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Moore won’t seek re-election with Sebelius

As No. 2 leader steps aside, governor looks for new running mate

May 18, 2006


— Lt. Gov. John Moore, a former Republican who switched to the Democratic Party to run with Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, announced Wednesday he won't run again.

The announcement throws some excitement into the governor's race, which so far has lacked many surprises.

"This is going to be a fun month," State Republican Party Chairman Tim Shallenburger said. "Running mates have to be chosen, filing deadline is coming up, and then it is off to the races."

Candidates must file by June 12 to run in the Aug. 1 political primaries.

Six Republican candidates are vying for the nomination to face Sebelius in the November general election. The major three candidates are Sen. Jim Barnett of Emporia; Ken Canfield of Overland Park, who is a writer and founder of the National Center for Fathering ; and former House speaker and former lobbyist Robin Jennison of Healy.

Sebelius said she would announce a replacement for Moore by the end of the month.

Long distance

Moore, 62, said working in Topeka while his wife of 39 years, Marty, remained in Wichita was too much of a strain.

" ... the separation from Marty and our home which has been the case for over three years has been difficult for me and has become more so the longer it has continued," Moore said in a letter to Sebelius. "Simply stated, I have decided it's time to go home at the end of this term."

The term ends in January.

Moore praised Sebelius' leadership and said he would be happy to help her re-election campaign.

He added that most folks didn't realize the dire budget conditions that Sebelius faced when she entered office in 2003.

"We had $12 million in ending balances when we came into office. Our ending balances are now $600 million plus with no tax increase, and we have made a substantial investment in K through 12 education," he said.

Replacement to be announced

Moore had informed Sebelius April 10 of his decision, but they decided not to announce until the Legislature finished its session earlier this month.

"She's been looking for the best possible partner for the state for the next four years," Sebelius spokeswoman Nicole Corcoran said.

Moore was something of a surprise pick when Sebelius, a Democrat, ran in 2002 because he was a Republican. He switched parties to join the ticket.

Corcoran said Sebelius could pick a Republican again.

"Party labels are not an issue," she said.

Moore said he would remain a Democrat.

He said whoever is named to the Sebelius ticket "has to bring integrity and a reputation that transcends partisan politics."

Democrats close to Sebelius wouldn't speculate on possible choices.

House Democratic Leader Dennis McKinney of Greensburg was mentioned, but he downplayed any consideration. Senate Democratic Leader Anthony Hensley of Topeka said he looked forward to helping Sebelius as a state senator.

"The bottom line is the first time she made a good choice, and I'm confident that she will make a good choice this time," Hensley said.

Bob Beatty, assistant political science professor at Washburn University, said Moore's replacement was an important pick because that person could become governor. If Sebelius wins re-election she could be in line for a federal appointment, a race for U.S. Senate or even part of a White House ticket in 2008, he said.

"The Democrats may want to look at the lieutenant governor as someone who they might be able to showcase and build up some credentials," Beatty said. He said one possibility would be Chris Biggs, the state securities commissioner who ran a close race for attorney general in 2002.

Ticket balance

Moore was seen as a savvy choice for Sebelius, who came from the minority party and whose experience was mostly in government as a legislator and insurance commissioner.

Moore brought to the ticket a Republican background, Wichita address and private sector experience from a key Kansas industry as an executive vice president with Cessna.

Moore and Sebelius had become friends while serving on a state board that oversaw programs funded through the state's tobacco settlement.

During his tenure as lieutenant governor, Moore focused on economic issues and spearheaded the state's efforts during the recent military base realignment round in which Kansas came out ahead.

"The economy is robust and our military presence in Kansas will see tremendous growth," Moore said.

"We're also on the verge of some real breakthroughs in lowering the cost of health care by cutting administrative costs," he said, referring to his chairmanship of the Governor's Health Care Cost Containment Commission.

When first elected, Moore also served as secretary of commerce.


johngalt 12 years ago

Robust economy? Nice try Johnnie Boy.

erichaar 12 years ago

"Corcoran said Sebelius could pick a Republican again. 'Party labels are not an issue,' she said."

Here's why Corcoran is correct: In much of Kansas you can't get elected unless you run as a Republican; it's that simple. Crafty liberals know this, and many of them run for office under the Republican Party even though they're closely aligned with lefty extremists like the ACLU, George Tiller the 3rd trimester abortionist, the Mainstream Coalition,, et al.

