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Police search Yellow House in stolen goods investigation

May 9, 2006


Police searched a local used appliance shop again Monday as part of a stolen property investigation.

But a shop owner said the search was police harassment aimed at closing the business.

Police Sgt. Michael Monroe, along with police detectives and officers, examined financial documents in the Yellow House Store, 1904 Mass., seeking records about a stolen air compressor apparently sold there sometime during the past month.

Monroe said the search was not connected to a previous probe into possible stolen goods bought and sold at the store.

"This isn't exactly related," Monroe said.

On Dec. 2, police raided the store and the home of its owners as part of a fencing ring investigation police at the time labeled one of the largest, most sophisticated operations in the city.

But Monroe said the search warrant served Monday focused purely on financial documents related to a separate stolen property probe and did not involve merchandise currently in the store.

Carrie Neighbors, who owns the store with her husband, Guy, said the store bought the air compressor before finding out it was stolen. She said a man came in and sold the compressor seemingly without issue until the man's father reported the item stolen.

Neighbors said she considered the search warrant and scrutiny of the store's books harassment by police.

Carrie Neighbors, left, co-owner of The Yellow House Store, 1904 Mass., and her attorney Sarah Swain visit outside the store Monday. Lawrence Police served a search warrant after the store bought an air compressor without incident before finding out it was stolen.

Carrie Neighbors, left, co-owner of The Yellow House Store, 1904 Mass., and her attorney Sarah Swain visit outside the store Monday. Lawrence Police served a search warrant after the store bought an air compressor without incident before finding out it was stolen.

"They're trying to put us out of business," Neighbors said.

Sarah Swain, the Neighbors' attorney, sat with police as they examined the store's financial records.

Swain said police were simply grasping at straws, trying to find new clues in a fencing investigation that has been stalled for months.

"They have no evidence of crime being committed," Swain said. "It's a waste of taxpayers' money."

Since police served an initial search warrant on the store Dec. 3, police have not had much contact with the Neighbors except to return merchandise and documents seized in the raid, Carrie Neighbors said.

Last month, fliers appeared around the city, claiming police had posed as Federal Bureau of Investigation officials when conducting interviews regarding the fencing probe.

The fliers asked those with information about the case to call a number, which then linked to a police detective's cell phone.

Police denied they had posed as federal agents, and Swain said that she met with both FBI officials and Lawrence Police and determined that the FBI was not involved in the investigation.


doc1 12 years, 1 month ago

I'm sure it won't be long before these criminals are out of business. I hope the city seizes the assets on unethical business people like this. It's easy to deflect and say the police are picking on you when you know they (Police) aren't about to give up what they have to the newspaper. Keep deflecing yellow house. Proof is on its way.

mutpuppy 12 years, 1 month ago

Doc you must be a little confused. This article doesn't mention that any crime is even being investigated. They are just trying to find something that some guy brought into the yellow house and sold. The Yellow House did nothing wrong. They didn't find out it was stolen until the guys dad went to the police after the fact. No crime there. So my question to you is proof of what?

I agree with the owners and their attorney in that the police are just trying to intimidate them by coming to their store for tiny stuff... What police department sends a handful detectives to serve a warrant to try and recover a piece of stolen property....? Usually if you report something stolen to the police, they take your information and that's it. They don't send detectives out and spend hours trying to hunt down your stuff.

I guess since the police are giving back the ownders things that they seized back in December, they must not have been STOLEN! Duh...

Linda Endicott 12 years, 1 month ago

I noticed that bit of info in the article, too, mutpuppy. The police definitely wouldn't have returned items if they had been stolen.

