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Police issue tickets for stopping on, near train tracks

May 30, 2006


Drivers gen an unwelcome surprise while travelling through a busy downtown intersection this morning. Lawrence police officers issued nine tickets to motorists who stopped on the train tracks near Sixth and Vermont.


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Mike Birch 12 years ago

So the Lawrence Police were issuing traffic citations to

motorists who stopped on the train tracks near 6th and

Vermont. How pathetic can the LPD get? As a former

police officer, I would never work for the LPD! I just

don't like the way the do things. Not only that, but they

just simply don't get respect from the community and

most of the ones I've met were idiots from the word GO!

Strangely enough, the municipal court judges will

probably rule in favor of the LPD if any of these citations

go to court. That doesn't say much about judges does

it! Oh, excuse me! I meant to say cheap politicians!

Can't they think up any other way to make a quick

buck besides tagging poor citizens for

insignificant traffic violations.


greyhawk 12 years ago

A completely stupid and useless waste of police (read "community") resources on a non-problem. Have there ever been any accidents at that intersection between a vehicle and a train resulting from the driver stopped on the tracks? Exceedingly doubtful. Delivery of paper doesn't take place during working hours, does it? Those boxcars are spotted outside of peak traffic time.
It is agreed that the police have a duty to enforce traffic ordinances but if they fail to exercise common sense in enforcement, they provide no benefit to society, indeed they become a liability. If LPD's traffic cops want to improve traffic safety for all Lawrencians, they need to focus on those behaviors that have the greatest likelihood of resulting in injury to others, i.e. excessive speeding, reckless driving, etc.

Jim Fisher 12 years ago

That's right, there'll be no more crime in Lawrence!

GardenMomma 12 years ago

What's up LJWorld? Forget your copy editor today?

"Drivers gen an unwelcome surprise while travelling through a busy downtown intersection this morning."

What's wrong here? Hmm, let's see: that should be "get" not "gen" and also should be "traveling" not "travelling."

Confrontation 12 years ago

I bet people would be yelling and screaming on this post if someone where hit by a train in that area. They would say, "Why didn't the LPD ticket people and bring awareness to this problem?" Also, I don't understand why someone would call the cops "idiots" in the case. Aren't the real idiots the drivers who park on the tracks and make the cops waste their time by having to write a ticket?

eotw33 12 years ago

u guys are all idiots. it is a safety issue and personally I never stop on those tracks. they should enforce it more. if u have ever been there while a train is coming then u should know it takes a rediculous amount of time for the train to get through because they have to stop traffic and clear the tracks, and find a place for cars on the tracks to go which is usually in the middle of vermont, so then they have to clear that. I say good job to the lpd for finally doing somethings right, drivers in lawrence suck and more traffic tickets need to be handed out. especially to johnson county college kids and everyone who drives 30 in a 45, what's up with that?

jayhawk72 12 years ago

why not just close that street....should they have built a main street across railroad tracks? Why does the paper have to be brought in by train...aren't there big enough trucks out there to haul that type of load?

jayhawk72 12 years ago

eotw33: Its not just drivers in Lawrence that suck. We have a lot of out of town traffic ....and oh..who could students and their parents, and their friends and so on.

Christine Pennewell Davis 12 years ago

well the trains are only there late at night and by that time lights sre flashing so no backed up traffic so do not see much threat, but you could not pay me enough to stop on the tracks anywhere it is plain dumb hello people

wonderhorse 12 years ago


"i.e. excessive speeding, reckless driving, etc."

This is really funny, considering all of the comments that have been made about the LPD enforcing the speed limit on W 6th....

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