they cover but it refreshes every 3 minutes since it's not posted on LJ world

mom_of_three 11 years ago

Was it really 70 degrees just yesterday??

Steve Jacob 11 years ago

I do know kennedy's after school was cancelled, so everyone elses might also.

Steve Jacob 11 years ago

"A decision regarding school closure for Thursday is expected to be made before 6 p.m. today and no later than 10 p.m., school leaders said."

Wasn't it before they call school by 6AM that day? Alot can change in 8 hours?

Lee Saylor 11 years ago

Lawrence Arts Center will be closing at 4:00 pm Wednesday's @Liberty Hall Performance scheduled at the LAC is CANCELLED. Reception for Kansas Poet Laureate Denise Low has been POSTPONED. Snow Queen Rehearsals for this evening have been cancelled. All other classes have been cancelled.

--Lee Saylor

Jillster 11 years ago

(Sung to the tune of "Let It Snow")

Oh the weather outside is crappy In my cube I'm not too happy If they'd only just let me go I'd be home, I'd be home, I'd be home

Now the wind outside is squallin' And the freezing rain is fallin' But until this place looks like Nome Can't go home, can't go home can't go home

When my shift finally ends tonight How I'll hate going out on the ice I'll be hugging the shoulder tight Not spinning out would be nice!

The parking lot's looking icy Driving home late won't go nicely Only six more hours to go 'Til I'm home, 'til I'm home, 'til I'm home

youngitized 11 years ago

Watch Gary Lezak at Channel 41. He's the most accurate.

BS20 11 years ago

Let them drive, its a good learning experience! If it scares the crap out of them at a young age they tend to be more careful afterwards. I remember my first 360 it was awesome.

Harry_Manback 11 years ago

Please close KU tomorrow so I don't have to write my 6 page paper and study for a test tonight! (Yeah right, hell would have to freeze over before they did that...)

Defixione 11 years ago

Has anybody heard whether the Festival of Trees auction will proceed this evening?

bflanders 11 years ago

The Lawrence Public Library will close at 5:00 p.m. today due to the winter storm. The book discussion group scheduled for this evening at the library has been postponed until next Wednesday evening.

Drive safely, everyone!

Bruce Flanders Library Director

quietgirl 11 years ago

Jillster - that was adorable...thanks for putting a smile on my face this afternoon!

hubcap 11 years ago

I just now called Liberty Hall. The Festival of Trees is going to happen as planned.

KaraGourley 11 years ago

jillster, let me guess you work at BFDS?

mom_of_three 11 years ago

I don't think drd343 mother loved him/her enough!

KaraGourley 11 years ago

oh come on... i am a parent and i even thought it was a little over board to be calling to have their high schoolers get home. They need to learn to drive in this weather some day!

Greg Smith 11 years ago

Symphonic Band at the Lied Center has been rescheduled for next week, December 5th.

trinity 11 years ago

oh how i love how winter weather brings out the beasties in some people! me? it just makes me feel like baking bread or something! :) will someone PUHLEAZE call of my work???

drd343 11 years ago

I thought it was pretty funny, but I can see how you all wouldn't, lol. My mother loved me plenty. She just didn't shelter me like you all do to your kids. Your children will be 20 years old and drive like a 14 year old because mommy wouldn't let them drive when it was crappy outside. Wouldn't you rather them slide around on some side streets coming home from school now rather than have them slide out of control on the highway coming home from work in a few years?

hawklet21 11 years ago

start baking, trinity, i'm HONGRY! :D there is nothing like good food and people you love around when disaster strikes

drd343 11 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

drd343 11 years ago

REPOST: You are more than overprotective. Sheltering your kids like that is ridiculous. Ohh, poor babies it is cold outside. Do you still hold their hand when they cross the street? Before long you will be letting them come home because it is too hot outside, or maybe it will be too windy or wet. God forbid everything isn't perfect all the time in the little bubble you confine them to. No wonder kids now days are pretentious lazy spoiled pansies. It's winter. Get over it! If you can't handle it move to California.

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

by some of the comments above, I think some might need a little Christmas cheer?

Jillster, you get an A+ you're slacking off is otherwise productive.

borrowedwings 11 years ago

I don't think so much I would worry about my child not knowing how to drive in the weather, but more about all 800 kids who aren't quite ready to drive in this stuff yet coming home at the same time. Next time you think these parents are being overprotected, why don't you go over to FS or LHS and drive around these kids. You may know how to drive in it just fine, but usually people get into accidents because of the people around them. Just a thought.

