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Taco John’s robber misses sentencing

May 18, 2006


A man convicted in a robbery earlier this year at a local Taco John's restaurant disappeared this week shortly before he was due in court for sentencing.

Michael Scott Moreno, 19, was out of jail on bond and was due in Douglas County District Court Wednesday morning to be sentenced. But on Tuesday, his parents reported him missing to Lawrence Police, and on Wednesday he failed to appear for sentencing.

Police said there were indications he may have been using someone else's identification to leave town and get to the West Coast.

He entered a plea in connection with a Jan. 4 holdup at the Taco John's at 1626 W. 23rd St. Police said he and a 16-year-old Leavenworth County boy were suspected of putting on ski masks and using BB guns to rob the store.


Mike Birch 12 years ago

Left town just before sentencing huh! Now that

couldn't happen! Good morning Marion!


four20 12 years ago

yall must not know him as well as i did. yeh he ran but you know what, stop judging people for what they do.... he was about to get a long time in prison.

Confrontation 12 years ago

If you can't judge a criminal, who can you judge?

daddax98 12 years ago

"stop judging people for what they do" that is the ONLY reason to judge someone

xenophonschild 12 years ago

A guy I escaped with from Lansing in '81, and who later escaped from Jeff City in '85, has yet to be caught.

Maybe this kid can be as good, and as lucky.

yellowhouse 12 years ago

JUDGE NOT!---by Carrie Neighbors

iF you are criticizing others finding fault in someone else, You might be blaming another for what you'd do yourself,

Sit down and think it over, I am sure you will find Its not the other fellow, the trouble is yours & mine.

We need so often in this life a balancing of scales To see how much within us wins, and how much fails

Instead of watching others, judging their faults & sins Let us take a look at ourselves that is where it all begins

Jesus wants us to be more kind, to follow the plan he laid To be more understanding of the ones that are delayed

So Before you Judge another, just lay him on the shelf, It would be a splendid plan to take walk around yourself.

valermeow 12 years ago

agree with non urinal world reader

JimmyJoeBob 12 years ago

The funny thing here is he was probably getting probation and timed served until he decided to run. Now there is no chance he will get probation. Serves him right.

valermeow 12 years ago

actually you are dumb because he might still get it and he is coming home

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