Here's a question for you all: if someone sells something to you, how are you supposed to know if it's stolen or not? Are we all supposed to look at police records now, to see what has been reported stolen?

reality 12 years, 1 month ago

Unfortunately, I would have to side with the police department on this one. I had a saddle stolen, and I know that I used that saddle on a Saturday for a trail ride, the saddle was stolen between Saturday evening and Monday mid-day. The saddle ended up being sold to Yellow House, who in turn sold it to someone that trail rides and I saw it, and got it back. Through the process of getting MY property back, the Sherriff's department asked for Yellow House's help in locating the person that sold them the saddle, they "couldn't remember" and in addition to that, their paperwork showed that they had bought my saddle 4 days before my saddle was even stolen. So, I would have to agree with the police department, and I too hope that they get shut down, or maybe if something of theirs was stolen and sold a few times they might be more sympathetic to hard working people that actually WORK for their property!!!

greyhawk 12 years, 1 month ago

So, where does the buck stop at this point, Ron Olin or Charles Branson? I have no idea whether there is reason to suspect illegal activity at/through the Yellow House but our government either needs to charge YH owners with a crime or leave them alone.

mutpuppy 12 years, 1 month ago

The Yellow House gave the police the information on the guy that sold them the stolen property. If it were my business, I wouldn't give out the names of people who I sold the stuff too... so that the police can go harass my customers. Besides, I don't think walmart or game stop keeps the names and address of everyone they sell something to. You keep the information of the person you buy it from. The pawn shops just give you a receipt when you buy something....they don't take your name and address! As much as they sell in one week, how are they going to remember every single person they sold something too? What if they had taken the item back from the person who bought it... then that person is out their money and their item. The right thing to do is go after the person who stole it and get money to get a new one.

Shane Garrett 12 years, 1 month ago

Zieg Heil! Vere are zee Papers?! Ve must Have zee Papers!

monkeywrench1969 12 years, 1 month ago


you are incorrect. The pawn shops take your name address and an id when you pawn stuff and they keep decent records. They are also governed by city laws that do not apply to Yellow House and that is part of the problem. It is not about the person who purchases the item it is about the person who sells it to the business, common sense would tell you they are the one who stole it or got it from the person who stole it.

What I got from the article was a new case came to light and rather than cooperating with the case the cops were required to get a search warrant for their records.

mutpuppy 12 years, 1 month ago

Monkeywrench you are not correct. I said that the pawn shops do not keep records of who they sell stuff too. the police were at the yellow house because they wanted to know who the yellow house sold the stolen item too. They (The yellow house) also keep records of everyone they buy something from. Just like a pawn shop. They are not required to hold it for so many days because they do not pawn. Regardless, not the yellow house, nor the pawn shops keep records of who they sell things to. Just who they buy them from.

yellowhouse 12 years, 1 month ago

I just want to clearify a couple of things. First of all the person with a saddle must be from another planet because I have not had a saddle in my store in over 12 years! And I have only sold 2 saddle's in the 24 years I have been in business and neither was stolen! second this search warrant was served on me because I bought a $30 compressor from a guy four months ago! He stole it from his fatherinlaw. I wanted to do the right thing so I gave the police the guys name, address, phone number, I.d., and signiture that he signed stating the item was not stolen. What I got in return was a search warrant slapped in my face! So tell me where is the crime i commited? Why arent the police making him make restitution for the item he stole? I even have to wonder if the police served a search warrant on him too? (probably not) They are looking for the person I sold the compressor to 3 months ago. Could you go into any other store in this town and expect them to show you who they sold something to? and why would it matter, ITS GONE! It would cost $50 to replace it because it was a cheap no name brand 2 gallon piece of sh*t! You want to say it was worth the time of the Judge, 3 cop cars and 5 officers? You people are the tax payers so you tell me! Anyone who sells their stuff at the yellow house knows the drill! You are asked point blank if its stolen, you have to fill out paper work, and you are recorded. If the police need me to do anymore research than that then they need to give me a badge and a salary and I will go out and investigate each person's story of how they got their item.

