Brownback ‘praying’ on presidential bid decision

? Republican Sen. Sam Brownback said Sunday he has poured thought and prayer into a forthcoming decision whether to seek the presidency in 2008.

“We’re very close with announcements. My wife (Mary) and I and our family have spent a lot of time thinking about this, praying about it and really considering whether we could bring a message to the country that needs to be discussed,” the Kansas senator said.

“I think there is room, on the Republican side, for somebody that’s a full-scale conservative, that’s an economic and fiscal and social conservative.”

Brownback recently told The Associated Press he would make the decision in December.

If Brownback, who was elected in 1996, makes a bid for the White House, he could face better-known challengers such as Arizona Sen. John McCain and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who have set up presidential exploratory committees. Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., also may run.

Brownback, speaking on ABC’s “This Week,” said there was both room and a need among Republicans “to develop some new plays, particularly on the compassionate conservative agenda.”

Moderator George Stephanopoulos told Brownback his expression left little doubt about his intentions.

“I can tell from that smile that you’re in,” Stephanopoulos said. “That’s not very coy at all.”

Responded Brownback: “We’ll see.”