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Tax waste

May 22, 2006


To the editor:

Our tax dollars are being wasted. When Wal-Mart's request for the Sixth and Wakarusa store came before the Board of Zoning Appeals in September of 2003, it should have been approved. I was on that board and after looking at the information provided by both sides, there was no reason to deny it. Look at the tax dollars spent in blocking zoning because some people didn't want a big box store in that location. Wal-Mart sales bring a lot of tax revenue to the city.

Discussing the first attempt to pass the school bond with a school board member, the local construction industry was mentioned. The school board member said the bond needed to pass because local construction firms needed work. Are we paying more taxes to benefit educational needs of Lawrence students, or the needs of local construction industry?

At the last school board meeting, discussion included building a tower entrance to a high school gym to eliminate confusion of which door to use. One school board member's response was that we have the money, it should be built. Sure, money is available, because our real estate taxes were raised again.

I know people are starting to struggle with paying real estate taxes. Real estate taxes are a cash cow, because taxpayers don't have a choice on paying it. Raising sales taxes gives taxpayers a choice. With the cost of living rising, better decision-making is needed when spending the taxpayer's money.

Scott Henderson,



Richard Heckler 11 years, 6 months ago

Scott I'm with you on the sales tax vs property taxes. There was a time when the school of thought was sales taxes are regressive. Anymore so than than the inflated property taxes of Douglas County? Sales tax increase would probaly generate more revenue because everyone pays sales taxes. To the best of my knowledge tax abatements do not include sales taxes.

So I say cut our property taxes that we are forced to pay and increase sales taxes. At least we then have the opportunity to spend accordingly.

monkeyhawk 11 years, 6 months ago

When people stand on axiom rather than common sense, we all suffer. I'm afraid that the city is being held captive by fiscally irresponsibile spenders. My suspicion is that our community is viewed as an experimental ground for some on the hill who have managed to involve themselves in city politics. All one has to do is read up on the "smart growth" movement to see that infiltration is encouraged at city and county levels.

It reminds me of the ex-wife who frivolously depletes the support and cries to the court that "it is not enough. I need more." The only difference is that there is a judge who has the power to grant or deny those demands. The taxpayers are not afforded that right and unfortunately, we are seen as the cash cow.

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