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2 teens suspended for bringing bomb to school

November 21, 2006


— Two prep school students have been suspended for bringing a homemade bomb made of firecrackers, BBs and metal shavings to school, a school official said Monday.

One of the boys made the small bomb and gave it to the other student at school, said Tom Bonnell, headmaster of The Savannah Country Day School.

Bonnell said he did not think the boys, both 14, meant to harm anyone with the device or to detonate it on school grounds.

"What we know is they never intended to cause harm to anyone on campus and the device was not created to cause harm to anyone," he said.

Administrators learned about the bomb Friday from another student who had overheard the two boys talking.

According to a police report, the boy told a school official that he had made a "homemade bomb" composed of a "firecracker, some dried vegetation, colored paper, gun powder, little BBs and some metal shavings."

Sgt. Mike Wilson, a spokesman for Savannah-Chatham County police, said the bomb did not appear to be powerful. "But it had the components of materials that could cause harm to other people - and that's enough," Wilson said.

Police and prosecutors had not determined Monday whether they would file charges.


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