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Cops’ marks big milestone

May 20, 2006


Featured on back-to-back episodes of "Cops" (Fox): a speeding car stuffed with marijuana (7 p.m.), Tasers and lasers (7:30 p.m.). Tonight's second episode marks the 650th episode of this long-running series. To put that into perspective, "That '70s Show" debuted in 1998 and just bowed out with its 200th episode, so "Cops" has presented more than three times that many since first airing March 11, 1989.

A child born that day would be old enough to drive in most states. Let's just hope she isn't speeding along a back road with a busted taillight, or weaving down the highway with his eyes pixilated and the radio playing, "Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?"

¢ In 2005, filmmakers Jon Alpert and Matthew O'Neill were given complete access to a military hospital in Iraq's protected Green Zone. The result is "Baghdad ER" (7 p.m. Sunday, HBO).

According to "ER," more than 90 percent of all wounded Americans survive, the highest rate ever recorded during wartime. But "ER" also offers a harrowing look at the costs of war. Scenes of amputations and of severed limbs being tossed into plastic bags were simply too graphic and grim for me.

¢ The latest wrinkle in the curdled "Real World" formula, "SuperGroup" (9 p.m. Sunday, VH1), invites five hard-rock veterans (Ted Nugent, Scott Ian, Sebastian Bach, Evan Seinfeld and Jason Bonham) to share a lavish Las Vegas house. Or is it a lavish Las Vegas cathouse?

They have 12 days to form a bond and a band, name their group, write songs, rehearse and perform. Sounds like they have a lot on their plate, but some spend an inordinate amount of time fighting and going to strip clubs. "SuperGroup" is ludicrous, but that's sort of expected.

¢ "I'm Mike Wallace: A '60 Minutes' Tribute" (6 p.m. Sunday, CBS) looks back at the career of a journalist who has been a familiar face to TV viewers since 1949. "I'm Mike" includes interviews with the famous and infamous - from Johnny Carson to Ayatollah Khomeini.

Today's highlights

¢ Kevin Spacey hosts the season finale of "Saturday Night Live" (10:30 p.m., NBC), featuring musical guest Nelly Furtado.

Sunday's highlights

¢ Marge and Homer share marital advice on the season finale of "The Simpsons" (7 p.m., Fox).

¢ The neighbors move on and look back on the two-hour season finale of "Desperate Housewives" (8 p.m., ABC).


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