Linda Endicott 12 years, 1 month ago

I've bought stuff at Yellow House before, and I don't recall ever having to give my name or address to buy anything.

mutpuppy 12 years, 1 month ago


cowboy 12 years, 1 month ago

Olin should have to answer for this , where is the oversight responsibility in Lawrwence ? Is the trading post or LJW responsible if someone sells a stolen item thru thier ads ? Its a legal biz and the LPD should quit harrassing them. Try getting the drug dealers out of Lawrence , now theres a thought !

OldEnuf2BYurDad 12 years, 1 month ago

I bought a belt for my dryer at Yellow House. It was in it's original package, so I'm guessing that it was not obtained through the activities of an international crime ring.


My dryer is still working very well, but installng the part was difficult.

dozer 12 years, 1 month ago

I've sold stuff to the Yellow House and I was never asked if it was stolen. I also never had to sign a piece of paper saying it wasn't stolen.

yellowhouse 12 years, 1 month ago

Dozer--are you saying you sold the yellow house something without the paper work? Perhaps this is the clue the police are looking for! Perhaps you stole the broken dryer off the street and sold it to the Yellow House and now the police have you! Because You certainly took a check from US! your signiture, name and if you cashed it, with that now has your I.D. and banking info on it too! With your admition of wrong doing here-- YOU better watch out the Police will be serving one of their search warrants on you next!

yellowhouse 12 years, 1 month ago

enforcer-Police man- thank-you for your wisdom! I guess we should feel honored that it takes the police more time to investigate our business than it does to investigate all the murders in this town in the past 8 months.

We would lay low if we had something to hide! But we are an honest tax paying business and we feel we deserve the same respect the rest of this community has come to expect. (even if we are a bi-racial couple!)

Can you say the police have been upstanding? Taking our personal collection of guns and expensive jewelry without giving us a list or reciept for them, Claiming to be involved with the FBI as a form of intimidation, Serving 3 search warrants on us. When no crime has been committed, The police have said terrible things about us to the media and you are right- it was all in an effort to put us out of business and destroy our reputation! It had nothing to do with us committing a crime! Dont tell us to LAY LOW! YOU lay low if you have done something wrong!

GSWtotheheart 12 years, 1 month ago

I have two things to say and I hope Yellowhouse is on here. When I have called them I have been spoken to rudely (I think because I'm not a man) and have been condescended to, accused of dishonesty (those are pee stains! when they're not), and other things. Bad experience all around. I feel their store is ghetto and it has long been known around Lawrence (at least for the 10 yrs I have lived here) that you can sell your stolen stuff to them. Yes, you sign a form saying it's not stolen but you know what? People lie. And it is a crime to accept stolen property. It is called Receiving Stolen Goods. That is why almost every pawn shop in the country has police come at closing time (the police do it, the pawn shops don't ask them to do it), the police check the lists of what was pawned that day to determing if the things were stolen. The other thing I have to say & I'm sure this will make somebody suggest having my post removed, is that someone I know used to work for Yellowhouse driving their truck to do pick ups. And he quit because "Guy was always giving him bunk weed to sell." Now he is not right for selling weed, but I think it's funny that supposedly this is an upstanding business and fine community citizens being persecuted etc etc etc but SOMETHING must have gone on to get the police on their tails. I have not seen anything about drugs come out yet but apparently that was going on at some point. I say SOMETHING because there are what, 500 businesses in this town running legitimately and they are not being served with search warrants and stuff. I also hate it that when you try to sell them something say for $20, they offer you $10, are rude about it, and know damn good and well they are going to take what they paid you $10 for and sell it for $50. I hate Yellow House and will not even attempt to do business with them again. Now I am going to copy and paste this post for posterity because I bet it will be gone in an hour.

yellowhouse 12 years, 1 month ago

gswtotheheart. we are glad you are no longer bringing your pee stained items into our business. and as far as the WEED-- We have never sold weed to anyone--In fact if you can prove someone has bought WEED from Guy we will give you a $1,000.00 reward! Guaranteed!


