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Health agency will discuss gasoline leak

May 10, 2006


Representatives from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment will answer questions from neighbors tonight concerning a gasoline leak suspected of causing a fire at an Old West Lawrence home.

The public meeting comes as KDHE workers continue to investigate the leak that originated from now-removed underground gas tanks at the Presto Convenience Store, Ninth and Louisiana streets. The now-razed house stood to the east along Louisiana.

Trenches will be installed next to the station and will allow crews to continue to remove gas from soil, KDHE reported Tuesday.

Tests are no longer detecting gas fumes in the sewers near the area.

The meeting for area residents will begin at 7 p.m. on the second floor of the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department, 200 Maine, Suite B.


ASBESTOS 12 years ago

Great! THe Kansas Department of Hipocracy and Excuses (KDHE) is now going to "exolain it all away". This is their pattern; screw up, don't enforce regulations, let your uneducated and untrained minions out to lie and misinform, get into a very large visible screwup, then hold a press conference to offer unchallanged excuses on KDHE's lack of professionalism, ethics, and judgement.


Where the heck is EPA Region 7? How blind can they be?

Any first year environmental tech or professional knows how bad this is on the part of KDHE.

A house blew up because they did their job totally inadequately. Lots of contamincation because laws were not enforced nor was competent oversight provided.

NOW we get a public meeting to provide BS answers. I want all the environmental consultants to show up at this thing and hold these DA's accountable.

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