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Highlights from the Kansas Legislature

May 10, 2006


Highlights of Tuesday's activities at the Kansas Legislature:

¢ A $541 million school finance plan won Senate approval on a 21-18 vote, shortly after the House approved the proposal 66-54. The bill goes to Gov. Kathleen Sebelius.

¢ The Senate voted 30-8 for compromise legislation allowing limited access to information about those issued concealed gun permits; the House rejected it and sent it back to negotiators.

¢ A proposed ban on human cloning remained a big issue for House-Senate negotiators as they attempted to work out their differences on budget issues. The House wanted an anti-cloning provision in the year's last spending bill, while senators sought to have the issue studied more.

¢ Legislative leaders still hoped to pass a compromise version of Sebelius' proposal to phase out property taxes on business machinery and equipment, though some lawmakers thought it would cost cities and counties too much money.

¢ On a vote of 75-45, House members approved a massive bill rewriting ethics and elections laws. It would require timelier disclosure of some campaign contributions.


¢ Victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and similar crimes couldn't be fired or reprimanded by their employers for taking time off to deal with their situations under a bill clearing the Legislature.

¢ Wine could be served at the Kansas State Fair and flow in and out of the state in greater volume, thanks to a bill lawmakers sent to the governor.

Clock is ticking:

Tuesday was the 92nd day of the session, out of 90 scheduled.


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