GSWtotheheart 12 years, 1 month ago

I didn't say I brought pee stained items into your store. I said you accused me of the stains being pee. That is a ploy on your part to undercut what someone wants for their items that you are going to sell at a huge profit.

I also did not say anyone was selling weed out of your truck. I said someone who drove the truck for you quit because the weed he was being given to sell was bunk. Whether that is true or not, it was what was said which is why I put it into quotes.

Also, I don't have to step up or shut up whether you write that in capital letters or not. This is a message/opinion/comment board. It is an open forum where citizens are allowed to say what they want, vent, express liberal or conservative views, express opinions, be silly, be angry, etc. Of course someone can suggest a post be removed when someone's little feelings get hurt.

You seem awful defensive for an innocent. snort of derision

What I think is funny is like I said. If you are such a legit business, like the 500 other legit businesses in this town, then why are they not being searched and served search warrants and having items confiscated from their homes and offices.

Things that make you go HHMMMMMMMMMMMM

And don't get me wrong, I have heard of the wrongdoing by police. I have not seen it happen myself and have not heard from a single person in person who has had something happen to them that was unwarranted. So to me that makes that hearsay but I see how everyone is allowed to talk about that and you don't verbally attack them.

Your attempt to intimidate me with all caps is a sorry failure.

yellowhouse 12 years, 1 month ago

yes, I have definately noticed its all about them. But that is okay. The police have a very difficult and dangerous job. I do respect them, but I just dont feel sometimes that I get the same respect. Sorry for calling you a cop. I am glad you dont break the law. (with intent) or Use drugs, you sound like an upstanding citizen. we too are taking it as it comes, we did not ask for any of this, We would prefer to just be left alone, but you cant always get what you want in the life. If you have something to sell (as long as its not stolen) and you can show your I.D. you are welcome in our store anytime!

yellowhouse 12 years, 1 month ago

GSWtotheheart , sounds like you are being more defensive than us and we are the ones you are accusing of selling bunk weed! C'mon if you are going to slander us with drug accusations cant you at least say it was good weed? Anyway, I dont think it was overly defensive, If its true what you say then give me a NAME! Prove it and get your reward! What are you afraid of? Do you have something to hide? WHy are you being so defensive, are you the one that was selling weed from our truck?? and after your customers got angry at you for it being bunk you try to make it look like GUY was the one giving it to you? sounds like you have more to hide than we do. we are not hiding behind an anonymous name. because we have nothing to hide.

GSWtotheheart 12 years, 1 month ago

Big W for Whatever.

You misquoted me and I corrected your misquotes.

When the comment was made to me it was stated that it was bunk weed. Like I said, whether it was true or not that was what was said to me.

I have never worked for you and never would as I have worked at KU the whole time I have lived in this town. Plus like I stated before I think your store is ghetto and I don't like how you treated me when I tried to do business with you.

I don't care if you don't like what I said. I am free to say it. I don't have anything to hide. I can throw comments out about anything I like. This is a discussion board.

And once again your pathetic attempt to intimidate me even in small letters and not caps is a failure.

What I am trying to say and that you are not addressing is that SOMETHING has gone on or the 500 other legit businesses in this town would be searched and would be having things confiscated and would be under investigation just like you.

So boohoo. If you don't like how you are being treated (which has nothing to do with being a bi-racial couple even though that's the first thing that is always claimed) then move out of Lawrence and take that stolen property fencing operation with you.

I personally would like to see a roundabout with a homeless chorus line with unshaved armpits eating salamanders from Baker Wetlands while clog dancing and smoking hemp with the LPD on the unfinished trafficway than your store.

bankboy119 12 years, 1 month ago

"I personally would like to see a roundabout with a homeless chorus line with unshaved armpits eating salamanders from Baker Wetlands while clog dancing and smoking hemp with the LPD on the unfinished trafficway than your store."

