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Kline-Morrison contribution list

November 4, 2006


The following are Lawrence residents or business who contributed $100 or more to the major candidates in the race for Kansas attorney general.

The list covers the campaign reporting period from July 21 through Oct. 26.

Lawrence residents who donated to the campaign of Republican Phill Kline, the incumbent:

¢ $100 donors - Thomas Raney; Julene Miller, attorney; Bob Wells, retired; McDaniel and McDaniel Financial Services; Ben Mellen, teacher; Eagle's Point POB 3584; Morris Kay, former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regional director.

¢ $150 - Chris Miller, attorney.

¢ $200 - John Frick, pharmacist.

¢ $250 - Michael Fangman.

¢ $300 - Larry Welch, state employee; Justin Hill, executive.

¢ $350 - Eric Haar, banker.

¢ $500 - Larry McElwain, funeral director; Laird Noller, auto dealer.

¢ $1,000 - David Penny, business owner.

Lawrence residents who donated to the campaign of Democrat Paul Morrison, Johnson County's district attorney:

¢ $100 donors - Vicky Howard, artist; Jackson Clark; Richard Stein; Robert Mueller, retired; Andrew M. Peikalkiewicz; Linda Porzig, retired; Kevin B. Wickliffe; Michael Gaugham, executive director; Judy Paley, property owner; H. Turnbull, professor; Dan Sabatini, architect; George Coggins, law professor; Christopher W. Sook; Marshall Crowther; Mary Prewitt, attorney; Charles Whitman; Amy C. Kelly, lawyer; state Sen. Marci Francisco, D-Lawrence; Kenneth Shankland, water plant technician; George Coggins, law professor; Robert H. Raney Trust; Nancy Ashton, housewife; Michael Swenson, corporation president; Kay Carmody, homemaker; Sarah Casad, retired; Carolyn F. Moore, deputy register of deeds; K. Jean Peterson, professor; Michael Blumenfeld, retired; Robert Manske, lawyer; Marilyn Greathouse, Lawrence, administration specialist/office manager; Emma A. Bruns, retired; H. Rutherford Turnbull, professor; Peter Zacharias, merchant; Earl L. Van Meter Trust, retired; Grant Glenn, lawyer; Jerry Wells; Vera Mercer, retired; Marjorie Swan, professor; Randi Tveitaraas Jack, international development manager; Susan Allen, operations.

¢ $150 - Anthony Schmidt, business startup; Richard W. Hird, attorney; Jean Rosenthal, committee coordinator.

¢ $200 - Edith Clowes, professor; Martin W. Moore, Lawrence, real estate investor; Roger Walter, attorney; Bruce Linhos, association director; Muehlenhard Charlene, professor; Paul Davis, attorney.

¢ $250 - Jane Allyson Design Enterprises Inc.; Juliene Maska, grant administrator; Albert Lopes, attorney; Cliff McDonald, retired; Shelley Clark, attorney; William Westerbeke, professor; William Brady, lobbyist/consulting; Ray Davis, professor; David Greenamyre, professor; Judy Kelly, consultant and appraiser; Doreen Fowler, professor; Tom Hoffman, property manager; Alice Lieberman, professor; Patrick Nichols, attorney; Robert Moore, developer; Valentino Stella, professor; Jean E. Anderson, dentist; Joseph Krahn, Lawrence, retired; Jean Rosenthal, program coordinator; Lilian Six, retired; Larry Irick, attorney; Robert Mueller, retired; Todd Thompson, attorney; John P. Davidson, retired.

¢ $300 - James Baker, writer; Robert Claus, attorney; Stephen Wheeler, bill collector; Martha G. Barnhill, teacher; Nancy Hiebert, retired.

¢ $350 - Robert Eye, attorney.

¢ $400 - Hortense Oldfather, philanthropist.

¢ $500 - Robert Stephens, real estate; Charles Branson, district attorney; Ellen Sward, law professor; Carl Gallagher, attorney; Mary Carson, attorney; Joseph Harkins, special assistant; Barbara Romzek, Lawrence, professor; Toni Wheeler, Lawrence attorney; Scott White, attorney; Ronald Schneider, attorney.

¢ $750 - Joseph Krahn, retired; Michael Hutfles, lobbyist.

¢ $1,000 - Gordon Penny, retired; Consolidated Properties of Lawrence; Roger Fincher, attorney; Doug Compton, corporation president; Gaudreau Quinton Enterprises Inc.; John R. Davis, director/arts educator; Dan Watkins, attorney; Thomas M. Devlin; John G. Heleniak; James Haines, CEO; Joseph G. Hollowell, physician; William J. Long, no occupation listed; Sarah Dean, retired; David Darwin, Lawrence professor.

¢ $1,500 - Tom Gleason, attorney.

¢ $2,000 - First Management Inc.; Claude Rowland, consultant; People's Bank, 4831 W. Sixth; Michael Treanor, architect; Cork & Barrel, LLC.


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