Luxor 11 years ago

drd343, you said it. My mommy never told me to come home because it was cold and yucky outside.

mom_of_three 11 years ago

I don't even like to drive on roads like these - why would I want my teenager, who lacks experience to drive on a road like this. Let them learn when their parents are driving with them, and not driving alone.

I can understand why some parents would be protective.

And yes, if I am with my 3 teenagers, I still watch them closely as they cross the street, and even hold their hands if they want.

juscin3 11 years ago

Jill, my kids loved your post! Too cute! Thanks for sharing that with us. :)

KaraGourley 11 years ago

hold your 3 teenagers hands to cross the street.. seriously.

mom_of_three 11 years ago

It doesn't happen too often these days, but it still happens.

trinity 11 years ago

LOL hawklet...ok, so tell tell; are YOU a pampered spoiled brat???

methinks-yes&no is the only way to answer that one! ;)

i'm HONGRY too, thinkin' about a big ol' pot of ham&beans...cornbread...mmmmm mmmmm goood!

drd343 11 years ago

Let me guess "mom_of_three." You are a stay at home mom, right? Find something to do with you time. I'm sure your kids would appreciate it too.

mom_of_three 11 years ago

leaving work to go home early and pick a teenager up from school (non-driver). Hope everyone and their kids get home safely.

mom_of_three 11 years ago

NO, I am not a stay at home mom never have been...

CeeCee 11 years ago

There is nothing wrong with teenagers learning how to drive in bad weather. BUT, I would rather they learn with their parents in the car with them guiding them. Not when they are alone in the car after school with elementary students on the roads walking home as well!

mom_of_three 11 years ago

yes, ceecee, my thoughts exactly.

okay, leaving....

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

geeeeez, now we're doin' a parenting seminar on here? I'd say chill out but today it might hack somebody off and they'd slip into jargon and make a cutting remark. so, will just put that on ice.

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

something wrong with stay-at-home-motherhood? you really did get up on the wrong side of the rock today.

Linda Aikins 11 years ago

Jillster! 1,000,000 points! Very cute!

drd343 11 years ago

So, go teach them how to drive then. Don't just call them home early. However, I don't think you actually will considering that earlier you wrote "I don't like driving in this." Parents should teach their kids how to drive in the winter the first year they had their license if not earlier. If you do teach them tonight, good for you. If you don't, it figures, and you'll be calling them out of school again in another week or so.

Laura Watkins 11 years ago

uhhh my mom lives in texas and just called to check in and make sure i drive home safe. i wouldn't call that overprotective or not having a life, i'd call it being a mother who loves her kids.

also, some people might have a problem with teenagers driving home in this weather because it puts other people in danger. just a thought...

Emily Hadley 11 years ago

There's a lot to be said for taking your kids (or yourself) into a large vacant parking lot to practice maneuvering in the ice and snow, but everyone needs to be prepared for this stuff before they set off on the roads with other drivers and passengers.

I've been hit (usually while stopped) almost every year by people out of control in bad weather, people who should have been either going half their speed or not on the road at all. As a result, I often stay off the road now just to avoid them.

Many people don't slow down as much in traffic as they might on an empty road, as if they are self-conscious about it, and high school kids are not usually the slowest drivers on the road.

Wrecking in snow because of a lack of driving experience is just so dangerous and so preventable. It's one thing to learn your brakes don't work on ice, it's another to learn it as you slide sideways down Iowa Street into other cars.

This would be a great chance to teach your kids good winter driving (even if you have to ask someone else to do it for you!), but you shouldn't expect them to learn it in traffic unless you also expect to deal with them injuring someone and wrecking their car. If you aren't paying for their car, then it will take an awful lot of minimum wage hours to replace it and pay higher insurance, plus, you might end up driving them to work in the meantime ... in the snow! : ]

Besides, when was the last time you and your kids did doughnuts in a parking lot together?

drd343 11 years ago

Hey Travolta. Your mom called to see if you were ok, and that is cool. She didn't call you out of class early or fly in to pick you up. That is what I am talking about. And, as far as teenagers and safe driving, teenagers are not safe drivers in dry weather either. Weren't you around when those two teenagers died in the rain a few months ago on Iowa? The fact is that as a society we decided at some point kids have to learn about driving without mommy in the passenger seat. No teenager is fully prepared to drive when they get their license, but we give them to them anyway, right?