So whenever you hear the Kansas media referring to "moderate" Republicans, you can be sure there's a liberal hiding behind the Party name.

average 12 years ago

Chris Biggs is a helluva guy, from meeting him and reading about his accomplishments. Shame to waste talent on the Lieutenant Governor's job. My feeling is that if he's chosen, it means Sebelius is seriously interested in a possible 2008 Dem cabinet position, if not spot on the ticket.

GOPConservative 12 years ago


I suppose you would also consider Paul Morrison a "lefty extremist" because he switched parties to run against Phill Kline. Right?

The way big-government-loving, KGB-types throw around words like "lefty extremist" is laughable.

Right wingers claim to be "Conservative Republicans" but are neither "Conservative" nor "Republican." In fact, they have proved that they love any program that allows the government to stick its nose into our personal lives.

Instead of limiting the size and scope of government, they always end up supporting more enforcers, regulators, inspectors, prosecutors, prisons and jails.

If they had their way, almost everyone would either work for the government or languish in prisons at a cost $50,000 per year each.

With fewer and fewer of us who don't live off government funds, the right wingers are left with either having to raise taxes, cut essential services or borrow money to cover their fiscal foolishness.

Many of them pretend to be "Christians. For example, Jim Ryun has even talked in tongues at political rallies. Yet, we now know that Ryun would not have won his last two elections without tainted money.

As a further reward for his hypocrisy, Ryun purchased his home in Washington from indicted criminals for $100,000 below market value.

Along with other right wingers in Congress, Ryun has also shown a complete lack of courage. Ryun has done nothing to stop China's unfair currency practices. As a result, China is siphoning off hundreds of millions in equity from the Middle Class each year.

Ryun and other so-called "Christians" depend on communists and atheists in China to loan back money they essentially stole from us. Ryun and other right wingers need China's ill-gotten gains to cover their fiscal liberalism.

Right wingers like Ryun piss away a trillion dollars each year to the bottomless pit of tax-sucking monopolies that control Congress and the Presidency.

The monopolies in the military-industrial-energy-pharmaceutical complex could not survive without our tax dollars. These tax-sucking monopolies continue to exert greater and greater control over Congress and reward Congressional members by paying for most of their campaign costs.

It is time that REAL Republicans and REAL Conservatives throw these crooked and dishonest fake "Christians" out of office. We need to support candidates who believe in limited government, ethics and privacy.

If believing in free enterprise, limited government, fiscal responsibility, privacy and keeping religion out of government makes one a "lefty extremist," then count me in.

The government that governs least, governs best. We don't need busy-bodies like Phill Kline at the State level and Jim Ryun at the National level modeling America after the Soviet Union and Communist China.

We don't need their kind of "conservative" repression, fiscal liberalism and big-government totalitarianism.

erichaar 12 years ago

Some churn and foam when truth's revealed.

drewdun 12 years ago

Once again, thanks for setting us all straight, O Wise One! Please further enlighten us with your gooey bits of inside political wisdom, erichaar! Maybe you can be the next Dear Leader of God's Own Party!

GOPConservative 12 years ago


You will see more "churning and foaming" as more Kansas Republicans wake up to the truth and take back our Party.

Most Republicans are decent people. The group within our Party that seeks to pervert GOP values is small percentage and has way too much influence.

These GOP perverts will soon be relegated to the dust bin of history. True Republicans are returning to elected office even if they have to switch parties to run against incumbent right wingers.

Way to go, Paul Morrison and all the others who are running as Democrats. Getting more real Republicans into leadership roles is our best hope for extricating the pseudo-religious right from our Party.

Whether one calls oneself Republican or Democrat is no longer relevant. Freedom-loving patriots are united across artificial political labels.

They share a common goal of bringing America back to true conservative values such as limited government that serves the people (not the special interests), fiscal responsibility, privacy, and freedom of and from religion.

They are also united in seeking to increase the freedom to compete in a fair business environment. They want to see Congress answer to the people, not just the big monopolies.

Above all else, they believe in being moral and ethical people rather than defining morality as having only to do with sexual preference.

They are tired of right wing nut jobs acting all pious and religious just to distract us from seeing their greed, corruption and cowardice.

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