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LHS assistant principal arrested for DUI

May 23, 2006


Lawrence High School Assistant Principal Jan Gentry was arrested during the weekend for driving under the influence of alcohol, according to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

A sheriff's deputy stopped the 53-year-old Gentry for a traffic violation about 10:19 p.m. Saturday on westbound U.S. Highway 56 near East 400 Road in eastern Douglas County. She was arrested and booked into the Douglas County Jail, where she was released on $250 bond and ordered to appear in court June 5.

Lawrence school district Supt. Randy Weseman said he was still investigating the situation and could not yet comment about how the incident might affect Gentry's job.

"I've barely had a chance to even talk to her," he said.

He said the district's policies don't specifically address what happens if an employee gets a DUI.

"Every situation has its own merits and circumstances, and we look at that," he said. "It would be premature for me to make any kind of judgment."

Gentry declined comment Monday evening.


parsimoniousjayhawker 9 years ago


Have you given it a thought that Ms. Gentry sits in a position where she is considered a role model for thousands of our children every year. Alcohol related offenses, especially drunk driving, are not something we as parents should shun as being acceptable. Public servants live in glass houses, whether on-or off the job. Ms. Gentry acquired this responsibility when she accepted her job as a teacher and, if she is convicted, she must be held accountable for her actions.

paladin 9 years ago

Crucify her! She has fallen from grace and there will be no tolerance or understanding or forgiveness. She is a wicked sinner, who should be cast out into the wilderness, there to languish and perish, far from this holy place, where she can no longer be an evil threat to the impressionable young minds of our beautiful, innocent, angelic children. The days of turning the other cheek and not casting the first stone are over. Now is the time for the severest punishment and retribution for all sinners and social misfits. Woe unto them who transgress against the holy and righteous, God's true chosen people.

lori 9 years ago

Parents are the ultimate rolemodels, parsimonious. Could we take a look at your records and moral conduct, please? I'd love to see some parents take responsibility and be accountable for their actions. Oh, wait, you aren't perfect? I can't believe it. Off with your head.

PYT1984 9 years ago


Michael Birch 9 years ago

The thing about DUIs is that everybody gets them! If

Bush and Cheney can get a DUI and survive well then

why shouldn't Jan Gentry. This is another case case of

someone or something being overated and overeacted

to. Give Jan a break! Get her into some necessary

treatment and leave her alone!


GardenMomma 9 years ago

Is a DUI arrest any different than a "Peeping Tom" arrest? Both arrestees work(ed) for the school district and both cases involve illegal behavior.

GardenMomma 9 years ago

I haven't gotten a DUI. Therefore, not EVERYBODY gets them.

mom_of_three 9 years ago

I haven't gotten a DUI or even been arrested for that matter. So not everyone gets them.
I am not sure what happened that night, other than this article in the paper. We don't know if she was swerving, or if she admitted it to the officer. Until all the facts are in, and if and when the public is told the facts, no one can judge what should happen to her.

geekin_topekan 9 years ago

Lets hold Ms.Gentry's parents accountable? W has 1 DUI and the Vice-prez has 2. Let's cut this lady some slack. The T is a alternative way for her to get to work.

pundit 9 years ago

The war on drugs is lost. The war on alcohol is misguided. Treat it as a health issue. Thats the best lesson to also teach children.

And if every school teacher is a "public person" does that mean every taxpayer-paid employee is? Lets try applying this employment standard that way, and see how many are left having jobs.

pundit 9 years ago

Enforcer, And drug free school zones are a total failure and nothing but a politician's bumper sticker.

Such locational crime distinctions also backfire, witness this years proposal to prohibit sexual predators w/in xx yards of schools and daycare centers..... Which basically means they would all move to the rural areas.

A person who receives treatment and is able to lick a problem is the roll model I want my children to be exposed to.

wordsofwisdom 9 years ago

Was that her son who was convicted of a DUI about 4 years ago? It happened at the intersection by HyVee on 6th street and one lady was killed. His name was Brandon Gentry

METALQ2 9 years ago

We have no choice but to shut down the schools and revoke their liqour licenses.

justanother 9 years ago

wow. I am shocked about how many of you can just sit there and simply talk as you are. No, Ms. Gentry does not have a son, so no connection there wordsofwisdom. And how can you even say crucify her? And some say... some role model... well as a former student under Jan Gentry... i am pleased to call her one of my role models. Everyone Makes Mistakes. Granted some are worse than others, but everyone does make them. And what was always taught about if you have made a mistake, learn from it, and i guarantee you that Ms. Gentry will learn from this. For many of you to pass judgement on a person without even knowing them... is really messed up. Ms. Gentry i hope you do not lose your job because i know there are a lot of students at LHS who admire you as i do!

Lakelover 9 years ago

No - that was not her son - she doesn't have a son. Wow - I didn't realize how many perfect people we have around here!! I thought the school district was about helping people. Shouldn't she be given a chance to get help - wouldn't that be a good role model for children - to overcome adversity? Hang in there Jan!

geekin_topekan 9 years ago

There are highbottom drunks and lowbottom drunks. One pukes on the carpet and the other pukes in the alley...but they both puke.

AnglNSpurs 9 years ago

As an alumni of LHS, Gentry was one of my assistant principals. She was and from my understanding STILL is very dedicated to helping each student achieve his or her greatest potential. Lets take a few things into account before she is pubically burned at the stakes here on this posting.

a) were any of us in the vehicle with her, or the officer that pulled her over? My guess probably not, so we dont know what all happened in the events leading up to her arrest. Lets not judge too quickly...

b) was she on the clock for USD 497? Nope, then why should this effect her means of employment? I don't think it should, what she does on her personal time, is exactly what it is PERSONAL

c) quite possibly this might be a good way to teach a lesson to highschoolers. When I was there a majority of the students drank at parties, before dances and what not. And inturn most of them drove, luckily there no one was killed, one girl was injured but believe me she learned her lesson. Teens then and today have what I call a "invincible factor" They believe that they are invincible to anything wrong happening to them, after all they are in High School, the best time of their life. Why cant Gentry use this as a lesson that anybody no matter public stance and all can get into trouble with the law. If she gets community service she can use that as a teaching mechanism saying hey this is what you have to do if you get caught.

Oh and Fred, oh I am sorry Paladin thanks for showing up at the graduation ceremony! Where in the bible does it say that getting at DUI makes one a "wicked sinner?" What makes you so holier than thou? And take your blinders off- around not all high schoolers are angelic

Lilfish338 9 years ago

As a student who just finished with the Lawrence School District, Jan Gentry was the nicest, most encouraging teacher/mentor I have ever had. However Ms. Gentry wants to spend her weekends is none of the student body/school districts business. Now if Ms. Gentry was drinking/providing alcohol to a student, there would be a problem. But just because Ms. Gentry is a public figure, her arrest was public news.

TO ALL TMOTHERS Yes drinking and driving is bad, Ms. Gentry found that out, she was punished for her actions. But if you have or will have a student that would go through LHS and have the chance to get to know Ms. Gentry, you would see how great she is. Out of the 382 students that graduated yesterday from LHS, Ms. Gentry could name ALL OF THEM! See Ms. Gentry is that kind of lady that wants everyone to feel special. So before you all judge Ms. Gentry on how her DUI will influence young teens in Lawrence to go out and drink remember, we already do.

And to wordsofwisdom- Ms. Gentry has no son named Brandon...she has no son, only daughters.

wordsofwisdom 9 years ago

Only a question lakelover and justanother......

Better I ask and get clarity than assume and believe falsely.

And a little tip.....just as "we" dont know what truly happened because "we" wern't there, neither do "you". So don't be to quick to run to her rescue until you know the facts yourself.

mom_of_three 9 years ago

"before you all judge ms. gentry" Hey, not all of us were judging. In fact, my post was just the opposite.
It doesn't say what traffic violation she was pulled over for, so it could be for an expired tag. It doesn't say why the officer chose to arrest her, maybe she admitted to drinking. So until and if the facts are made public, no one can judge.

PYT1984 9 years ago

They run to her rescue because they know her, you idiot. It's not like she murdered someone for crying out loud. I would hope you would support someone you knew as well.

frowns 9 years ago

They are going to be quick to run to her rescue. They know her and obviously have a great deal of respect for her. Just because she was arrested during the weekend for driving under the influence of alcohol doesn't make her a horrible person. I'm not saying it was right I'm just thinking we need to lighten up a bit.

PYT1984 9 years ago

mom-of-three Here's a thought. If you weren't judging, then I guess you weren't being included.

justanother 9 years ago

Yes wordsofwisdom.. i know that "you" dont know what truly happened, nor do "i". The only thing i clarified is that she has no son, so there is no connection. And Why should i not be quick to her rescue. others are posting, talking that she should be crucified, fired, so on and so forth. Why not help out another? When someone is talkin bad about someone that you know you arent going to back them up? I do not know any of the facts myself... so i do not see the big concern of me trying to "rescue" a friend who getting publically talked down about. And Jan has not been convicted yet, so she is innocent until proven guilty.

wordsofwisdom 9 years ago


"its not like she murdered someone for crying out loud"

"So before you all judge Ms. Gentry on how her DUI will influence young teens in Lawrence to go out and drink remember, we already do"

This speaks volumes to the generation of teens/young adults in this community. I hope as you get older, your moral character and judgement improves. Don't brag about teens "already" drinking. Its nothing to brag about. Odds are many of you will be in a similar position when your in your 50's if you dont get a true perspective in life and find what your purpose is.

frowns 9 years ago

I don't think the poster was "bragging" about teens drinking, I think the poster was simply pointing out that teens are drinking and it has nothing to do with the arrest of Ms. Gentry.

wordsofwisdom 9 years ago

You are right justanother. You should defend your friend, and Im sure she appreciates it. She will need lots of support and will need people to remember all the GOOD she has done and not just focus on the bad. I applaud your effort to help her during this difficult time. I am not judging, many people make bad choices everyday and we all must learn to deal with our mistakes and handle the consequences of them. It is in fact a blessing for Ms. Gentry to have experienced this WITHOUT hurting someone in the process. So many others aren't that fortunate. Perhaps this is a second chance for her to become an even stronger person. Sincerely.....wordsofwisdom

Lakelover 9 years ago

To frowns - Thank you - you hit the nail on the head. That is exactly correct - I do know her and I do admire her - regardless of the circumstances. Like you - I'm not saying it was right - people just need to "do unto others . . . . "

PYT1984 9 years ago

It doesn't even come close to speaking volumes to this generation. Get real, words of wisdom. You said it. You are in your 50's and obviously have no idea what these teens are doing inside and outside of school. It's a new world now. Not like when you grew up. Familiar with xanga or myspace at all? Might open up your eyes a little bit.

pinkrose 9 years ago

I find LJW hypocritical when reporting news. Last week, a man was charged in court for child molestation and chose not to reveal his name because it's their policy not to reveal names until a conviction is obtained. However, Ms. Gentry has also been charged but NOT convicted and her name was printed in the article. LJW should adopt a policy that is consistent when printing stories regarding Lawrence citizines that affects them personally and professionally.

MerryPresent 9 years ago

Maybe not "everybody" gets a DUI but I'd be willing to bet that almost every 53-year-old around here has driven after they've had alcohol.

Alcohol affects different people different ways.