Emily Hadley 11 years ago

Before anyone jumps on me for being a scaredy cat, I love winter driving. I learned everything I know about driving in ice and snow the hard and stupid way, and I would trade almost all of it for someone who would have shown me tricks in a parking lot early on, rather than just friends (with no cars or licenses) who liked to pull the E-brake while I was driving to entertain themselves (before the inevitable crash or curb-jump). One advantage to this method, I guess, is that when someone is careening at you out of control, you have seen it before and can guess where they will end up!

The worst part is the when you realize you are now stuck in this weather with NO car, and you don't even have a ride to buy snowboots.

Now I'm off to make a sleetman.

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

nice post Emily.

the winter storm warning just got extended through friday morning. ice tonight 1/4-1/2 in. we're lookin' at maybe 3-5 in snow after that according to the weather gurus.

can I become trinity's neighbor? that all sounds so good. really thinking of making homemade chili.

juscin3 11 years ago

lol@emily's sleetman...took the puppies out in this mess, and OMGOSH! The oldest one loved it. Stop to lick, then move about etc. Good thing she didn't lick the yellow sleet...YUCK! Youngest puppy, he didn't like it too well. He is still small and hates being Hope everyone makes it home safely. Kids are home, but hubby is still out in this stuff :(

juscin3 11 years ago

Ok, which is right? I just went to and they said this: "A winter storm and ice storm warning is over the Metro area today" Does this include us too? Confused now, cuz one paper says one thing and another says something different.

Althea Schnacke 11 years ago

It depends on what area you're in which weather warning you got. Metro KC gets the ice storm warning, we get a winter storm warning.

juscin3 11 years ago

k, thanks altheasus. This makes sense now.

hawklet21 11 years ago

ham and beans are icky, trinity, you knows i don't like 'em!! how about turkey and noodles? with mashed potatoes? as far as driving in this yicky weather goes, you shouldn't go anywhere unless absolutely necessary, relax, take a big deep breath, and start braking sooner. i learned to drive in all kinds of weather conditions at around 15, and haven't had an accident (in the snow and ice, heh heh) so far!

Bone777 11 years ago

Jillster - Great song. I can't get the tune out of my head and I can't remember the real words now, so....

The weather outside is crappy, In my cube I'm not too happy hmm, hmm, hmm, hmmm........

mmmm1000cookies 11 years ago

As a former teenager, I can say that I loved, and love, driving in this weather. I'm very good at it!! That came about because all of my friends' parents were too scared to let them drive in this stuff, so I ALWAYS did. Once ended up in a 360 going down Kasold hill, with 5 kids in my datsun!! Some older woman in front of us decided at the top of the hill that she was too scared to actually drive down it, and in the process of avoiding her, the car started to slide. We spun, white knuckled, all the way down, ve.e.e.r.r.r.y slowly, and at the bottom we were back on our way.

I'm glad to have had that experience, as well as many others. And without being out and in it, I would be the old lady at the top of the hill, too scared to actually hit the gas and power through the thing, and instead just be sitting there, waiting for it all to melt.


Let your kids drive in it. It's the fastest way for them to learn how to deal with it, and the ONLY way they'll ever learn about how their car behaves in this weather.

Be safe everyone!

suesay 11 years ago

Oh my gosh. You guys will bicker about anything, right?

I don't think I've ever read the comments when there hasn't been some interjection by Marion.

mom_of_three 11 years ago

When my kids learn to drive, I will drive with them in this type of weather before they go it solo.

mom_of_three 11 years ago

I have teenagers of my own, and my mother still worries about me when I drive the 3 hours to her house, as does my husband.
I learned to drive in this weather with my dad on a country road, but I wasn't able to drive solo until he taught me what to do.
It's natural to worry about driving in the first storm of the year, because we haven't had to do it for 7-9 months.

tyger_lily 11 years ago

I never really appreciated snow days until I started working at a school. Bring on the snow!!!!!