That would be pretty entertaining. But then I think those protecting the salamanders would get mad. You also couldn't do it on the "sacred" ground or else spirits may get you.

yellowhouse 12 years, 1 month ago

Well to go to prison you have to be guilty of a crime, Well anyway that is the way "tis" supposed to be. If we were guilty then yes we would sit down and shut up. But since We have nothing to hide we are finding it hard to sit down and shut up.

We are not drug dealers, we dont launder money or sell or use crack, we dont have delivery drivers selling bunk weed, infact our delivery service was sold five years ago. we have a dealership license to sell the few cars we deal in. We keep track of all the money that comes and goes in this store and we keep track of who sells us what.

On top of running our "ghetto" store that doesnt buy pissy items, we have passed a back ground check and drug tests for the past 8 years while doing foster care.

We have had SRS, KDHE, Family support workers, Case workers, School counselors, casa workers, and law enforcement officers in and out of our home on a monthly basis. plus had to complete 16 hours of training to meet the yearly requirements.

Police confiscated every computer we owned during the first search warrant and were not able to find anything even slightly incrimminating on them. I cant say the same for mister Miller--the murderer we were earlier compared to, because of our church affiliation. There is no smoking gun here, believe me if there was We would be charged with a crime and buried under the jail by now.

I may be dummer than a box O' Rocks, but I am not affraid to stand up for what is right. Even if it ment going to prison, I can look at myself at the end of the day and know I did the best I could do. Can all of you say the same for yourself?

Jesus said go to a closet and in private give him your prayers and He will answer them publicly!

My prayer is only for the truth! I am willing to accept his will whatever his will may be.

GSWtotheheart 12 years, 1 month ago

What this all boils down to is that SOMETHING happened that caused this. Yellowhouse can deny and misquote and obfuscate the issue with church and jesus references but if you are doing absolutely nothing wrong---the police don't generally bust into your business and investigate you and confiscate stuff. Get off your high horse. Your attempts to dissuade us are failing. Marion-I love you.

yellowhouse 12 years, 1 month ago

we have a very good attorney. She has given us excellent advice, and since she knows we have not committed any crime, she is totally comfortable with us talking to the public. Only true crimminals need to hide under a rock, and not testify on thier own behalf at trial. If you have done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about. (correct me if I am wrong) We are unique, our attorney even told us that we are the first clients she has ever had in her entire career that she has had to defend that was not charged with a crime. So if we talk too much so be-it! We believe God is our guide, and our strength, and this is all part of his plan.

THIS LIFE OF MINE--by carrie neighbors

This life of mine can nothing be, If I dont give it Lord to thee, For only thou can see ahead, How rough the way, that I must tread.

And only thou, new life can give When I Lord have lost the will to live, When hope has died and dreams have fled When O'er the wreck my tears are shed,

Oh take it Lord this life of mine Fill it with thy love divine for only thou dost know the way That leads me to that final day.

mutpuppy 12 years, 1 month ago

There is so much irony in the fact that all anyone can produce is hear say (about the weed and how they know you can sell stolen stuff at the yellow house), and the other person all they can say is they don't like the way the yellow house treated them and they hate the yellow house, yet no one has anything legitimate to say. If you sold something stolen to the Yellow house and you knew it was stolen then you're a criminal not the yellow house. And if you knew someone who sold something stolen to the yellow house then shame on you for not turning that person in, you should have spoke up when it mattered. Not even the police, after bugging their store, taking their computers and all their records can file one single charge almost 7 months later? Not one thing the police confiscated was reported stolen... Yet everyone is so sure that a crime was committed. I love how everyone cries "innocent until proven guilty" when it pertains to them, but can't wait to cast the first stone on someone else they don't like.

GSWtotheheart --you said that bottom line is that something caused the police to do this...And based on that statement you insinuated on almost all of your posts that due to that logic, they must be guilty. So much for innocent until proven guilty there.

