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Firecrackers sizzle in win over Fireballs

May 10, 2006


In U10 girls Recreation soccer it isn't always about winning or losing, but it is about playing well. The teams don't usually keep score of matches and focus on improving skills and teamwork in young players rather than winning games.

On Saturday the U10 Fireballs and Golden Firecrackers brought the heat to their afternoon match-up on a particularly balmy day. The Firecrackers kept warm by securing plenty of goals to give themselves the upper hand. The Firecrackers walked away from the game victorious, 5-2.

For Firecrackers head coach Lee Reussner, the game was a labor of love. Reussner started coaching soccer seven years ago when his daughter first started playing and has continued ever since. He said he is rewarded with all his years of work in watching his young players develop.

"I just enjoy watching the girls learn and improve," Reussner said.

The Firecrackers seemed to enjoy their game and pushed through with plenty of shooting energy for the first of the team's five goals in the first half. Firecracker Heidi Dumesich swiftly connected on the corner kick to assist her team in opening up its scoring.

Dumesich proved to be a challenge for the Fireballs, scoring two of the Firecrackers' five goals of the game.

Golden Firecracker Heidi Dumesich inbounds the abll Saturday against the Fireballs. Dumesich's two goals helpd the Firecrackers win 5-2.

Golden Firecracker Heidi Dumesich inbounds the abll Saturday against the Fireballs. Dumesich's two goals helpd the Firecrackers win 5-2.

"My favorite part was definitely scoring my two goals," Dumesich said. "We also did a good job passing. Our team did good, everyone had good teamwork."

Dumesich and her teammates attempted to deflect every chance the Fireballs had at scoring by pushing them out to the sides and loosening their defense. The Firecrackers shot in their five goals before the Fireballs had a chance to retaliate.

The Fireballs did find a way to sneak past the Firecrackers' defense. The team shot the ball into the net so fast it slipped out of the Firecrackers' goalie's hands and slapped the back of the net. Minutes later the Fireballs sunk in their second and last goal of the game, leading to cheering from the crowd on hand.

Reussner said he was proud with his team's effort and is looking forward to wrapping up the season in two weeks. Before the summer hits and soccer ends for the Firecrackers, Reussner said he has a few more goals of his own to work on.

"We just want to continue to have fun together and play better together," Reussner said.

Dumesich said she was looking forward to the end of the season for a whole other different reason: making the trip to visit her cousin in Australia. She said even though the season will be over by the time of her trip, she is still looking forward to kicking some balls around with her cousin on vacation.


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