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Holiday shopping survival tips

November 20, 2006


Black Friday is approaching. Does the thought of shopping for presents in crowded stores give you a headache? Keep your running around to a minimum with these tips from Woman's Day magazine:

¢ Organize your shopping list by category rather than by person.

¢ Take your address book with you when you shop so you can have packages shipped from the store.

¢ Hang on to those small shopping bags with handles. When you need to wrap an oddly shaped item, cover the store name with wrapping paper cut in the shape of a tree or a star and tie handles with a bow.

¢ Ask for a box with everything you buy, even nongifts.

¢ Give a whole family one gift, such as tickets to a play or holiday pageant, a booklet of movie passes or restaurant gift certificates.

¢ Choose gifts that don't require shopping, such as magazine subscriptions and museum memberships.


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