I'm not going to judge this lady unless i knew "how drunk was she." -- if she was in the wrong lane at 90mph with kids in the car and blind drunk, then, I'd want her out. -- but if she was obeying the traffic laws pretty well and driving no worse than most cell phone phreak/out of town drivers around here, I'd say, no big deal.

At this point I agree with the first post.

Also agree with "...parents should be the role models, not teachers or administrators..."

MerryPresent 9 years ago

The paper said she was going to be one of the speakers at LHS graduation on Sunday...the day after the alleged DUI incident.

I found out some more info about her by putting her name into the J-W search engine...

I wonder if she's going to work. Don't admins usually work into June?

From seven years ago:


Tuesday, July 20, 1999

The new assistant principal at Lawrence High School won't get lost in the corridors of the massive brick building.

Jan Gentry, Central Junior High assistant principal and a former social studies teacher at LHS, was named Monday as the high school's assistant principal.

She replaces Mary Rodriguez, who left LHS to become the district's new executive director of human resources. Gentry's new job begins Aug. 2, but she will assist with transition of Central's next assistant principal.

"We're really excited about having someone of Jan's experience and background and commitment to young people," said LHS Principal Dick Patterson. "It's going to take someone like Jan to help fill the vacancy left by Mary Rodriguez. Mary is a great, great person."

Gentry, 46, earned bachelor's and master's degrees at Kansas University. She worked as a teacher and curriculum coordinator in Topeka from 1976 to 1985.

She taught social studies from 1985 to 1990 at LHS. After teaching one year in Monroe, N.Y., one year in Topeka and two years at South Junior High in Lawrence, she served for one year as an administrative dean at West Junior High. She's been assistant principal at Central since 1995.

Christine Pennewell Davis 9 years ago

If you want to breathalize our kids before a dance then you should really expect people to hold you to some degree of acting responsable even on your own time. Might explain the bad mood I thought she was in on grad. day

mom_of_three 9 years ago

PYT- My kids don't drink, smoke or party, and one of them does attend LHS. She DOES think of her teachers as role models, as well as family and friends. Since kids spend 7+ hours a day in school, teachers are very important role models. We have also taught her not to judge others or call names.
I hope things work out for the best for all of those involved.

PYT1984 9 years ago

Oh my god is all I can say to you mom-of-three. You better wake up. It is parents like you who have the kids doing those things and then when they get caught are just in shock. There is no way of knowing what your kids do, unless you keep them locked up in your home 24/7. I have heard so many parents say that about their kids and then I have seen their pictures on xanga and myspace doing exactly what their parents think they aren't. You can say you know until you are blue in the face, truth is you don't for sure.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

we should really all just wait for more news on this. someone can have one drink and blow over the legal limit. we don't know what she blew or what she was stopped for.

i know that she is in a position of exposure to the students, but it's not like a kid is going to drink and drive and ultimately say "ms. gentry got to do it, why can't I?" that's just a cop out for something they were already doing. there won't be a sutdent who is a drinking virgin that goes out and drives drunk because of this.

valid questions at this point: 1) what did she blow?; 2) does she have an alcohol problem?; and 3) depending on #2 answer and if she has issues, is she doing a good job at LHS and doing good for the kids?

stlcards515 9 years ago

as and LHS student, I can tell you that all the negative things being said need to stop. Mrs. Gentry has worked with the school district for almost 20 years. She is one of the most helpful principals we have. I pass her in the hall atleast three times a day, each time i see her talking to students. She is a very well respected person at LHS, and i suggest that anyone else who wants to talk bad about her, get to know her first.

mom_of_three 9 years ago

YES, I SURE DO KNOW WHAT MY KIDS DO. I have two teenagers and a pre-teen, and not one of them drinks, smokes, parties or does drugs. When they go out, I know exactly where they are going and who they are with. Believe me, I didn't sneak around on my parents, drink, smoke or do drugs, and I raised my kids the same way.
Talk about judging someone's life.....

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago


thank you for a students perspective (and for supporting my opinion)!

folks, that's about all that needs to be said at this point in time i believe.

Godot 9 years ago

So much for giving people the opportunity to get a diversion. What's the use, now that the arrest has been plastered all over the internet and newspaper?

Once again, the LJW takes the prize for muckraking.

Live_Love_Laugh 9 years ago

Jan Gentry is an amazing woman and assistant principal. In my past, when I attended LHS, I could go to her office for anything-to cry, to laugh, to vent. In all of the many years I have known her she has been a great role model and a caring mother. All of this negative gossip concerning her pending situation does nothing but bring her and her family down, which by the way, all of them have done great things for this community. Without Jan Gentry many students, including family of mine, would not have succeeded in high shcool, attended college, or become the kind of people they are. I'm talking about kids who even came from great homes and backgrounds, but just were not motivated in school or in life, and having an educator like Jan Gentry at Lawrence High was what made them know that they mattered and meant something to the world. She made a mistake and until all of the facts are straight no one should judge her (no one should judge anyway) or protest her to continue being an educator. I understand the resentment from parents or other community members but it is unneccessary. The way she conducted herself on that evening says little of her character or the way she presents herself as a person. We all have rough spots in our lives where we make mistakes and we have to accept the consequences for our actions. It is not mine, nor anyones decision but the boards to continue or terminate her job as an assistant principal. But, for my own opinion, I would have taken Jan anyday over anyone as an assistant principal and friend. She was there for me through so many things like so many other students and it is a shame that a community she has given so much to can bash her as they are.

PYT1984 9 years ago

Oh, I'm sorry mom-of-three. Now I get it. You're that kind of parent. I'm sure your kids love you to death. You are the easiest kind of parent to fool. The kind that THINKS they know everything about their kids. Well, good for you. I won't say another word about it, because one, it's pointless to try to talk to your kind and two you won't see it any other way than your way. Too bad for you, but great for your kids. Good luck and I hope luck stays on your side as it seems to have been so far.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago


why so hard on her? frist, breathalizers at school are for students who are underage and shouldn't be drinking anywhere, anytime. second, do we know she is a drunk? a person can have a drink sometimes and still have the right to administer breathalizers to the students who don't have the right. it's not hypocritical.

ben_ness 9 years ago

It seems everybody on this blog has failed to recognize that she has NOT been convicted of this crime yet. Before you drag her name through the mud give her a chance to prove her innocence.

ben_ness 9 years ago

mom-of-three: My mom was probably saying the same thing about me as a teenager when I was taking bong hits. If your kids are doing crazy things, which they probably are, they would never tell you about it. Has it really been that long since you were a teenager?

frowns 9 years ago

Well said ben! You took the words right out of my mouth!

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

enforcer - i don't see anything wrong with her picture. she looks like a nice lady. how have you had the opportunity to speak with her so many times? if you thought she has a problem and is working with our youth, why did you not report her actions to the appropriate board? if you work with addicts, you would know the importance of holding them responsible, especially those holding a sensitive role in public schools. you seem to be the only one who says she is a "drunk", although it seems lots of people have already convicted her of this offense. should you be arrested for aiding and abetting since you act like you knew this was bound to happen?

coolmom 9 years ago

it is unfortunate that as a district employee i am sure she signed something saying she would abide by the rules-laws etc. i think that means losing your job? how old do you have to be before drinking and driving is wrong? thank god no one was killed. i do hope if she needs it that she gets help. maybe a diversion agreement and a chance to keep her job but without judging where do we draw the line?

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

it's a gray line sometimes (unless as you say it is in writing that she be terminated). it's a judgment call. i guess it will depend on if the decision makers think she has a problem or not. but that's not us and she has obviously done a lot of good in that school.

just_me 9 years ago

First- to the 'enforcer"(your name alone speaks volumes) Who are you looking at? Wow! You must be looking at a different Jan Gentry than the one that I know well and respect as both an administrator and friend. To lose someone like Jan, would be terribly sad for LHS. She has the respect of the kids, parents and community. She connects with them all on an amazing level. She did make a mistake, and I hate to admit it, but I too have made mistakes in my life. Yes, it's true, I'm not perfect. There can be a huge lesson in this for all of us(including the students that Jan cares so deeply for). I have three kids that that have gone to LHS(two are still there) We all KNOW(it's seems terribly easy for some of you to sit in judgement with very little fact base), care for, respect and support Jan 100%.

just_me 9 years ago

You are brutal enforcer. Should you ever make a mistake in your life (obviously to this point you have not) I hope that you aren't the one to sit in judgement of yourself because if you are, you are SOL. I won't respond to you anymore. This is about supporting Jan, not trying to open the mind of someone who is so obviously smalll-minded and hateful. Take care and don't mess up.

xenophonschild 9 years ago

Sounds like Ms. Gentry will do alright in the private sector, and that LHS will be the loser should she be terminated.

I'll give her a job . . . and she can drink on her own time all she wants, like all of us do.

Godot 9 years ago

just_me, it appears that enforcer has had personal dealings with Jan, maybe with regard to a special needs child, and she didn't get the outcome she desired, so now she is attempting to exact her revenge by defaming Jan on this forum.

Moderator, where are you?

govols 9 years ago

WOW! I had no idea we expected our public school employees to never have a drink in public. I had no idea we had a local monitoring system following their every move. Good to know everyone in glass houses is on the case.

pinkrose 9 years ago

Shame on LJW for printing the story about Ms. Gentry. This is NOT news. While I do not know Ms. Gentry personally, my son who attends LHS states she is a really nice person. This speaks volumes. While I do not condone drinking and driving, one doesn't deserve to have her name dragged through the mud. SHAME ON YOU LAWRENCE JOURNAL WORLD

paladin 9 years ago

Every mistake you make, Every failure, every disappointment, To keep going on this journey of life is sometimes the hardest thing. But remember, Every true and noble person, who has beaten adversity, Whether from within or from without themselves, Has fallen and stumbled a thousand times. But they pick themselves up, Dust themselves off And carry on. Do not pray for an easy life, pray to be a strong person. Not to be rich, but to be resourceful. Not to be beautiful, but to feel confident about yourself. Do not pray to remove trials, for it hones you to be a better person. To remove pain & hurt, for it makes you appreciate life. Pray to experience defeat, for it gives you a chance to learn to be humble, to have hope in your heart, to be HUMAN, closer to God. The importance of your trials and tribulations is a gift to be beholden, for that is how you will learn who you truly are. No matter what happened yesterday, today is another day; you can still be who you choose to be. Live your life to the fullest. Forgive yourself. Love yourself.

An Irish Blessing- May God give you... For every storm, a rainbow, For every tear, a smile, For every care, a promise, And a blessing in each trial.

For every problem life sends, A faithful friend to share, For every sigh, a sweet song, And an answer for each prayer.

An Irish Proverb- For the test of the heart is trouble And it always comes with years. And the smile that is worth the praises of earth Is the smile that shines through the tears.

