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Safety on the chopping block

November 20, 2006


From chopping fruit to mincing meat, your cutting board is a busy place over the holidays. These tips from the December issue of Better Homes and Gardens will help keep you and your family safe:

¢ Choose dense materials: The harder the wood or plastic, the better. Softer materials, such as pine, easily accumulate nicks and absorb moisture, creating an environment that bacteria love.

¢ Wash your board thoroughly: A good scrub with plain old dish soap and warm water is the No. 1 way to stay germ-free. For deep cleans, run plastic boards through the dishwasher, and place wooden boards in microwave oven for five minutes.

¢ Don't flip the board: If one side has been covered with food-related liquid, chances are the other side has been, too.

¢ Know when to toss: The more nicks and scratches, the more nooks and crannies for germs to hide. When the nice smooth surface is gone, or when you notice lingering stains or smells, it's time for a new cutting board.


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