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Web site caters to moms of boys only

May 14, 2006


Four years ago, Dallas homemaker Linda Marie Ford was sitting at the dinner table with her husband and her three children, all males, when one of the boys belched so loudly that the boy next to him laughed so hard that milk came out of his nose.

It was inspiring. It inspired Ford, 41, to invent a Web site.

The site,, is devoted to women whose offspring are all male.

"There's a lot of pressure when you're the only one in the household with an estrogen supply," she says.

The site has 2,500 members, who log on to read a weekly message from Ford and share their own stories about living in households preoccupied with video games and bodily functions.

One member recently posed this question: "What would you do if your boy came home with a hole in his body that wasn't there when he left the house?"

Ford, who refers to all of her members as "queens," got the idea for the Web site's regal theme when one of her sons, steeped in chivalrous language after reading "The Chronicles of Narnia," began answering any request she made by saying: "I hear and obey, my queen."

She liked the sound of it enough to go out and buy herself a tiara.


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