Dear Lord, Help me remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that you and I can't handle together. Amen

justanother 9 years ago

Enforcer... wow... honestly.. as a former LHS student, i have nothing but high regards for Jan Gentry. Unless you were a student, or had a lot of interaction with her, you really dont know her. You said on sunday she looked hungover, etc, and that classified her as a drunk? well maybe her eyes were swelled due to emotion that she is graduating a class?? hmm... ever think of that? So if any other school/district employee goes to a bar they should be fired?? they are just individuals.. wow.. and this was meerly a mistake, one that Jan will improve herself from. And regarding Tenpenny... i do agree.. he was released or whatever the case may of been.. he should still be a teacher at lawrence high, but the cards didnt fall his way. I love how many have passed judgements on Jan because of just a simple news story. None of you would of cared if it was someone that you didnt know, if no one got hurt, and obviously no one did. Jan has not been convicted of anything, and is innocent until proven guilty. and to the LJWorld, and KCTY5... honestly... there are far better and far important information to report. KCTV5.. you wanted to report on this and plaster a mug shot and Make it known it was a mug shot on your newscast, rather than report that Lawrence police had caught the guy that committed the HIV crime. well you have got to love journalism and the fact that they focus always on the bad, espically if it is someone who is a figure within the community.

just_me 9 years ago

To paladin-those were great! I'm going to print them off and save them. Truly words to live by. As for TV 5. I'm disappointed about the way they handled this. Raunchy journalism. They need to read this whole conversation and see just who their big 'tipster' was. That might tell them something.

Lilfish338 9 years ago

Enforcer- for your information, Mr. Tenpenny was not fired, he resigned. And I knew everyone that was in that room the day the dispute occured, if you were not there, you can not comment on how Gentry handled the situation. I'm disappointed in everyone who is bashing on Ms. Gentry. Yes she did a bad thing, but if we all were to look at all the teachers that have been at a bar, bowling alley, dining facility drinking, we would have not enough teachers to carry on this school district. Teachers/administratiors are people too, just because they work in the school district, if they do anything out of the ordinary, its posted for public humilation.

I feel sorry for all the Gentry's for all they must be going through right now.

sonflower 9 years ago

Well, for starters....... I really dont give a buttocks about it but this town is getting very high on crime and dealing with it is pretty wild.

justanother 9 years ago

Posted by Marion :I wonder why her bond was set at $250 which is the normal bond for a second DUI with $85 being normal for the first; maybe things have changed.

-the bond for a DUI is at $250 and all are the same... $85 for the first offense is incorrect, they are all $250

supportive 9 years ago

First of all I would like to say that I am a current LHS student and I hate it. I never thought that I would make it through my sophmore year because all my friends went to LHS but a few friends and the help of 1 certain Adult helped me through it. What happend with Ms. Gentry was simply none of anyones buisness but her own. I guarentee there are worse teachers/admistrators and parents out there then her. She made a mistake get over it. I HAVE NEVER known an Administrator that has known more than 3/4 the student body by their first name. So unless you can find someone like Ms. Gentry the fill her spot i suggest everyone that is judging her to look at your "perfect lives" and wonder if you made a mistake would you want people to understand that you'll correct it. By the way my mothers a teacher and she makes mistakes all the time but its just not publisized all over the news.

Sigmund 9 years ago

Well it's settled then! We only enforce district policy if we don't like people or their views. But for good liberal NEA due paying people we like, we'll make exceptions and excuses. What kind of role model is that? BTW, when was Bush and Cheney employees of Lawrence's school district, I must have missed that.

ben_ness 9 years ago

enforcer: your argument through this entire thread has been in regards to Gentry setting an example with Lawrence's youth by not drinking and punishing those who do. What you have repeatedly failed to recognize is two things. No, I take that back, three things. She is a grown woman and is legally entitled to drink if she likes; she was arrested for driving under the influence, not convicted; commas and correct spelling are a good thing.

ben_ness 9 years ago

tnuC: What do you do for a living?

craigers 9 years ago

ben and others, not all kids/teenagers are like you either. Some might have been taking bong hits but that doesn't mean all kids do. Maybe mom or three did a great job raising good kids that don't fool/lie to her. Did you all ever think of that? In order to be a normal teenager you don't have to lie and sneak around all the time. Give her a break.

And to PYT, holy cow. How can you tell mom_of_three how difficult it will be to talk to her because she won't see somebody else's view point? You are doing the exact same thing. Like I said to ben, not all parents are like your parents, and not all kids are like you were when you were a kid. Get over yourself.

justsomewench 9 years ago

i'd be interested to see the district's actual policy verbiage on this.

IMO, in a backwards way, this type of event sets quite an example for our youth, with a touch of humanness.

"Don't try this at home, kids."

just_me 9 years ago

tnuC- So, anyone who has had some personal/professional success, doesn't deserve a second chance? What is the cut off? $50,000? $60,000? Anyone who makes more than you? After reading your comments, the first word that popped into my head was - BITTER. Not a great way to live your life. Very sad.

just_me 9 years ago

I think there is definitely a lesson for the kids(and the rest of us) Drinking and driving is wrong and should be punished. But also, that we all have the potential to make mistakes and how we handle those and hopefully learn from them, is just as important. I hope we never live in a 'one strike and you're out' world.

justsomewench 9 years ago

i was there last night, sybil, but all i saw was:

GAOD Drug and Alcohol Testing All district employees performing job functions that require the employee to maintain a commercial driver's license shall be tested for alcohol and drugs as required by current federal law. Board approved rules and regulations necessary to implement the testing program shall be on file with the human resources department. Each new employee who is required to undergo alcohol and drug testing shall be given a copy of the appropriate district regulations. Each new employee shall be informed that compliance with the required elements of the testing program is a condition of employment as a driver in the district. All employees shall be informed of this policy on an annual basis.

or, maybe:

GBU Ethical Conduct

    An educator in the performance of assigned duties shall:
  • actively support and pursue the district's educational mission, goals and curriculum. (See IA);

  • be responsible for presenting all subject matter in a fair and accurate manner;

  • recognize the basic dignity of all individuals;

  • maintain professional integrity;

  • avoid accepting anything of substantial value offered by another which is known to or which may appear to influence judgment or the performance of duties; and

  • accurately represent professional qualifications. (See IAA and IKB).

am i missing the violated policy?

PYT1984 9 years ago

Excuse me Multi, but I did that for a reason. Why does a person usually have the "caps" on? Good god. Does everything have to be explained on here?

GardenMomma 9 years ago

I ask again, how does being arrested for a DUI differ in consequences for a school employee than being arrested for a Peeping Tom charge?

Which charge is more serious? DUI or peeping? Surely the DUI. No? What happened to the last school employee arrested for peeping? I do believe he lost his job. Should a vice principal be treated any different than a teacher?

However, lest we forget the basis of our legal system, "innocent UNTIL proven guilty."

Linda Endicott 9 years ago

I work in a place where we're given random drug and alcohol testing. Doesn't bother me, as they're not going to find anything.

But their own policy, and probably law, states that they can't test us unless it's during our regular work hours. And since alcohol is a legal substance, even if you have it in your system during your shift, it doesn't count against you as long as you're under the legal limit while on duty.

This woman wasn't on duty at her job at the time of the DUI. Though drinking and driving is a recipe for disaster, she wasn't working at the time, and alcohol is a legal substance, so why should she lose her job?

Kathleen Christian 9 years ago

I agree with you DownHomedude - give that lady a break - everyone makes mistakes and in this day and age mistakes are so easier found and blown way out of proportion that is just serves to ruin lives. As DownHomeDude said - get her some treatment and just move on people. Let's just skip the small stuff because there are bigger issues in life to worry about - like WAR, GAS PRICES, COST OF LIVING, CRIMINALS running amuck and a lousy President.

PYT1984 9 years ago

please craigers. I never said it was difficult to talk to her. i said it was pointless. meaning it wouldn't do any good. even if i saw a picture of one of her kids drinking or whatever and then showed it to her, she would be the parent who still says, "that's not my child".

ben_ness 9 years ago

craigers: bong hits is just an example. Perhaps her kids are perfect little angels...but, I doubt it. She is proud of them, as was my Mom with me. She always stuck by me and always saw me as the perfect angel, but I was not. Now, I enjoy successes I never thought I would, much of this is attributable to my parents. However, I got into my fair share of mischief when I was in my teens. Also, I am not far enough removed from those years to know that EVERY single person I knew in the same age group did something they shouldn't have been doing, and their parents never knew about it.

smiles 9 years ago

govols - are you by chance a Tennessee fan??!!

craigers 9 years ago

PYT, I don't see mom_of_three like that but I have met those parents. And some of those parents, I personally like on the news when their kid gets shot during a shootout that he was involved, and they say,"I don't know why this happened to my boy, he was such a good kid with a great heart." Heartbreaking as it is to have a child lost to a shootout, I don't think I would believe my child was a saint like some say theirs are. I see your point along with ben though. Point taken.

PYT1984 9 years ago

Thanks craigers. I wasn't trying to be mean. I just basically wanted to say, never say never, cause you never know.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

Where can you see her mug shot at? Just curious. Sometimes people look really haggard in mugshots due to the stress of being in the situation. Would like to see for myself.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 9 years ago

I cannot believe that ADULTS are using the "everybody does it" defense here! That is the arguement that children use to defend bad behavior, and exactly the kind of relativism that assistant principals are supposed to be fighting against in our schools. Assistant principals play a huge role in school discipline. This is not about being self-righteous or morally superior, it has to do with the fact that she has COMPLETELY compromized her ability to be a leader and an example in her school.

If this situation goes the way it should go, she won't be fired. Rather, she'll be a professional, and she'll quit.

Pretty Young Thing: I don't want to "blast" you, but I do want to address one serious matter about your post. PLEASE STOP USING YOUR CAPS LOCK.

PYT1984 9 years ago

i_have enforcer has the link on his post from 5/23 @ 5:46.

PYT1984 9 years ago

old enuf, i don't want to blast you either, but you are a little late and like i said earlier, i did that for a reason. good god. get a life. i'm sure me using my caps really hurt your ears.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 9 years ago

Caps lock is "bad form". It's generally a no-no. There really isn't a "good reason" for it.

PYT1984 9 years ago

i never said there was a "good reason" for it. i said i had a reason for it and obviously it worked.

stlcards515 9 years ago

"My experience with Jan was as a District employee, if Mr. Tenpenny can be fired because she thinks his breaking up a racial dispute"

tenpenny WAS NOT fired. He had already had plans to go to a different school at the beginning ofhte 04-05 school year. the whole race thing, which was stupid, happened at the END of hte year. Enforcer you need to shut the hell up.

You can't possibly say that Ms. Gentry is a drunk. When someone things of a drunk, they thing sitting on a couch drinking a case of cheap beer. Yeah that will get you drunk. So someone who enjoys wine, are they considered a drunk? no becuase wine is associated with class. But you can get drunk off wine can't you? Yes you can.

And the school board has no policy as to whether they fire them of it or not. as it says in the article, "He said the district's policies don't specifically address what happens if an employee gets a DUI."

and what's best for the students is for her to stay. I know what she's done for LHS, i got there. when someone gets into a fight, she does a whole hell of a lot more than any other administrator. She sits down and talks to them about it, reviews the video footage, and punishes them as necessary. when the actual prinicpal, and the associate principal hardly do anything. She does wonders for LHS, and without someone who actually keeps kids in line, LHS will will turn into anarchy

OldEnuf2BYurDad 9 years ago

"her career should not be ruined"

That's exactly my point: regardless of whether or not she is fired, her career was ruined the moment she was arrested. If she keeps her job, her effectiveness is destroyed. She can no longer sit in her office and lecture kids on matters of conduct without getting "rolling eyes". SHE ruined her career. Yes, it's a shame that all her hard work is being wasted, but this is NOT about IF she is fired. She's "done" regardless, either by termination, resignation or by the simple fact that she can no longer walk the halls of a school with "real" authority.


