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Old home town - 100 years ago today

May 20, 2006


From the Lawrence Daily World for May 20, 1906: "At the 34th annual commencement of Kansas University, June 6, degrees will be conferred upon 275 young men and women. This is by far the largest class ever graduated from the university. Nearly half of that number will come from the college, 124 in all. The medical school will confer 66 degrees. There will be 16 law degrees. : Natural gas is proving to be a tremendous boon to women, who no longer are forced to toil in hot kitchens with wood and coal stoves. This also helps keep houses from overheating. : A local scientist has predicted that the world will last a hundred million years longer. Mighty few of us would be personally affected if he had cut out the million. : A Eureka Springs lawyers has been arrested for committing highway robbery. That is a departure from the time-honored method of holding up clients in his private office. He instead chose to go out onto the highways to do business."


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