Jillster 11 years ago

I'm glad folks are appreciating my fine poetry! ;)

Only one more hour before I attempt the drive home. I scraped the ice off my car windows at lunchtime, but when I went to scrape it again on my second break, the scraper broke! :P

Right now, what looks like pea-sized sleet has started falling...I have never seen sleet that big! Like everyone else, I can't believe it was 70 degrees yesterday!

trinity 11 years ago

wooohooo, my 30 minute drive home from work only took a little over an hour, i'm home, i'm safe, woohoo! :)

now for those ham n'beans-i think that's gonna wait for tomorrow, as i see no reason to risk life&limb to go to work! thank GAWD for vacation time!

and if'n ya wanna be my neighbor gnome, c'mon over! if you live in lawrence-it should only take ya about two hours to get to where i'm at! ;)

Linda Endicott 11 years ago

I HATE driving in this kind of stuff...and I know how to do it. I had to go to a meeting at work today, and they let it out early because of the weather. My car had only been sitting there a couple of hours in the stuff, and it was so thick on my car and stuck so tight it took forever to clear the windows. Good thing the doors didn't ice shut.

The sleet was coming down fast and furious, and it stuck to the hood of my coat just as soon as it hit. I looked like a giant icicle.

I live in Ottawa, by the way. The streets here weren't too bad at 2 PM, if you went slowly. Turning was a bit of an adventure, because I'd slide a little each time. But I got home okay. Now all we have to worry about is whether the power stays on.

I always love all the four wheel drive and big truck people every winter who brag about their vehicles being able to go anywhere and do anything, and then you end up passing them safely on the road while they've slipped into a ditch somewhere...

Really, guys, the main problem in weather like this isn't GOING, it's STOPPING. Which can be done, and safely, if you lay off the accelerator and realize you can't drive 40 even if that's the speed limit. Too many people think they can use the same speed they would on a dry road.

Even if you have to drive 15 MPH, and put the car in neutral, you can usually come to a safe stop.

I once had the brakes on my car fail completely on a street with four inches of packed ice and snow. I managed to stop for the next red light.

Of course, when you drive sensibly (i.e., slowly) in nasty winter weather, it seems there's always some idiot behind you who thinks you're in his way.

Bad thing about it, here in Ottawa, if someone hits you on an icy road, nine times out of ten the cops won't give him a ticket, even if he was trying to go 40 in a 30 zone or something. They always just blame it on "winter conditions". Bummer.

As for all the teenagers who have no driving experience in winter conditions: I don't know that I'd want to come across a bunch of them on the street that don't know what to do.

But then again, that's how we all get EXPERIENCE. I didn't know how to drive in winter weather until I'd had to do it a few times, either. They're never going to learn if they don't have to do it.

Nikki May 11 years ago

I want to note that LJworld can only report closings of things that contact them. My work does closings RARELY, but I know they have to report the closing to make it show up. They can't just let the paper read their minds.

Nikki May 11 years ago

I agree. I work at a preschool though, sp I'm up at 6 watching the announcements for my work.

bretherite 11 years ago

I agree about making a decision about school. If my kids come in and ask one more time if I know if it is closed I am going to lose it.

Bobbi Walls 11 years ago

I think that mine will be staying home anyways.. I am not risking my life or theirs to get out in the morning..

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

okay trinity, don't think will drive...will just slide right over! wow

the ice is bad. walking gnomedog I had to use a walking stick for balance to avoid intersection with earth caused by interposition of gravity and traction failure!

Jacob Pool 11 years ago

this is rediculous that everyone around lawrence does not have school but lawrence does... it may not be that bad in town but in the country where i live the roads are horrible and i dont think we should have school... who ever calls school for lawrence is stupid and self minded... there is no way school should be going on tommorow at all... the ice makes it so hard to drive expecially when there are high schoolers all over not knowing how to drive.

Kujay1966 11 years ago

I'm not sure when USD#497 willl ever get policies & procedures togather for bad weather cancelations, but maybe it is time we all think again about who we vote to the school district board. And maybe it is time to reduce the school districts boards pay also. I'm not sure about the rest of you parents, but my children will be staying home tommorow! The Board of Education you need to your office, and your responsibilities togather!

A Concerned Parent

Amy Bartle 11 years ago

last year I saw a school bus carrying kids slide down a hill that was not even that steep. This was an icy day that the schools were open. They should close schools tomorrow!

gccs14r 11 years ago

I've not been out in the country, but what I've seen in town isn't bad. School is supposed to close only for bad weather. This doesn't qualify.

Linda Endicott 11 years ago

Well, I don't know what the policy is in Lawrence, but in Ottawa, if they determine that it's too bad for the buses to run, then they close school for everyone.

When I was a kid, they didn't do this. Town kids had to go anyway, even if the buses didn't run. But it was pretty useless. We would spend all day playing games, reading, etc., because the teacher couldn't use her regular lesson plan with so many kids not there.

I'm glad they changed it.

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