"how does this affect you in such a way that you would wish for her to lose a career?"

I don't "wish" for for her to lose anything. I wish we could turn back the clock to a time before this happened so that her talents will not be wasted. But, that ship as sailed. Her career IS ruined, because of her own choices.

It's a lose-lose situation for all involved.

whiteoleander 9 years ago

Posted by stlcards515 (anonymous) on May 24, 2006 at 11:35 a.m. (Suggest removal)

"My experience with Jan was as a District employee, if Mr. Tenpenny can be fired because she thinks his breaking up a racial dispute"

tenpenny WAS NOT fired. He had already had plans to go to a different school at the beginning ofhte 04-05 school year. the whole race thing, which was stupid, happened at the END of hte year. Enforcer you need to shut the hell up.

You can't possibly say that Ms. Gentry is a drunk. When someone things of a drunk, they thing sitting on a couch drinking a case of cheap beer. Yeah that will get you drunk. So someone who enjoys wine, are they considered a drunk? no becuase wine is associated with class. But you can get drunk off wine can't you? Yes you can.

And the school board has no policy as to whether they fire them of it or not. as it says in the article, "He said the district's policies don't specifically address what happens if an employee gets a DUI."

and what's best for the students is for her to stay. I know what she's done for LHS, i got there. when someone gets into a fight, she does a whole hell of a lot more than any other administrator. She sits down and talks to them about it, reviews the video footage, and punishes them as necessary. when the actual prinicpal, and the associate principal hardly do anything. She does wonders for LHS, and without someone who actually keeps kids in line, LHS will will turn into anarchy

I suggest you return to your classwork now since you " got there" and work very hard on the English portion of your studies.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 9 years ago

Sybil put it well: "Her career is as a role model to our children."

The problem with so many of us is that we don't really believe in "role models". We have so few role models in our families, government, entertainment... even in our churches, that we have tossed out the concept as lame conservative idealism. So many of US have driven drunk that we don't want to read posts that say that it's wrong. We have the same exact discussion when we have a controversy about drug use. GROWN ADULTS will post "let the kids smoke a little doobie, it's no biggie", mostly because of our own personal histories with drugs. These social issues are so much a part of OUR lives that we really don't want to read anything that suggests that it's "bad".

Driving drunk is wrong, and dangerous. Kids need to know that. They need YOU to reinforce that. Dismissing this crime is NOT how you reinforce the concept in the minds of your children. What ever happened to ideals? Do you teach your children that NOTHING is actually "wrong"?

just_me 9 years ago

To OldEnuf "to be really, really judgemental"- her career is certainly not ruined in the kids eyes. Have you read these posted comments? Not one current or former student that has posted has condemned her. They have defended her. They know her record, respect her, and realize that she is human. No one is saying she should be dismissed of the crime. The judicial system will punish her for her mistake. Have you spoken to ANY students? In the last 50 years!! Thank goodness we're raising a generation of kids that is more enlightened than you grandpa.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 9 years ago

J. Me:

Those who defend her today are those who knew her when her respect was intact. They have fond memories of the past. Those who will be starting in her school next fall will start without the same respect that her prior students had. She will begin with a bad repution in the eyes of the new kids. Having not even met her, they will have a diminished respect for her authority.

It's sad to read a post that suggests that being dismissive about a DUI is "enlightened". There is nothing enlightened about minimizing how much impact it has on kids when they lack appropriate role models. Believing in the power of right & wrong is not in vogue, it seems, which makes me unenlightened. No wonder our kids can't get enough of the primal aggression and meaningless sexuality of MTV and BET. Enlightened 21st century people have discovered that our kids cannot be influenced by bad role models. It's not like they are going to learn to pull out guns at bars or in Taco Bell drive-thrus as a result of the cultural influences around them. No, that absurd. The young people who do that sort of things have... disorders that are caused by, um... bad genes. Yeah, that's it, it's GENETIC. Kids are not influenced by the examples of the adults around them. My bad.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 9 years ago

You know, Q. B., I agree that she does have value to the district, but not in a role such as an assistant or associate principal. Give her an administrative job, maybe for a few years, while she gets some help with her drinking. I'm just opposed to posts that imply that "Oh, hell, it don't matter!". Yes, it DOES matter. Our kids are being pulled in SO many wrong directions. They don't need to get it from someone like an assistant principal.

No, she doesn't have to go away, but she doesn't need to work with kids right now.

ben_ness 9 years ago

Are you kidding, the students are going to say "Dude, that is Ms. Gentry, she got a DUI last summer, isn't that cool as sh*t." I would think that her human mistake will actually give her more credibility amongst the students.

Enforcer: How does it feel to know that after you complained to the school board,they most likely hung up the phone and said "oh, that was just another nut job calling about Ms. Gentry."

ben_ness 9 years ago

Eldenuf2ByurDad: Do you drink? If so, do you have kids? Just curious.

craigers 9 years ago

I do have to agree with Old_Enough here. In my mind, why should I have the utmost respect for those that can't make a simple decision to call a cab when they are drunk. This is a big deal. We expect more out of our leaders, not just to be idiots that drink and drive. I respect leaders that talk the talk and walk the walk. If this was a speeding ticket, I don't think we would all have a problem. However, she got arrested not just cited for fast driving. This does cause her to lose credibility because if she isn't careful enough to protect herself and others on the road by not driving, then what makes you think that she will make the best decision for every student in the school? This is a tough topic of discussion, but those that act like it is no big deal are being a little too passive.

ben_ness 9 years ago

oldenuf: BTW - Just because somebody get a DUI, or goes to a bar with friends, doesn't mean they have a drinking problem. A friend of mine was designated driver for a group of us two years ago on St. Patrick's day. She drank one beer all night, was pulled over on the way home, blew a .04 and was arrested for a DUI. In court, the Judge lambasted the arresting officer and acquitted her of all charges. Keep in mind it is the officers discretion to make an arrest, even if the person isn't over the legal limit. She very well may be innocent.

BTW - I am a former LHS student.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 9 years ago

"you give high school kids no credit"

I give them a lot of credit. As much credit as 18 or fewer years of experience & wisdom is worthy of. I never implied that teeNs are stupid, only that they are still kids.

So, what do you think Q.B.? Because "these kids aren't f-ing stupid" we should just act like they are adults who need no one giving them direction? Why do we supervise them at all? You make it seem as if they have it all together at the age of 16 and can think for themselves. They "aren't f-ing stupid", but they aren't done growing up, either.

You accused me of "overreacting". No, I'm quite confident that I'm not overreacting. You, on the other hand, have basically no problem at all with this DUI. You are not forgiving, you are permissive. What if she was caught smoking dope? Dating a student? Where, if anywhere, would you draw a line and be willing to say "THIS violates the rules of 'right & wrong'"?

Liberalism as taught us that morality is bad. This is something I cannot understand. Bad is the new "good". "Good" is a lie, a deception propogated by the evil people who just want to control us all. That's the mantra of the liberal left, and it's destroying our youth. Our kids will NEVER know sexual health because they've spent their childhoods being inundated with a constant flow of meaningless sex (because we worship 'freedom' over morality). They will work hard to get their Harvard MBAs and then go be the next Enron because they never had ethical role models. They will repeat the addictive habits of the baby-boomers because the baby boomers lacked the character to warn them of the consequences of only caring about what "makes me happy". We are utterly FAILING to prepare the next generation, all because we don't want to actually say "some things are just plain WRONG".

ben_ness 9 years ago

old and enforcer: Once again. Do you drink? Do you have children? Also, do you both have day jobs? Do you ever f*ck up? If so, were you given a second chance? You both seem to have this fire and brimstone approach that our youth are going nowhere fast because of the liberal left. I hate to get political, but last time I checked it is the right discouraging sex education, distribution of condoms, etc.

BTW - Didn't the Enron scandal involve people from, what I would guess, is your generation?

Steve Jacob 9 years ago

Just a guess. Police pull over a 53 year old women with no record for a DUI? Unless she was "bombed", most cops might let her slide. So she eather was very drunk or got a tough cop.

Anyway, a conviction should get her fired, or atleast quit without penalty.

ben_ness 9 years ago

enforcer: Do you? Is that the best argument you have? You seem to be going on the defensive there a bit, buddy. Any skeletons in your closet that you would like to share with the other individuals on this thread?

BTW: How does somebody who smokes pot sound?

craigers 9 years ago

qb, I don't think she should get fired necessarily. But from what I have been reading, people think that this shouldn't even taint her reputation and we should just let it go. First of all, if the above post is correct and she is in her 50s, then I don't have sympathy. If you are fifty, you can't just chalk up your mistake to immaturity and being stupid. You have been an "adult" for 30 years. Come on now. For those that have kids, what would you think if your 55 year old parent, the grandparent of your child got a DUI? If you are saying that you wouldn't think that had a slight judgment problem then you are being to easy on them. I said it would make me doubt her character and it would be a tough decision to make (ie her getting fired or not), but for those to just say let's sweep it under the rug are being a little naive.

ben_ness 9 years ago

enforcer: are you defending just your kids or all kids? If it is the latter, I am sure Lawrence's parents are very appreciative that you are doing their job for them.

craigers 9 years ago

As for the speeding thing. Yes speeding is a bad habit. However, I don't feel that speeding tickets can hold the same weight as a DUI. You can only get arrested for speeding for being a habitual violator, or for going a horrible amount of the speed limit. In that case if she got arrested for doing those things, I would doubt her judgment there too. DUI and speeding tickets are not nearly equitable.

just_me 9 years ago

old- you aren't really very thorough in your reading of others posts(could this be a problem in other areas of your life. not gathering the actual facts. Just jumping to conclusions based on the tiny bit of information that you have?) I NEVER said the charges should be dismissed. I think they need to be investigated and then the PROPER AUTHORITIES(and I don't mean you -of-so-little-knowledge) I have three kids-two whom are currently at LHS and although this is not the way any of us would want them to learn the valuable lesson about drinking and driving(most of all Ms. Gentry), they are learning about it. We talked about it over dinner last night. The other thing I'd like them to get out of it though, is a lesson about humanity and forgiveness and giving people second chances. Don't judge them on their one big mess up, but rather on their 5378 (hypothetical number) good things they've done for the kids in our community. And as for your comment about high school kids 'still just being kids', yes, they are. But they are young adults and they ARE NOT(read all the former/current students above) disrespectful of Ms. Gentry. On the contrary. AND, if you read up far enough, her former principal also spoke on her behalf. Should we listen to you- who couldn't pick her out of a crowd of two- or to the students, parents(except for enforcer-whose children I hope have broader minds than her) and administrators who have actually had encounters and experience with her??? Hmmmm. . .

OldEnuf2BYurDad 9 years ago

[Kids] "don't need some fossil with one foot in the grave looking over their shoulder and preaching about "right and wrong"."

My handle, "OldEnuf2BYurDad" was chosen for a reason that has little to do with my age (there's a story behind it). I'm only 42 years old, so you can lay off the "grampa" and "fossil" references.

Your insults lend NO validity to your ranting. In fact, most people would say that if I was a "fossil", that I'd be due some respect for my years of experience and wisdom. You wear your values on your sleeve, and it's not very becoming.

