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Phoenix Award winners from previous years

November 5, 2006



1st Annual - 1996

Award by artist: Ron Hinton; medium: Metal

Literary Arts: Jim McCrary

Musical Arts: Bill Crahan

Performing Arts: Mary Doveton

Visual Arts : Wayne Wildcat

Arts Volunteer: Bill Hambleton

Arts Education: Sarah Oblinger

Exceptional Artistic Achievemen: Robert Sudlow

Special Commissioner's Award: Herk Harvey

2nd Annual - 1997

Award by artist: Dick Rector/Free State Glass; medium: Glass

Literary Arts: Luci Tapahonso

Musical Arts: Stan Shumway

Performing Arts: Ric Averill

Visual Arts: Ardys Ramberg

Arts Education: Alan Brummell

Exceptional Artistic Achievement : Mike Ott

Special Recognition Award: John Clifford

3rd Annual - 1998

Award by artist: Patricia Shebola; medium: Ceramics

Literary Arts: Brian Doldorph

Musical Arts: Cornel Pewewardy

Arts Volunteer: Arnold Weiss

Performing Arts: Candi Baker

Visual Arts: Judi Geer Kellas

Arts Education: Ann Evans

Exceptional Artistic Achievement: Matt Kirby

4th Annual - 1999

Award by artists: Linda Samson-Talleur and Cathy Ledeker; Media: Bookmaking/Calligraphy

Literary Arts: Sandra Wiechert

Musical Arts: Lewis R. Tilford

Performing Arts: Paul Stephen Lim

Visual Arts : Jim Brothers

Arts Education: Lynn Green

Arts Volunteer: James Seaver

Exceptional Artistic Achievement: Peter G. Thompson

5th Annual - 2000

Award by artist: Jon Blumb; medium: Photography

Literary Arts: Denise Low-Weso

Musical Arts: Robert A. Reid

Performing Arts: Joan Stone

Visual Arts: Jon Havener

Visual Arts: Louis Copt

Arts Education: Barbara Kelly

Arts Volunteer: Jack Riegle

6th Annual - 2001

Award by artist: Chris Wolf Edmonds; medium: Textiles/Quilt

Musical Arts: Winnefred Gallup/Larry Maxey

Performing Arts: Deborah Bettinger

Visual Arts : Jan Gaumnitz

Visual Arts : Joe Skeeba

Arts Education: Betsy Starman

Exceptional Artistic Achievement : Hobart Jackson

7th Annual - 2002

Award by artist: Jan Gaumnitz; medium: Ceramics

Literary Arts: Priscilla Howe

Performing Arts: Cohen/Suzeau

Visual Arts: Laurie Culling

Arts Education: Maria Martin

Arts Volunteers: Gunda & Dave Hiebert

Arts Volunteer: Sidney Roedel

Special Recognition Award: Jan Biles

8th Annual - 2003

Award by artist: Lisa Grossman; medium: Oil on Panel

Musical Arts: James S. Ralston

Visual Arts : Diana Dunkley

Visual Arts : Rick Mitchell

Performing Arts: Jennifer Glenn

Arts Volunteer: Jean Lominska

Special Recognition Award: Judy Billings

Exceptional Artistic Achievement: Chris Wolf Edmonds

9th Annual - 2004

Award by artist: Grace Carmody; media: Metal, wood, rubber

Musical Arts: Steven Mason

Visual Arts: Henry Fortunato

Arts Education: Linda Reimond

Literary Arts: Elizabeth Schultz

Literary Arts: Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

Arts Volunteer: Karl Gridley

Exceptional Artistic Achievement: Stephen Johnson

10th Annual - 2005

Award by artist: Celia Smith; media: Wood, canvas, paint

Musical Arts: Joyce Castle

Educator in the Arts: David Loewenstein

Educator in the Arts: Sue Kwak

Visual Arts : Paul Hotvedt

Visual Arts : Barry Coffin

Performing Arts: Jack Riegle

Volunteer in the Arts: Brad Levy

Exceptional Artistic Achievement: Janet Hamburg

11th Annual - 2006

Award by artist: Edward C. Robison III; medium: photography

Educator in the Arts: Laurie McLane Higginson

Exceptional Artistic Achievement: Bob & Trish McWilliams

Literary Arts: Pat Kehde & Mary Lou Wright

Musical Arts: Clyde Bysom

Performing Arts: Karen Christilles

Visual Arts : Mary Anne Jordan

Volunteer in the Arts: Jane Malin

Volunteer in the Arts: Dan Sabatini


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