Time is running out because as far as I know the police only have 1 year after serving the search warrent to file charges and half of that time is gone. When this is all over with, we'll see just how much can be proved... If the police don't have enough to prove it now and file charges, they aren't going to have it in 6 months... the case is stale and it's time for them to leave the yellow house people alone and go find the real criminals in lawrence... the child molesters, battery and assault criminals, the robbers, set up a sting and get all the drunk college students on the weekends driving around. putting everyone's life at risk. I agree with the attorney in that this is a waste of taxpayers money and I'm glad I don't live in Kansas anymore.

mutpuppy 12 years, 1 month ago

nope... don't live in Colorado... why that question?

Confrontation 12 years, 1 month ago

Ms. Swain, their attorney, is also an attorney on the Benjamin Appleby murder trial. She is the one who was recently trying to get off the case, since she was fighting with her previous attorney partner (also on the case) over advertising for their firm. She was a partner in The Advocacy Group, which is now the Swain Law Office.

yellowhouse 12 years, 1 month ago

Just want to say that defending someone who has CONFESSED to murdering a beautiful innocent young woman, cannot even begin to be compared with our situation. (just situation-cause there is not a crime here)

I would not want to defend a person capable of such a heinus crime either. And I would in no way judge her for not wanting to be associated with that case.

Maybe She has other clients that she feels she can help and would be better served if she were freed and no longer affiliated with that particular murder trial.

No one can know how she feels or what she is going through having to be a part of this persons DEFENSE! That doesnt mean she gives bad advice or that she is not a good attorney.

We did our research before We hired her, She is one of the best attorney's in Lawrence. She has given us excellent advice and guidance, as far as the split between her and her partner, there are two sides to every story.

Confrontation 12 years, 1 month ago

Hey Yellowhouse: You need to get off the psycho caffeine. Other people had mentioned wanting to know who your lawyer is, so I thought I'd give them some info. I knew Sarah waaaaay before you did, and before she became a lawyer, so I could make some comments about you considering her to be one of the best in Lawrence. But, saying anything negative/positive about her would in no way change the fact that you're making yourself look psycho on this board.

yellowhouse 12 years, 1 month ago

TO THE OBSESSED WITH THE VACUUMS PERSON-- the vacuums were old sunfaded vacuums that the vacuum store probably couldnt give away because they were in the window so long. Probabaly a very sorry sad hole in the wall store that cant pay thier bills so they staged the vacuums to be stolen for insurance purpose, now they are mad because instead of getting the insurance money they ended up with their outdated sunfaded vacuums back. That is what my guess is, but then again I am just the poor honest business that was victimized by the person that sold them to me as a legit sale.....sorry its not our job to police the community not sure what your point is--other than you are a crazy obsessed person expecting us to know if something is stolen because you think we are GOD or Maybe or have some kind of telepathic powers! Wow maybe you are actually giving us a complitment for being so allknowing and wise....

justsomewench 12 years, 1 month ago

Folgers can't do this kinda damage, Conf. Very strange...

dozer 12 years, 1 month ago

Yellow House - you posted "Anyone who sells their stuff at the yellow house knows the drill! You are asked point blank if its stolen, you have to fill out paper work, and you are recorded."

I'm telling you point blank, you never asked me if it was stolen, you never had me fill out paperwork, you simply asked my first and last name and put it on the check, you didn't record any of my information. Never asked for an ID, nothing.

Grandpa_John_Brown 12 years ago

Why the fuss that the police would try to entrap someone to sell stolen goods to Y.H.? That is unneccessary. All you have to do is tell Carrie that you will pay $100 for a $400 product and a brand new one will come in on her next shipment.

Before you defend Y.H., take the time to look at the new merchandise on the shelves. Sealed products with the Office Depot/Target/Best Buy/RadioShack labels on the box.