But to address the quote: Yes, kids today DO need to have "some fossil" looking over their shoulders, preaching to them about right and wrong. We all need that. It's very ugly to read how little you think of your elders (not that I'm one of them). Clearly, no one gave you a foundation for living, otherwise you wouldn't be so quick to show disrepect to others.

I'm not posting any longer on this topic today. Arguing with you is completely unproductive. Have a good day.


Ben Ness:

I said that it would be best if she could remain employed. I believe in second chances. I've been given second chances. I've driven drunk. I've done worse! But, second chances should not be given at the expense of our CHILDREN. I'm not screaming "burn her, she turned me into a newt". I'm saying that she shouldn't remain in her present position.

I have a lot of ties to addiction in my personal experiences. I'm not judging her mistake. I'm saying that she needs to be removed from her "role model" position after this. She needs to step down until this is fully behind her, which may take years.

And, yes, I'm a very late baby-boomer, and Enron was "my generation" (technically). Exactly my point. My generation has failed to teach our children, so they too will end half of their marriages in divorce and commit all sorts of crimes. When we minimize the value of positive roll models and morality, we just perpetuate our problems and pass them on. Humans are slow to learn.

angelofmine 9 years ago

Okay, I admit this isn't the greatest example to set ....BUT.....that aside....if you had to deal with a bunch of smart mouthed, sullen teenagers in the midst of the whole "teenage rebellion" and their parents who think their child can do no wrong all day long, you might have a few too many yourself! The assistant principal I believe handles what the principal doesn't want to deal with. What a crappy job THAT must be!!

I am in no way affiliated with school management, I'm in the legal field. I just remember full well the way we treated OUR assistant principal, and it wasn't very kind!!

just_me 9 years ago

old- I agree with you. There's no point in arguing this. You're mind is permanently sealed and there is no way to open it. Wearing values on your sleeve is unbecoming? I disagree. I think we should never be afraid to stand up for what we believe in. I will continue to stand up for Ms. Gentry based on my personal experiences and the good words from her students and co-workers. You can continue to disrespect her based solely on your own opinion- as you obviouls don't value anyone elses. Respecting elders does not mean that you have to agree with them unconditionally, incidentally.

ben_ness 9 years ago

oldenuf: I understand what you are saying; however, you and some others are dragging her name through the mud before she has even been convicted of a crime. Perhaps she had just used some mouthwash, maybe the breathalizer was disfunctional, or perhaps she was arrested by an ex, disgruntled student. I have had several friends arrested for DUI's and later found innocent as a result of faulty equiptment or and error made by the arresting officer.

ben_ness 9 years ago

Perhaps the bug she caught made her appear as if she was under the influence. Maybe she had just taken some Robitussen before being pulled over or a cough syrup with a high alcohol content.

I was in law enforcement explorers when I was younger. We did an experiment with the mobile breath-a-lizer the police carry with them. The officer heading up the program took a swig of Gin, spit it out, and blew into the machine. He hadn't even ingested any alcohol and he blew a .10 which is way above the legal limit. I think he was trying to show us the value in our justice system. A person is truly innocent until proven guilty.

PYT1984 9 years ago

Alright people. Calm down. Let's look at the positive side of this. At least she wasn't arrested while drinking in a round-a-bout and throwing fruit cakes at nudist while he was standing on top of the round-a-bout pretending to be a work of art. Now that would have been tragic.

jayhawken 9 years ago


Linda Aikins 9 years ago

Why don't you ask someone whose loved one was killed by a drunk driver and see what they think about this.

jayhawken 9 years ago


Linda Aikins 9 years ago

Back off me Marion. I just asked a question.

jayhawken 9 years ago


Linda Aikins 9 years ago

Yes I do. Nowhere in my question did I make any judgments. I was merely wanting the opinion of someone who has suffered the consequences of a drunk driver.

jayhawken 9 years ago

gootsie your the one atacking evreyone so y dont you back off


Linda Aikins 9 years ago

No Jayhawken, I'm not attacking. I truly want someone who has lost a loved one to tell me what they think of everyone saying they should let this go. I'm sorry if you saw it that way and I'm very truly sorry for the loss of your grandparents.

Linda Aikins 9 years ago

My gosh. What did I step into? G'night.

jayhawken 9 years ago

yes my grandparents were killed but I have excepted that the man who killed my grandparents spent time in prison but was let out early because he had a family and was a biasness man with good behavior. just because he made the mistake for drinking and driving dose not give me the right to say ever one should get away with it or to say everyone who drinks and drives should be suntans to death it is the laws decision not mine not yours not any one who has bogged same goes for if she should keep her job.

Alison Roberts 9 years ago

okay, Im sure this has already been said, but I really didnt want to read all the way through that.

First of all, She is a public figure who deals with children on a daily basis. She is a ROLE MODEL. So.. no matter what she was arrested for, it doesnt look good for a person in her position.

Secondly, there is a big difference in going out and having a drink with dinner.. that doesnt cause a DUI. getting TOO drunk and driving IRRESPONSIBLY causes a DUI. There is NO circumstance that should make it OK for her to be intoxicated while driving. Obviously she had enough to impair her driving, theres no excuse for that.

Parents and law enforcement preach at length to teens and college students to not drink and drive, so shouldnt it be pretty clear that its a stupid thing to do? Why are you people defending her? She's 53 years old, I think she knows the difference between right and wrong--if not... then she doesnt deserve to be the A.P.

She dug her own hole.. she got into the car while intoxicated. She could have easily gotten a cab..

My mom always told me to not drink and drive and if I did.. I had better be prepared to take whatever consequences doing so brings about. Im only 25 and I know better.. shouldnt a woman thats twice my age know better? Especially if she is an EDUCATOR... perhaps someone should educate her.

Godot 9 years ago

vavs0929 and others, this is so obvious, but apparently needs to be said:

if teachers are held to the standard of "role model" for our youth, why is it okay if they:

wear really bad clothes (jeans and tshirts, jumpers, birks) to their work as role models?

eat donuts, consume soft drinks, and otherwise do things that make them obese,

divorce, remarry, divorce, remarry,

have sex with numerous partners

gamble, at casinos, or online,

smoke dope,

read porn,

gossip about a co-worker,

use classroom teaching time to expound on their personal political beliefs

tell children that having multiple sexual partners is acceptable as long as they use a condom,

tell children that oral sex is an acceptable sexual outlet

be so far in debt that they can never crawl their way out

but the only action that can get them fired is to get caught driving drunk?

paladin 9 years ago

We all make CHOICES everyday.

We react and assert ourselves to everything that occurs to us....we then in turn, through our ACTIONS, express to the world WHO WE ARE, and WHAT WE WANT TO BE. It's kind of strange really, but in the short term many of us tend to focus on the NEGATIVE things that happen to us, but as we look back we start to understand why things happen the way they do.

It's important to LOOK UPON PROBLEMS AND MISTAKES AS A LEARNING PROCESS, SO WE CAN GROW AND TRY NOT TO MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE! Every one of us in one way or another is accountable for our actions... what you say, and what you do to others does have a cause and effect. Each one of us has not only the power to affect our own lives, but also the lives of others. We may not think it, but we do.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if each time somebody did something nice or kind to us we would automatically turn and do an act of kindness to another? Yes I know in this day and age in some corners kindness and consideration are looked upon as weakness....when in reality they are STRENGTH.

It's very easy to become enraged and inflict hurtful words and acts upon people. In these cases there is no need for CONTROL or RULES of life to acknowledge.

KINDNESS and LOVE, on the other hand, on a continuous basis, are much harder to accomplish because they involve a lot of THOUGHT and an overcoming of RAGE and uncontrollable ANGER.

Being kind to someone else has an interesting BENEFIT. It not only makes the other person feel good, but leaves a warm feeling in your own heart. It gives you a sense that YOUR LIFE MATTERS ... you have the ABILITY through your ACTIONS and THOUGHTS to help others...isn't that a wonderful thing?

Being kind and forgiving and loving sets the EXAMPLE for our CHILDREN, for them to positively model WHO THEY ARE on who they perceive WE ARE. Because they LOOK UP TO US as examples. EACH OF US, as PARENTS.

The human race can only endure and prosper and live in PEACE if we interact and act positively in common effort toward common goals. And by affirming kindness and forgiveness and LOVE. We are NOT SEPARATED here...we are all INTER-CONNECTED an act of kindness to someone else, also benefits you and me. I believe God put each one of us here to find out WHO WE ARE and LEARN HOW TO LOVE OTHERS. If all we do is allow the ego to rule, we fail. BROTHERHOOD and SISTERHOOD are very important words. It's up to every one of us to let them live in our hearts.

NO ACT OF KINDNESS OR FORGIVENESS IS TOO SMALL. The next time somebody smiles or says hello don't be afraid to smile back. The next time someone does you WRONG, FORGIVE THEM. Lord knows, THIS WORLD NEEDS MORE SMILING FACES and more forgiving HEARTS.

Take the time to love!

jayhawken 9 years ago

quitbitchin why dont you stop your bitchin im 14 so what if i dont use punctuation. why do people pick on children its just not right theres something wrong with this person and by the way i would give you a peace of my mind. but i would not want to sound "unedumakted" who the he dubble l spells educated edumakated o yeah some one who is UNEDUCATED... quitbitchin you not wort the time of day...

jayhawken 9 years ago

quitbitchin why dont you stop your bitchin im 14 so what if i dont use punctuation. why do people pick on children its just not right theres something wrong with this person and by the way i would give you a peace of my mind. but i would not want to sound "unedumakted" who the he dubble l spells educated edumakated o yeah some one who is UNEDUCATED... quitbitchin you not wort the time of day...

paladin 9 years ago

Because you're not what I would have you be, I blind myself to who, in truth, you are. ~Madeleine L'Engle~

jayhawken 9 years ago

Sorry did not mean to do that to times. I am removing one. So quitbitchin did you mother not love you enough as a chilled or did you daddy never hug you? I am just asking because I want to know why you are so hurtful to everyone what did they do to you? What did I do to make you say I am uneducated? O yeah that's right nothing I was just stating my opinion and you came along. And no one had said any thing mean to you and so you went after a 14 year old girl whose grandparents were killed by a drunk driver and did not use punctuation. Well congradulations you made me feel domb and stupid you got what you wanted. Does it make up for your mommy not loving you enough or you daddy not hugging you? Well I hope it did because then you just being mean to be mean.

Alison Roberts 9 years ago

GODOT- because.. they do those things without getting arrested for it:)

Linda Endicott 9 years ago

I don't recall anyone here ever saying that she should get off scott free for a DUI. If she was drinking, had too much and was driving that way, she certainly should pay the consequences, legally, for that action.

But let's wait until we find out if it's true.

Regardless, even if she was driving drunk, I still don't think she should be fired. Do we all consider ourselves so perfect that we believe only perfect people should be around our children at school?

If so, you'd better hold on to your hats. As my psychology professor said once, "you'd be surprised at what goes on behind closed doors in any home in this town." If you think all the other teachers and administrators working for the school board are perfect, or fileld with more morality than this woman, you just might be wrong. Maybe you just don't know what they do at home.

Gootsie, no, I never knew anybody that was killed by a drunk driver. But does that really apply here? No one was harmed. Though if she was driving drunk it was a definite possibility, shouldn't we be grateful that no one was harmed in this incident?

azreader 9 years ago

so how much over the legal limit was ms. gentrys alcohol level, and what kind of traffic violation did she make? I am so disgusted with mother oh three.. i truely doubt that ur kids are not as innocent as u think they are.. just something to ponder. people get arrested for DUI's all the time especially in Lawrence. How are we to know that maybe she had a glass of wine with dinner and the accusations just blew out of proportion.

