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Parking changes expected at LMH

November 21, 2006


Major parking changes are expected to begin next week at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

Starting Nov. 28, the parking lots on the east side of the hospital will no longer be available for patient and visitor parking. Instead, patients and visitors will be asked to park in the hospital's western lots, which are accessed from Arkansas Street.

The change is being made to accommodate construction crews tackling a $40 million expansion at the hospital, 325 Maine.

"Eventually, after construction is completed, we're going to have about 200 more parking spaces than what we have today," said LMH President and CEO Gene Meyer. "So the good news is we're going to end up with more parking, but the bad news is it is going to be challenging to direct people to the right places over the next couple of years."

That's right: The parking changes are expected to be in force for a long time. Construction work is just beginning on the first phase of the multiyear expansion.

Michele Berendsen, a spokeswoman with LMH, said hospital employees would be stationed in the parking lot for the first several days of the change to tell people about the new parking arrangement.

She said visitors who park in the lot won't be towed, but rather will be inconvenienced. That's because there will be no public entrance on the east side of the hospital during construction, meaning people will have to walk all the way to the entrance on the hospital's west side.

The hospital's east entrance will be the site of a three-story expansion that will include a new emergency room and intensive care unit and additional birthing rooms.

The entrance to the current emergency room will not be changed by the new parking configuration, Berendsen said.

The eastern lot will continue to be used for parking, and Berendsen said LMH employees would be asked to park in the lot. That will free spaces in the western parking lot that employees currently use.

Berendsen said the hospital also would urge patients and visitors to use the hospital's free valet parking service, which is offered from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. People can access it by pulling up to the hospital's west entrance.

The construction work that is requiring the closure of the east entrance also will require the waiting room and admission area for the radiology department to be moved. It will be across from the hospital's gift shop, Berendsen said.


bytheway 11 years, 7 months ago

About time. When I worked there I asked my boss every year when they were going to start. Looks like I had to quit and move out of the area before they did anything.

thoughtful 11 years, 7 months ago

The last few times we were there there wasn't enough parking west of the hospital anyway. Expansion is good - but why do we always inconvenience the customer to cater to the mere convenience of the contractor?

Jillster 11 years, 7 months ago

That wasn't a very thoughtful remark, "thoughtful"'s very likely not for the convenience of the contractor that the parking lot is being closed. There could be construction that will be taking place there, materials or machinery that need to be put's not like the lot is being closed so the contractors can just park there.

litegrrl 11 years, 6 months ago

smitty: good idea on the pedestrian crosswalk; I work in the hospital, and will pass on the information. Regarding the safety of the street; the hospital really has done all it can, to ensure safety. The rest of the deficiency lies in the City's reluctance to let the hospital expand 'evenly' (as in: parking adequate for the number of beds). Good news; the hospital should be widening the parking lots on both sides of Arkansas, thus eliminating the need for on-street parking.

sunshine_noise: Actually, prices should stay about the same. All the expansion is depending on the Capital Campaign-- donated money. Little-known fact: even though the hospital is owned by the City, it receives NO tax dollars; thus, all working funds come from revenue and donations.

I'm with Alm77: yay for expansion! Double the OB beds! All private rooms! Larger ER and Surgery! What's not to like?

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