Wonder why the police haven't filed charges? Wonder why stolen merchandise hasn't been reported stolen? When Y.H. "contract employees" shoplift the merchandise, the merchandise (that goes on the Y.H. shelves) can't be reported by the store who lost it because they didn't see a specific individual steal a serial numbered product, carry it to Y.H. and sell it. Do you think stores track a serial number on every $60 software pkg? The police can't PROVE it's the same box - EVEN AFTER I FOUND MY OWN HANDWRITING ON THE BOX at Y.H..

Y.H. is operating as a LEGALLY unregulated pawn shop. Carrie is an EXTREMELY intelligent person on matters of law. The city needs to change the ordinance that allows unregulated pawn shops.

Don't believe me? Check with the Lawrence City Manager. Many local retail organizations (with easily shoplifted high dollar products) have found missing products on the shelf at Y.H. and complained to the police. Want more information? Ask any legitimate pawn shop owner what he thinks of Y.H..

Have a shoplifting problem at your own store? Do you want an incredibly low price on a hard-drive? Check out Y.H..

I wouldn't have writen this if Carrie would have returned stolen products to me; but as she stated - "I paid for these products in good faith that they were not stolen; how could I have known that I bought hundreds of dollars worth of new, sealed, and priced computer items for $20?" With the police standing next to me, she offered to sell it to me for a profit.

I don't know how you could know Carrie; maybe call Office Depot when someone brings in 12 sealed, labeled, and priced hard-drives...

Ever hear the one about the local man who found his stolen ring at Y.H.? Carrie filed charges against him and he had to buy his own ring from her.

I hope the F.B.I. is involved. I hope they know that Y.H. has a "branch office" in Topeka. I hope the city changes the ordinance that allows an unregulated pawn shop to exist.

To the police: Be careful and file charges only when the charges will stick or Carrie will do a nationwide dance on your reputation. Remember her grandstanding in the paper about the fireworks ban and how she sold fireworks not for profit but for the love of freedom. How and why would this brilliant woman invest $25 - $30 thousand dollars a year into products to sell at a fireworks stand only to make a measly $2 thousand dollars profit? Oh yeah - shoplifting, that's what cut into her profits...

Love and best wishes...

Grandpa_John_Brown 12 years ago

Carrie: I HATE THE IRS. Please don't start accusations against me in order to utilize another demagogue. But I must ask you... Do you feel like DARING ME TO PROVIDE INFORMATION about your fireworks profits?

Oh, and could you get me a new TREK bicycle like they have at Cycleworks? I would pay you $60 for it...

PLEASE TRY TO STAY ON SUBJECT - This has nothing to do with any real or perceived bias of police, race, freedom, pee stains, rudeness, drugs, RAVE PARTIES, or any other demagogue YOU bring up.

THE SUBJECT is your continued promotion and support of criminal activities and specific criminal activities that OTHERS commit for your profit.

Kisses and taunting...

Grandpa_John_Brown 12 years ago

Enforcer - Obviously you are unaware of the difference between shoplifting and a theft.

When you have hundreds of customers going through your store and at the end of the day you are missing several hundred dollars worth of merchandise, you call the police.

Do you have an SKU? - Yes; thats how you know you lost the product; BUT IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME SKU AS ITEMS THAT ARE LEGITIMITELY PURCHASED IN LAWRENCE, TOPEKA, K.C., OR NEW YORK. Think about it Enforcer - what does an SKU # PROVE in a shoplifting case? it PROVES nothing.

Do you have a specific missing serial number? - no, not on the majority of items. Did you know which of today's customers shoplifted the item? - no. OR Can you prove that you saw the same individual: pocket the item, leave the store with the item, get into their car with the item, get out of the car with the item, carry the item into Y.H., and Y.H. buy it? Confirming that specific item in their possession the entire time? No - that's not possible. But that would be PROOF.