Linda Aikins 9 years ago

Crazyks, I see your point, but it does apply for me. I think if I had a loved one killed by a drunk driver, every time someone wanted to be soft on them (not prosecute), I'd go through the roof.

And again, this is for me, if someone was telling me not to drink and drive, then did it themselves, I would have to think of the "actions speak louder than words" argument. It would be hard for me to think anything else they are saying is real. But I'm an EMOTIONAL person.

paladin 9 years ago

You are also a role model for your children. Do you want them to emulate your own behavior and the personality flaws and shortcomings of character that it manifests? Do you want your children to be angry and hateful, closed-minded and dictatorial, self-righteous and vindictive, uncivil and unkind and unforgiving, controlled by their own stubborn egos, with apparently no love in their hearts? That choice is yours. You make that choice, what to teach your children, by how you respond to problems, disappointments, people and issues you disagree with, and your own mistakes. Do you really want them to be the way that you act?

craigers 9 years ago

Gootsie, I agree with you. In these cases it does matter because the reality of drunk driving never seems to set in for people unless they have been hit with a tragedy that resulted from somebody driving under the influence. Just like I said earlier, this weakens her credibility and kids might not say it but when they are out at a party, they will think that actions speak louder than words when thinking about Gentry's choices. jayhawken, chill out. Obviously you are an emotional 14 year old with the way you post. Take a breather and then you can discuss the topic at hand, not just yell about it.

paladin 9 years ago

Take a long look in the mirror. Ms. Gentry is not your enemy, or your children's enemy, YOU are. Even on Sunday.

wheelingalong 9 years ago

Our niece was one of four young adults who died a few years ago in an alcohol-related accident. To make it harder, they were the ones consuming the alcohol and driving under the influence, it was a choice they made, (like many other college students) but for them it was the last choice they made in life. Fortunately, Ms. Gentry's choice to drink and drive didn't include such a tragedy. It comes as no surprise to me that this type of incident occured, though, as she has lived most of her life and her career under the "two sets of rules" philosophy. Those who work with her will be pressed to have too much sympathy for her because of all the times she used her "two sets of rules" to get kids out of trouble at the high school, often when alcohol was involved, at the same time letting others suffer the consequences. Her ability to function as a positive role model is shot...but then it was hanging by a thread before this incident. She means well, but she needs TIME OUT from her administrative duties and be placed somewhere in the district to work with students who have real handicaps in life...not just materialistic handicaps...students she could learn something from as well as supporting them on a daily basis, no matter what part of town they come from. Someone said this was a lose/lose great it would be if the Superintendent could figure out a win/win situation...both she and LHS need a change from her administrative duties and they both need for something good to come out of this.

just_me 9 years ago

after re-reading all of this- enforcer I nominate you as THE most judgemental, unforgiving, close-minded and vindictive. Dang, you're just downright mean!

paladin 9 years ago

Exactly. Look in the mirror. And, judge not, but that you are judged. The whole world, and all who are in it, are your mirror.

craigers 9 years ago

The law of Karma is simply Galatians 6:7 stated in Buddhism.

mutpuppy 9 years ago

Mrs. Gentry... I loved you even before you were at LHS. You were at my junior high when I went there. I agree with the fact that everyone make mistakes and it's so hard to be the one in the spotlight and not be able to tell your side of the story. No one knows what's going on in your life and I hope that these people leave you the hell alone.

jayhawken 9 years ago

paladin were you being sarcastic when you said "She has fallen from grace and there will be no tolerance or understanding or forgiveness. She is a wicked sinner, who should be cast out into the wilderness, there to languish and perish, far from this holy place, where she can no longer be an evil threat to the impressionable young minds of our beautiful, innocent, angelic children. The days of turning the other cheek and not casting the first stone are over. Now is the time for the severest punishment and retribution for all sinners and social misfits. Woe unto them who transgress against the holy and righteous, God's true chosen people."?

mkhawk 9 years ago

This just kills me.

What a great role model for high school kids.

When I applied with my master's degree and doctorate, and my Florida teaching license, they said my charter school experience did not meet their 'recency' requirement and I would have to go to K-State for year if I wanted a Kansas license. So I had to take a $24,000-a-year job... meanwhile Randy Wiseman has this as his assistant principal.

bankboy119 9 years ago


Teaching in Kansas won't get you much more than that.

just_me 9 years ago

mkhawk- 'this' is a good person who made a tough mistake. I'm sure that someone with your education must have more facts than those in that little blurb in the JW, because no one with your degrees would ever pass judgement on someone based on so little. I know it takes A LOT of work to get your masters and doctorate. You must be very proud of yourself. It certainly sounds like it.

paladin 9 years ago

jayhawken-Yes, of course. Growth and learning are unpleasant at times and not always sugar-coated. And things aren't always as they seem. In fact, maybe, they rarely are. Always look beyond the surface of things. Certainly things you read in newspapers and the haggard photo of someone, forlorn and beaten down at the moment, you might see on TV. Congratulations. You're on the right road and you're on your way. Keep believing and keep fighting for the things you believe. And never let anyone's anger or resentments or ill-will or selfish greed or seemingly more powerful ego deter you from your journey. Its a hard road and a long journey, but its worth it, in the end. The reward is to know yourself and to know, in your heart, that you are a good and decent person. To be someone who can look in the mirror without shame.

mkhawk 9 years ago


How many DUI's do you have in your past. That certainly contributes to alot of understanding.... degree of the school of hard knocks

just_me 9 years ago

No DUI's. Sorry. I have made mistakes though and it does make you more open-minded and compassionate I'm not ashamed to say. Gee. I wonder why you haven't had better luck with the job thing. You seem like you'd be great with kids. They never make mistakes.

paladin 9 years ago

The Quest

I've searched, I've searched the avenues of life, the pristine chapels, the Bowery flophouses. I've searched the Halls of Justice, on both sides. I've looked under the leaves and behind the clouds. I've searched through the rain and pain of forgotten memories, broken promises and shattered dreams. I've yearned for the answers to all the questions, some as yet unasked.

I've loved, the earth, the sky, and all the animals, and, I've hated myself!

I've dreamed, I've dreamed of dancing on moonlight and traveling to the stars. I've dreamed of worldly delights, while searching through the bars. I've dreamed of better worlds, with peace and tranquillity. I've seen the cold shoulder of inhumanity, and, Sometimes I've found it to be mine.

I've been, I've been in and out of jails, in and out of Hell. I've been ostracized, penalized, deluded, denuded, and institutionalized.

I've seen, I've seen the deathly gray pall of time passing uselessly by. I've seen the fire of a new dawn, when, Through an alcoholics' haze, I witnessed the birth of a new life, My own!

And now, I have seen --GOD-- and --MYSELF--, and, I am FREE, FREE to be ME

For those of us who "get it", no explanation is necessary. For those of you who don't "get it", no explanation is possible.

Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, Let thy kingdom come. Let thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth. Give us bread for our needs from day to day. Forgive us our offenses, as we have forgiven our offenders. Do not let us enter into temptation, but deliver us from error, Because thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever. Amen

Dazeddandelion 9 years ago

The fact that she was arrested the night before graduation says a lot to me, seeing as how she's the vice principal in charge of graduation. To me, that seems like a bad idea. If she hadn't gotten out in time for graduation, that would have been bad. And I agree, yes, it was on her own time, but she is doing the things she preaches against to students. She says that we are representatives of LHS whether we are at school or not...her actions represented LHS regardless of the fact that she was on her own time. The press coverage proves my point further. And I do find it rather amusing that she is the vice principal that busts kids for having drugs and alcohol at school...yet she gets arrested for having a DUI...hmm...dee duh dee...

truth_hurts 9 years ago

So....Ms. Enforcer...I like how you think you're on some pedistal. I think it's funny how you're app to get Jan Gentry fired. When you know damn well that your drug headed butt solicits young minors for drugs. I know who you are. And I know you need to quit. You talk about Role Models?? If you were really worried about teens and role models you should check yourself first there sister. Your children need someone that actually will be a mother. I feel sorry for your kids. With a drugie mom like so sad. If anyone needs a gut check it's you. You need help, MASSIVE HELP. Shoot I'll even drive you to the damn doctor. If I just got 382 kids out of LHS I'd want a drink too. All I have to say is that Mrs. Gentry you've done a great job at LHS. Yeah want you did wasn't in the best of intensions but I believe you shouldn't lose your job over it. You weren't on school property, you weren't on the clock, you weren't near children. Plain and simple. And for you Enforcer....get a life. I real life. Take care of your kids. They need a mom. OK?? I'm out LJWORLDer's! Peace!

paladin 9 years ago

The pathology is scary. People create their own punishment and their own Hell on Earth. And often do allot of harm in the process.

cowboy 9 years ago

Having lost 3 elders in our family to drunken drivers there is no excuse for getting in a car intoxicated. no sympathy here at all , be a big girl , accept the long term consequences and move on.

paladin 9 years ago

Please get to a meeting or make an appointment.

whiteoleander 9 years ago

I'm enforcer's son dani and she does not use drugs my mom works a lot of hour to make shure we have all the things we need and she did not declar bankrupcy like you dad to beat the creditors. she pays her bills. you are just mad because you are not allowed here anymore.

ben_ness 9 years ago

enforcer wrote:

"although about 10 or so years ago there was some pretty good green- we called it choky green because it tore your throat up, but after you hacked a lung up you were relitivly high. I always liked redbud."

Unless I am reading this wrong, or if it isn't something she actually wrote, 10 years ago was the 90's not the 60's and her child who just graduated must have been in gradeschool.

Am I missing something here, enforcer? Did you smoke illegal narcotics when you were a parent? I think a simple, honest yes or no answer to this question may lend some credibility to your manic rants.

ben_ness 9 years ago

whiteoleander: how old are you? Has your mom spent any meaningful time with you to help you out with your grammar and spelling? Just curious.

Linda Aikins 9 years ago

OK stop it. This is not a place to air family dirty laundry. We don't want to "hear" it.

ben_ness 9 years ago

enforcer: yes I did but I don't have kids. At least I have the balls to answer the question. Once again, did you smoke pot in the 90's?

I have argued my point several times on this issue. Jan Gentry has not been convicted but has been charged. This is not a complex situation, enforcer.

You are armchair quarterbacking, and your inability to spell or construct a simple sentence doesn't exactly lend a great deal of credibility to your arguments.

In short, you are coming across as an uninformed, ignorant pundit. Not only are your postings obnoxious, they are completely asinine.

here is the link to Webster's Dictionary, do us all a favor and use it:

ben_ness 9 years ago


Don't believe I ever participated in discussions involving the fire.

