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Mumps cases near countywide record

May 10, 2006


The number of mumps cases in Douglas County continues to increase, creeping closer to the record for cases during an outbreak in the county.

According to the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department, 214 mumps cases are confirmed or considered probable in the county.

The record is thought to be close to 270 cases countywide in 1989.

The number of mumps cases has increased statewide as well. There have been 528 confirmed or probable cases in 54 Kansas counties, according to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

The state also is investigating an additional 89 patients with potential symptoms of mumps.


gr 11 years, 11 months ago

I sure would like to know why in all these "news" stories on such a threatening disease as mumps (?!), I have found no comparison of those who got mumps as to whether they were or were not vaccinated. Is 214 within range of those who were not vaccinated. Probably, but it would be nice to see these things rather than emotional disaster run rampant stories.

Another interesting view would be to project expected cases based on percentages of non-vaccinated individuals and probabilities of they making contact with each other. Something tells me, the words, "outbreak" and "epidemic", would not be descriptive.

Without the comparisions, this looks like some sort of coverup that vaccines are not working. Most likely.

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