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Riot police contain anti-U.S. protesters

May 15, 2006


— More than 4,000 anti-U.S. activists failed to break through a barricade blocking the road to a new U.S. military base.

The demonstrators, protesting the expansion plans, were met by nearly 20,000 riot police with helmets and plastic shields. No major clashes occurred. About 30 protesters were detained for throwing dirt and stones at police, and three demonstrators and two police officers suffered mild injuries, Yonhap news agency reported.

For months, activists have protested a Seoul-Washington plan to move the U.S. military headquarters based in Seoul and some other bases to Pyeongtaek. Several villages on the outskirts of Pyeongtaek, a city of 360,000, must be razed for the base construction. About 70 households have resisted moving out despite the government's offer of financial compensation.


Richard Heckler 11 years, 11 months ago

Why do we need a new military base in South Korea? We need that money in the USA.

Why did Bush build a half a billion dollar embassy plus 4 new bases in Iraq?

Bush does not make neither practical nor frugal decisions it appears.

bearded_gnome 11 years, 11 months ago

seems, we're guarding the South Koren border better than our own! hmmmmmmmmm?

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