"Innocent until proven guilty" is relevant to the current discussion. Don't you think it is?

ben_ness 9 years ago

enforcer: you still haven't answered my question.

ben_ness 9 years ago


Don't be jealous. Your short comings in your career are nobodies fault but your own.

ben_ness 9 years ago

enforcer: do you read what you have written before you post it. Your last passage makes absolutely no sense. If it is in reference to your question in response to mine, I did answer. You still haven't answered my question; a question which is very relevant to the content of your assertions.

ben_ness 9 years ago

enforcer: you couldn't be more correct, "school administrator arrested for DUI" is the topic. She has not been found guilty. I sincerely believe you are the only one struggling to stay on task at this point. Gentry giving breath-a-lyzers to under age students is completely irrelevant to her situation. She is a grown woman and should face the consequences, if she is found guilty; however, a verdict hasn't come down yet and any action to have her removed from her position is completely moot at this point.

paladin 9 years ago

You are in crisis. Please call and get some help.

just_me 9 years ago

To all who support either Ms. Gentry or atleast the notion that everyone can make mistakes and deserve the chance to learn from them with out 'dangling'-(incidentally- I would never even use that term when talking about Fred Phelps- who is the lowest form of human being- and to use it so casually in a situation where you know almost NONE of the details- wow!) Anyway, to those with open-minds and the abliity to see the good in people, keep fighting the fight. Unfortunately, there's no changing the minds of some of these narrow minded idiots. I'm signing off on this whole thing and heading out of town. I certainly don't need all the negativity. It breeds unhappiness. Just look at enforcer(and I am DYING to know who you are, so I can tell me kids to turn and run in the halls of LHS if they ever cross paths with you!) by the way enforcer, you must be VERY photogenic, because if an unflattering picture is all it takes to convict someone of a DUI, we are all probably screwed!!

ben_ness 9 years ago

tnuC: You sure sound bitter to me. If you don't like Lawrence then get out. It is a great place to live but there isn't much of job base unless you are a student. I left specifically for that reason. I now live in DC and am enjoying a very fruitful career, while I watch my college friends, many of whom have professional degrees, struggle. 80k is a good salary for Lawrence, but I am sure Jan earned it as opposed to buying it. What makes you think she didn't?

Sorry, I am a bit young to understand something said by Dan Akroyd and Jane Curtain. Perhaps you can explain to me how I am being an ignorant tnuC.

truth_hurts 9 years ago

enforcer's kids do drink...i've drank with them.

galpal 9 years ago

Jan Gentry simply made an error in judgement, if the charges against her even prove to be true. It's no reason to ruin her career, and shouldn't be a deal breaker.

ben_ness 9 years ago

tnuC: Then what is the big deal? Why do you say she needs to come back down to earth with the working class. She is working class. By the way, people don't get anywhere in life without knowing other people. It is called networking and is one of the core fundamentals of doing business. Knowing people, especially the right people, is extremely important if you are ambitious and want to climb the ladder. I don't think you have a clue as to what you are talking about tnuC. Furthermore, you don't seem to have the acumen or the intellect to have conducted international business unless you were driving a truck for KBR in Iraq. If I am wrong, please correct me. I am dying to know what kind of international business you did.

MerryPresent 9 years ago

I've got a kid in USD 497...Jan's arrest doesn't bother me any and if my kid hears about it, it won't bother her either -- my ex has had two DWIs -- we still respect him and we even ride with him too -- in fact he will be her Driver's Ed. teacher --

galpal 9 years ago

sybil, you are either Enforcer, or one of her kids. You certainly defend her a lot. One of Enforcer's favorite (and most transparent) tricks is to create new monikers to agree with her own posts, because no one else does. She alienates one and all under the Enforcer moniker, as well as the many others she has used in the past.

A poster with any other name spells the same.

With all those identities, I believe "sybil" suits you best.

A good lady MIGHT have made a bad mistake. Get over it.

janeb 9 years ago

The average wage in Lawrence is $8.50 per Hour.

The average cost of living is $15.00 per Hour.

Jan Gentry works 281 days out of 365.

Administrators work 6.5 Hours per day.

Jan Gentry's Hourly wage is $39.98 per Hour

Almost Double the average.

Twice the cost of living.

To expect for her to avoid driving drunk is not too much.

galpal 9 years ago

janeb was created sometime ago to agree with janniebullinlawrence.

Dazeddandelion 9 years ago

I will post again and say this much...I think that what she did was pretty messed up. I was a senior this year, and at the beginning of the year, we had a big senior meeting where she preached to us about not drinking and driving, yet...she gets arrested for a DUI?? Is this someone you really want to be setting examples for your kids? Personally, I think she's a big joke. And the fact that all of this happened the night before graduation is really messed up. She's in charge of graduation! I say send her packing. I know people who have lost jobs over DUIs, why should she be any different? Sorry, but I have no respect for her, mainly because of the fact that she's a hypocrite. She told us students the evils of drinking and driving, but she gets arrested for it. What's the deal with that?

ben_ness 9 years ago

tnuC: my apologies for being apologistic. Couldn't agree more with you on thoughts about Lawrence.

As for business, politics, ets. It will always be my belief that networking is one of the core fundamentals of business and is, by no means, selling out. Your last post leads me to believe that while you are a decent writer, you lack the ability to interact well with people, thus your bitterness towards those who do not lack that ability

paladin 9 years ago

Do all you strange people, with your perspective slightly askew and leaning toward the bizarre, know and are you in league with each other? Too many drugs in your youths? At this point, you are merely talking to yourselves. What's the point? What do you want? Validation?

paladin 9 years ago

In a word, four words, you and all you aka's, are miserable, pathetic, human scavengers. With no goodness, no light, no hope.

janeb 9 years ago

Good One tnuC. Too bad he/she/it will never grasp the concept.

GardenMomma 9 years ago

Bet you could have more than one screen name if you had more than one e-mail address.

DebaterDani 9 years ago

Okay, I'm SICK AND TIRED of hearing everyone talk about this. Ms. Gentry has been a mentor of mine since I was 7 and I'm 18 now. I graduated from LHS this year, and I was a graduation speaker, CHOSEN by her and three other faculty members. There is nothing like going into her office, both of you crying out of pride for each other, and having her congratulate you on something she says she has "the most immense respect for you for." She is a fantastic woman, and she is like a mother to me...What we as humans do in our free time shouldn't be viewed by the public, as it's none of their business.

Yes, she is an adminsitrator...

Yes, kids at our school look up to her...

but my question: weren't LHS students drinking before they knew about this?

I cannot tell you how many parties I was invited to this year, all having alcohol at them. Almost all of my friends drink, drive, and party every weekend. Do her actions change the mindset of children, no. Do her actions tell kids it's okay to drink and drive, of course not, that's ridiculous.

The only impact her being fired will have on the school is a negative one. She runs all over that building every single second of the day, putting things together trying to make everything PERFECT for the staff and student body. Now, after this is said and done, what do some of you have to show her for that? You write horrible things about her on a forum.


I swear, on my honor, pride, and sanity, that if the school board tries to fire her, you will see me protesting this, until she keeps her job, or is re-instated if they fire her.

I will not sit by while someone I admire more than my own mother is being sacrificed for something that doesn't affect our youth.

Let me just say one last thing:

Out of the years I have known her, not once did I know she drank, and afterwards, I didn't want to.

In my life I have taken one sip of a daquiri, never smoked, never done anything bad, and it's not affecting me other than me wishing I could make her life easier.

No one knows what she has been through as a person, and I don't think any of you care.

Well, as a recent LHS graduate, I have to tell you, that you need to start caring about this woman, because if you have kids that went to LHS and even still attend...she's the one looking after them. More so than their's Jan Gentry.

Please, just let her be in peace from this all...

Thank you.

DebaterDani 9 years ago

also, if I might add...

If you all are so freaking concerned with your children being affected by this, talk to your children. Don't get on a forum and post crap because you think your kids will start drinking because of her.

Do something for your own kids, because let me tell you, parents are the first role models for children. It's almost every day where someone says, "you're turning out just like your mom/dad" not, "you're becoming your assistant principal."

If you all are SOOO CONCERNED with how your kids will react, talk to your kids and see how they feel about it.

Most parents these days complain because they don't know what their child is doing or where they never hurt to ask a question.

So, I guess what I'm saying, is that before you come here accusing Ms. Gentry of influencing your children, look at your own actions, even if it's not drinking, and then talk to your kids. Teenagers know more than you think.

We are a mystery, but you all never take the time to ask us what we think about things, you just assume we are affected by everything. Ask us, don't assume.

DebaterDani 9 years ago

In regard to the comment about the "racial slur from the teacher from last year," This year, I have not heard one person say anything about it, once the seniors left last year, the story went with them.

I read what one of my peers previously wrote, but more than likely, and no offense, but this student was probably one who was on bad terms with Ms. Gentry. Enforcer, I am in fact looking at this like I would in a debate round, just so you know. This isnt' something an administrator should lose their job over, because trust me, I've seen worse.

Feelings aside, worse things go on in work environments that people are not fired for, and even though a work environment and an educational facility are different, it's her work environment that is being affected or not affected, either way.

Sybil says, "The fact is Ms. Gentry talks the talk but does not walk the walk. That creates conflict and warrants her dismissal. " I do not agree with this statement at all. It's like parents, who were drug users in high school, telling their children to not do drugs, because it could kill you and it's stupid. Yes, they know from personal account, but it's the same thing. A lot of students at LHS see Ms. Gentry as a parental figure while in that building, and even one of her daughters still attends LHS as a junior, well, now a senior. She is balancing dealing with family at work, and work at home, and it's hard. I've never seen anyone under so much pressure.

Fact still remains, that parents tell us not to do things because we are still children, and adults tell us to be safe, because we are only youth. Ms. Gentry is not a youth, and she can do whatever she pleases. She told us at that meeting to be safe and not drink and drive, yes, she did the very thing she told us not to, but when does an adult tell us to avoid something that they haven't done? Almost every adult tells someone to avoid something, because they have done it and know that it's stupid. It's about pre-emptive care. That was all that she was trying to establish...caring for your children in her work environment, our school. She was watching out for YOUR children, not anyone else.

In conclusion, I would just like to say, that in response to the comment about teachers with mental illnesses. A mental illness can be harmful to the students if left untreated, and if the school board finds that the teacher can be on medication to control whatever could potentially harm someone, than the teacher will stay in his/her position at the school. A teacher with a mental illness could be a potential threat to the kids at the school, as a teacher/administrator who consumes alcohol on the weekend is not. It's not the same, so please, dont' even try and compare it.

galpal 9 years ago

So who all will be at the board meeting to see that Jan loses her job? Enforcer, singlecandle, janniebullinlawrence, janeb, sybil, auricular eyes, Auri, and the others? Let's see. That makes only one person. It'll probably take more than that complaining. Anyone who supports Jan Gentry should email Randy Weseman and tell him they do.

DebaterDani 9 years ago

I cannot make it to the meeting, but I just sent Randy Weseman an email about this.

justsomewench 9 years ago

i still have yet to see under which KSDE or local policy an arrest (or non-felony conviction, for that matter) constitutes an automatic termination.

the best i can find is that certification may be revoked under KAR 91-22-1a.

so far, i'm not seeing how this yet justifies termination.

for the lynch mob: what law are you looking at?

homegrown 9 years ago

i just graduated from LHS this year. here is my take on the situation: -to the fearful "enforcer" mothers and their kind, your defense that "Gentry is a role model for students" is ridiculous. you are talking about 16-18 year olds. do i look to jan gentry, my assistant principal, as a role model? no. would i be more influenced by her if she were to come back to her job with courage and responsibility? yes. so, while you obsess over finding a policy to prove that gentry has to be fired over this...dont forget to check your own Little Timmy's closet for his stash of weekend liquor!
-in terms of the LJW/KCTV coverage..i think it's quite heartless and unecessary. However, thats the way it is, and everyone should expect that people in certain positions will get more attention for negative actions. we cannot blame the newspapers..take a look at society.

