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Academic focus

Rather than complain about the media coverage they receive, shouldn’t Kansas University officials work harder to highlight the school’s academic achievements?

May 22, 2006


Apparently, some at Kansas University are upset that a growing number of people on and off the campus are concerned that university officials are overly occupied with athletic-related activities to the detriment of the school's academic role and excellence.

This is understandable, and there is every reason for such individuals to try to promote the academic mission of the university and the many accomplishments of its students, teachers and researchers. Those denying too much time and interest is devoted to athletics suggest the media doesn't give adequate attention to the university's academic side.

This is debatable. However, it seems fair to remind these people to note the salaries paid to athletic directors and coaches compared to what the school pays its best and most talented professors or administrators. Also, note the expense and number of people devoted to telling the story of athletics at the university. How do these numbers compare to the media relations efforts to sell the academic/research side of the university?

Whether one approves or disapproves of the emphasis on sports and whether they think the media give too much attention to sports, isn't it fair to ask, if indeed that is the situation, couldn't the university do something about it? No one forces the school administrators to pay the high salaries or devote such resources and attention to athletics.

Maybe, rather than complaining about a lack of public/media attention directed toward the academic accomplishments of a university and its faculty, more attention should be paid by university officials to do a better, more effective job of exciting the public about the school's academic accomplishments.

Whose fault is it that the average citizen probably knows more about the records of KU's football, basketball, softball and baseball teams than they do about the academic achievements of the school, the names of the school's deans, the names of the school's distinguished professors or the amount of research dollars the university attracts?


pundit 10 years ago

"Whose fault is it that the average citizen probably knows more about the records of KU's football, basketball, softball and baseball teams"

Oh, I don't know........maybe it is the newspaper that publishes over six full pages of sports and entertainment a day instead printing the same on"the academic accomplishments of a university and its faculty"

KWCoyote 10 years ago

Or it could be that the meat-head businesspeople that the university fund-seekers curry favor with prefer sports to topics that involve big words.

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