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Jets survive Clippers comeback, 11-10

May 10, 2006


It took the 8U Douglas County Amateur Baseball Assn.'s Jets and Clippers a couple of innings to get back into the swing of things after a half a week's worth of rained-out practices.

But once the two clubs got going, it nearly took extra innings to decide the winner. But the Jets prevailed 11-10 in the eight-inning contest at Youth Sports Inc.

The Jets helped themselves to an early lead with two runs in the first inning and another score in the second.

It was in the third inning, though, that they secured their victory by plating five runs. Joel Otto, Brendan Goscha, Jacob Morgison, Jack Flynn and Nyle Anderson each had hits that sent their teammates sliding in the mud to home plate and put the team ahead 8-0.

Otto said his double gave him hope of progressing his the game this season.

"I'm looking forward to hitting a home run out if the ballpark," Otto said.

While Otto and his teammates seemed on their way to a dominating victory, the Clippers barely flinched.

The Clippers scored two runs in the top of the fourth inning, but finally hit their mark in the seventh when Christopher Toalsen smacked a home run.

Clippers coach Bob Pechal gave credit to the Jets for a fascinating night at the ballpark.

"It was an exciting eight innings," Pechal said. "Both teams played great, and the Jets came out on top."

The Clippers head into the dugout after their sixth-run seventh inning against teh Jets on Friday at Youth Sports Inc.

The Clippers head into the dugout after their sixth-run seventh inning against teh Jets on Friday at Youth Sports Inc.

Cheers erupted from the dugout each inning as both teams tried to energize themselves in hopes of finding an offensive spark.

The Clippers connected in the fourth inning with singles from Peyton Habiger and Mikey Corbet.

With two runs under their belt the Clippers found the inspiration they needed two innings later and came back to score six runs in the seventh inning.

Corbet hit a double that sent Grant Stoppel home. Then came Toalsen's resounding hit that sent him flying over first, second and third bases and rounding home.

Pechal said the speed of Toalsen's home run took even him by surprise.

"It was exciting," Pechal said. "He hustled around before they (the Jets) could get the ball in play."

The Clippers' six runs in the seventh put them in a position to compete the win.

But the Jets proved they were up to the challenge when they tallied another run in the bottom of the eighth - all the advantage they would need after two hours of play.

"We just told them to have fun," Pechal said. "In the sixth inning they really did that and came alive and got excited."

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