Planning Commission to consider apartment plan

Lawrence-Douglas County planning commissioners will consider plans for a new apartment complex near 31st Street and Ousdahl Road at their meeting tonight.

Developers are seeking to rezone 24.5 acres on the southeast corner of 31st Street and Ousdahl Road to allow for an apartment complex. The plans don’t yet specify how many apartments would be built. Those details would be part of a site plan that would require approval by planning staff members at a later date.

Neighbors in the area have expressed some concern about the project. The Indian Hills Neighborhood Assn. has expressed concern that the location of the South Lawrence Trafficway isn’t yet determined, that traffic volumes could increase dramatically in front of nearby Broken Arrow School and South Junior High School, and that there is only a four-way stop sign at 31st and Louisiana streets to move traffic through the area.

The Planning Commission is an advisory board. The City Commission ultimately will decide whether to approve the project.

The Planning Commission meets at 6:30 p.m. today at City Hall, Sixth and Massachusetts streets.