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Police respond to gunshots at bar

May 15, 2006


Gunshots rang out early Sunday morning inside the Last Call, 729 N.H., although no one was hurt and no one was arrested.

Lawrence Police responded to the downtown nightclub after someone fired several shots from a .22-caliber handgun, Police Capt. Ray Urbanek said.

The shots may have been fired after a scuffle between two patrons on the dance floor, Urbanek said. The bar employee who broke up the fight heard the shots as he was escorting one of the participants out of the club.

Police recovered several shells from the scene, but not before a rush of people fleeing the club created confusion.

"It was a literal human stampede," Urbanek said.

Police have no suspects at this time.


Rossp 12 years, 1 month ago

Even at his country bar he has thugs.....

Gabe Hoffman 12 years, 1 month ago

Actualy i can speak from experience here, it's not anyone's on here kids, it's the people from Topeka and leavenworth.

DGL 12 years, 1 month ago

Like the Police Capt. said, it was utter chaos. As I was driving by, people from the club were walking out around 2am and were all over the street, so I had to stop in front of the door to Last Call. Then I heard gun shots and 3 police officers were there immediately (within 10 seconds). It's not surprising that the guy got away because the cops were outnumbered probably 40 to one. A couple of the officers tried to set up a perimiter with their cars in the Borders Parking lot and the northbound lane of New Hampshire street, but the south side was completely open. That's where the police failed, in my oppinion.

Confrontation 12 years, 1 month ago

The bar does "pat downs" on every person who enters. I'm sure it's difficult when people are wearing baggy clothes or large coats. You never know where someone is willing "hide" a gun :) I bet inspections are easier at his other bar, where men wear disgustingly tight Levi's and button-down shirts.

gerbilsniper 12 years, 1 month ago

Haha, my best friend is a doorman there. He says they randomly beat up unruly patrons just for the hell of it with the intent to injur them..then they throw the bruised patron out the door and let Mil-Spec rough them up even more. These people who get unruly at Last Call usually dont come back soon.

muddfoot55 12 years, 1 month ago

I find it amusing that the online LJW ad for "The Lofts" goes like this:"Nestled in the very heart of downtown Lawrence, Kansas lies a very special place. A place that brings the harmonious blend of local ambiance and big city excitement right to your front door." No kidding! And I'm guessing they don't show those units late nite Friday or Saturday.

DGL 12 years, 1 month ago

It's alright...people want to pay half of a million dollars for an apartment and have the worst trash of Topeka and Kansas City parking their drug-and-gun filled vehicles there every weekend!

DGL 12 years, 1 month ago

Abe and Jakes changed their policy to only allow KU and Haskell students on the weekends. The only time Abe and Jakes has had any problems was when they allowed athletes from Kansas City in for the Relays after-party. What happened then? A war zone that spilled into the streets, with several people hospitalized. Last Call has not made any changes to who it allows in. Why? Because that place is jam-packed every Saturday night with gang bangers from Topeka and Kansas City. On Saturday night, Lawrence is their playground, and the LPD is currently neither prepared not capable of handling this threat.

underground_voice 12 years, 1 month ago

"Put your click up" hits home... Every bar has its problems but this is out of hand.

illegal drug use guns in the club the juice brigade in black 10-13 last call employees at risk

What needs to happen before Mil-Spec stands up and starts protecting something. They are so cute in their black cars, wearing their black outfits, and carring their black would think they are the thugs!

Last Call bouncers are "trained" to hand over the out of control patrons to the Mil-Spec officiers out side the door, but what are they trained to do? Watch and help the shooter get away? Or pile everyone up at the front door with their big silver barricade and let no one leave.

The girl that works at Last Call will be happy to tell you that "we pack at least 650 into this place every Saturday night." But how many are allowed into this club at once? I'm sure that is another law they strive to break. Perhaps during the remodel, Steffes should have put in an exit door, instead of a $10,000 DJ booth.

All in all, I think this bar is a joke. A ton of reasons come to mind, but one reason really stands out...with all that "pussy following, pocket lining, needle pushing" security, you would think they would be trained for something like this!

sunshineAT 12 years, 1 month ago

The place is so out of control! Gerbilsnipers best friend that is a doorman there is the same doorman that sits by the the mens bathroom door later on in the evening and "makes sure" no one is smoking in the bathroom...however, if you slip him the right amount of cash you can smoke whatever you want! As for the security training.....its a matter of being bigger than most of the patrons in there and you have the job, there is no training!!!!

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