Gentry got a DUI. Lawrence Journal World and others made sure it was publicly known. Most would agree that she is good at her job, and her DUI situation has nothing to do with that. She was not drinking at LHS in her office on the job, and she had to face the consequences of her position in plenty of ways already. It will be a shame if Gentry is fired.


justsomewench 9 years ago

in the event that ms. gentry believes she is going to lose her position because of this incident, she could file a complaint through the human relations department, whic is the first step in filing a complaint of discrimination in the state of kansas.

as per their instructions for filing at

If you feel you have been, are being, or are about to be, treated differently from someone else in employment or public accommodations because of race, sex, religion, color, national origin, age (40 - 70), ancestry, sexual orientation, or a real or perceived disability, and the incident (s) occurred inside the city limits of the City of Lawrence, Kansas; you, your parent or other legal guardian, or an attorney at law, have the right to file a complaint alleging unlawful discrimination."

My best guess is that under the "real or perceived disability", she could have cause to file. If they (the lynch mob or the school board) "perceive" that she has a problem with alcohol that impairs her ability to make decisions in the course of her daily life, and are using that as a basis for termination, then alcoholism IS covered under ADA. ADA no longer considers alcoholism/addiction a disability, but it does provide protection in that employees are allowed reasonable accommodation and protection from negative impacts in the workplace by requiring the employer allow the employee time to seek medical assistance. In other words, active alcoholism (real or perceived) has protection from retaliatory employment practices.

the jury is chewing on the definition of "retaliation" in employment practices as we speak, but i think any employer is best off not trying that case in their own courtyard until a decision has been made higher up.

if ms. gentry were to file a complaint, a subsequent termation could, as i understand it, possibly be considered "retaliation" (negative impact), though it would be up to an unbiased mediator (the HRC, to begin with) to determine if the termination was for active alcoholism (protected under ADA) or because she filed a claim requesting a review of employment practices she's enduring (straight up retaliation).

i'm not a lawyer, but this is my best understanding of her rights under employment law. if there's anyone out there with better information, please do correct me.

just my $0.02.

Godot 9 years ago

I'm glad homegrown was grown here. Lets all hope he or she sticks around.

justsomewench 8 years, 12 months ago

observer, do tell about this "woof, woof" bit. this thread could use a good anecdote right about now.

DebaterDani 8 years, 12 months ago

Okay, when did this turn from Ms. Gentry to the identity of people who post?

Just wondering...

geekin_topekan 8 years, 12 months ago

Dani wrote;"We are a mystery, but you all never take the time to ask us what we think about things, you just assume we are affected by everything. Ask us, don't assume."

LOL!!Yes,the phyche of a teenager is sooo mysterious. Gimme a break. What are you doing up at 3am anyway?

paladin 8 years, 12 months ago

The psychopathology on display here is very interesting, but exceedingly dangerous and destructive. Projection, transference, defensiveness stemming from deep-seated guilt and low self-esteem and overcompensation and protection for a weak ego. Manifestations of underlying, prevailing, all-encompassing and overwhelming fear displayed in angry and violent overt behavior. Interesting, and frightening, but all too common, given the nature of the society in which we live. One reads about these sick people every day in the news and about the terrible harm their destructive behavior causes. One cannot communicate with them or reason with them when they are in a manic behavioral mode. Any attempts to do so will be fruitless and self-defeating and will likely be harmful to ones own stability. Associating with and trying to communicate with nuts will drive you nuts.

paladin 8 years, 12 months ago

observer-if you are referring to my comments above, they are not in reference to you, but to your nemesis of the moment. She is the one who is ill. You are the one in danger from her.

AnglNSpurs 8 years, 12 months ago

Do we all see what day it is? Why is this dragging out so long?? Cant you all just hash out your personal differances on another site, or grow up!

Ms. Gentry... a lot of LHS Alum and current students love you and support you during this time. After all WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES!

ben_ness 8 years, 12 months ago

Holy sh*t!! I can't believe everybody is still at it!!

ben_ness 8 years, 12 months ago

Observer, it does seem that enforcer has issues with Jan Gentry which go beyond just this incident.

Enforcer: do you ever find yourself trying to avoid stepping on cracks in sidewalks, washing your hands repeatedly, or compulsively opening and closing doors?

The answer to this question may help some of us put your blatant dislike of Gentry into perspective.

paladin 8 years, 12 months ago

400! Completed fruitcake with assorted nuts.

KansasPerson 8 years, 12 months ago

I don't know how much say Randy Weseman has in whether Ms. Gentry keeps her job or not, but if his opinion counts for a lot, then I'm afraid enforcer might have a long fight ahead.

And how do I know his opinion? Because he talks loudly in restaurants. I don't consider it eavesdropping when he was sitting across the room and we could still hear nearly every word he said!

Terry Jacobsen 8 years, 12 months ago

I wonder if the comments on this story would be different had there been an accident and someone had been injured or killed. I fear that even those would have varied, depending on the writer's relationship to the deceased. How sad. Truth should be truth, no matter who.

homegrown 8 years, 12 months ago

ENFORCER, I went to LHS...and Gentry does not walk around drunk. she conducts her job, and i guarantee you that the majority of the students at LHS would agree with me. Actually, I know for a fact that the students would agree with me. YOU ARE WRONG...which is something you can't seem to accept.

Normally, I would not even bother trying to argue against someone like you, but overbearing mothers are a pet peeve of mine.


DebaterDani 8 years, 12 months ago

yeah, I'm totally done with this thing, it's just the same people posting the same things, and arguing about the same freaking sentences.

It's been explained once already, and it doesn't matter anymore.

In response to an earlier post asking me why I was up at 3am, I'm 18, and I can be, why do you care?

Enforcer, I'm not seeing how I'm a faux friend, and how I have double standards. If you care to explain this to me, you have my email and my cell number. Use them, not a newspapers forum to trash talk me just because you're angry over something.

Plus, I didn't even do anything to you.

But, I still stand by my statements that Ms. Gentry will not be fired.

ForThePeople 8 years, 12 months ago

WOW Enforcer....looks like you have a bunch of buddies on this thread too. Apparently you not only get off on others misfortune....but, you seem to enjoy beating a dead horse as well!

ForThePeople 8 years, 12 months ago

Actually I'm getting my daily dose of amusement watching you make an a$$ of yourself!

Have you not figured out yet that you cannot "force" your opinion on others oh enlightened one?!

ForThePeople 8 years, 12 months ago

And....I do not have a mission on another thread, the only reason I logged onto that was to show anyone who MIGHT, have been paying any attention to you, that what you were spewing had no credibility whatsoever, since you STILL haven't verified where you got that information!

ForThePeople 8 years, 12 months ago

Yes, I'm sure your a very lonely person....and after all misery loves company....must be your mantra!

And as for my mission, perhaps I will just make discrediting your comments. my new mission. Although you do a pretty good job of that on your own, by posting outright lies. You appear to be your own worst enemy!!!

ForThePeople 8 years, 12 months ago

NO YOU DIDN'T!!! Since you seem to also have memory problem, here is what you said:

"managment is to oversee services, that is to say, individualized case plans, funding, human resources, billing, payroll etc. Upper tier managment attends countless and very dry training sessions on all the new mandates, srs procedures and implementation etc....... by state law Case Managers and above are never to do any of the hands on care associated with the Consumer, that is not them being high and mighty it is a mandate. The duties that are performed directly are to be done by PCA, Teaching Counselors and other support staff. SRS outlines the duties per State Regulations, that should have been distributed to you in a packet, if a packet was not provided; that may be a good point to bring up."

You posted alot of regulations with regard to abuse and rights, but I have yet to see the regulation which specifically addresses MANAGEMENT/ADMINISTRATION not being allowed to do direct care!
And since you can't find anything to copy and paste, you've obviously realized by now that you were caught, let's just say, SENSATIONALIZING things a weensy bit! If you had the courage to admit it....I might just revise my mission!

ForThePeople 8 years, 12 months ago


OOPS...looks like you gotta pull your foot outa your mouth once again....I don't work there and was not one of the folks fired. Nor do I know any of those folks!

But I do know quite a bit more than you about social services and state requirements therein! AND I have held management positions in the social service field. So I DO know that your statement posted is an outright LIE!!!

ForThePeople 8 years, 12 months ago

You know nothing about me....or my home life trends....but your postings on the other hand say more than I ever wanted to know about you!

If in fact you do work in social work, I hope your supervisors are reading your posts....I would not feel anymore comfortable having you do direct care with a member of my family than those that were fired at CLO!

ForThePeople 8 years, 12 months ago

Very Interesting....conservativeman!!! Not surprised at all....description fits the intelligence level!

BTW enforcer....enlighten us....what were you quilty of....she who casts the first stone!?

ForThePeople 8 years, 12 months ago

Observer....unfortunately Bert Nash doesn't have a padded room. Osawatomie state hospital would be more fitting for a case this severe!

ForThePeople 8 years, 12 months ago

OK Conservativeman.....looks like enforcer is unable to face the facts...wanna point us to the dirt on her so we can all be as "enlightened" as she is. are without a doubt the biggest hypocrite I think I've ever encountered. Only took me a few days to realize you are off you rocker!!!!

ForThePeople 8 years, 12 months ago

I do remember hearing about that! And it fits....since she can't even control her mouth!!!

Why wasn't SRS called on her....seems to me she is an unfit mother? Duh...she probably is on welfare so, they already know her...perhaps child protective services should've paid her a visit?!

ForThePeople 8 years, 12 months ago

OH Enforcer....all you had to do was admit you mis-spoke and poof...I'd have been outa your life! Now I think I will utilize my newspaper time to make sure your stones are thrown right back at ya!!!

ForThePeople 8 years, 12 months ago

Well you are still WRONG!!! Maybe you should call CLO and find out for yourself!

ForThePeople 8 years, 12 months ago

Where are your children while you spend you entire day on the computer? Neglect!!!!

DebaterDani 8 years, 12 months ago

okay, enforcer isn't on welfare, so that question is answered, her dogs are well taken care of, and her pit bull didn't bite anyone, or do anything wrong. It just got out of her possession for a few minutes, and her crazy neighbors captured it, held it down to the ground with brute force, and called the cops over nothing, because they are rude.

now, are we all done calling each other childish names and accusing each other of being horrible parents?

seriously, no offense, but I expected more maturity out of adults.

DebaterDani 8 years, 12 months ago

yes, I know about C-Man, I too was on the other forum about Luna.

well, regardless, I agree that the talks from other forums should stay on other forums.

anyways, I might be able to go to the meeting if I haven't already missed it. I have accidentally deleted the email stating when the meeting for Ms. Gentry is, so could someone please be so kind as to tell me again?

DebaterDani 8 years, 11 months ago

I have to say that I agree with observer...this thread is way out of hand.

I'm not sure why everyone just keeps attacking each other on here.

This thread can be compared to road get angry at someone you've never met before for something that almost everyone does, and you probably won't see these people again, or you probably won't talk to them again. I hope that made sense...if not, then I'm sorry, completely ignore it.

What I'm trying to say is, can't we all just get along?

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