All retailers are cognizant of the high percentage of internal employee thefts. That is the first place retailers look; yet internal or external, when the product shows up on the shelf at Y.H. a few hours later and the owners of an UNREGULATED PAWN SHOP are not required by law to provide the name of the REAL THIEF, the trail ends.

If you truly care, why not interview the owner of one of the local regulated pawn shops concerning Y.H.? I think you may be surprised at what you could learn...

Grandpa_John_Brown 12 years ago

Enforcer - I will let cooler heads decide as I would lay money that the Neighbor's are innocent of stealing. The problem lies within the system. I do whole-heartedly advocate a change in the city ordinance.

So how is the Y.H. branch in Topeka doing? Was it included on the search warrant?

yellowhouse 12 years ago

C'mon people get real! There is no way we could be committing all these crimes in this small town for 25 years and not get caught!

Especially when everytime anyone gets something stolen our business is the first place they check! C'mon people get real! We would have been run out-a-town --or gone broke years ago!

We run an honest business, and I have a lot of respect for all the honest people in this community that we have done business with the last 25 years.


When neighbors cast their eyes on me

I often wonder what they see.

A charming face, a crooked smile

Perhaps my clothes are last year's style.

Do they really see the me?

That shines within my personality?

Do they see my eyes that twinkle?

Or are they counting each spot or wrinkle?

They can't see me from within

But all can see just where I have been.

Words and actions are all a test

For others to see my worst or best!

The actions from my heart shall be

What others see from inside of me.

For each will judge me by my labors

Truth is friends you can't fool your neighbors!

by carrie neighbors

dozer 12 years ago

Carrie - Nice poem. Now can you answer my earlier post. You claim everyone who sells fills out paperwork, why didn't I have to fill it out?

Grandpa_John_Brown 12 years ago

Carrie wrote - "There is no way we could be committing all these crimes in this small town for 25 years and not get caught!"

Carrie; you poor dear, what specific crimes have you been charged with? Who is persecuting you and for what specific crime? Slow down on the diversionary tactics - remember, you are innocent...

You are an enabler of crime... You profit from the losses of others... You profit from criminal activity... You run an unregulated (yet legal) pawn shop No paperwork is required for you to purchase merchandise from your "contract employees" nor are you required to report anyone who does sell you stolen merchandise.

For 20 years I have known that you have a brilliant mind and have wisely used what Mother Nature gave you before Father Time took it away. It's gone now, please don't get ugly on the inside too. Please admit or at least understand that the police don't write the laws, they enforce them - popular or unpopular. The police never outlawed fireworks in Lawrence and the police have - for 25 years - protected your rights to fence merchandise because you operate within specific local ordinances. Your business would not be legal in other cities; enjoy the free ride Lawrence has given you.

Always remember that you have a friend named "enforcer" who has heard many bad rumors about you for years and still knowingly buys stolen goods from you, and will continue to support you and your activities even if you are found guilty of a crime... Unless of course, "enforcer" is busy picketing for the rights and release of a local assistant principal who did commit a specific crime.

See you at your unprofitable fireworks business. ;-)

Grandpa_John_Brown 12 years ago

"enforcer" wrote - Truth is even if Carrie is the biggest thief going she is still a likable person and that philosiphy seems to work for those supporting the Assistant Principal at Lawrence High so se la vie.

Grandpa_John_Brown 12 years ago

Enforcer wrote -

"Let's face it no one is totally inncocent, it's not like this is the first time anyone ever made the allegation and well some things are just known on the streets. I suggest Yellow House lie low and go slow."

"Never in my wildest dreams would I say any cop was upstanding. But really lets lay the cards on the table. You have in your time purchased stolen goods whether by error or not. You had throwing stars in your display case despite knowing they were illegal and then cried novelty items."

"I have heard much over the years about yellow house, but it never stopped me shopping there..."

and my favorite -

"I just saw Carrie in public over the weekend with her 2 foster kids and those kids looked happy, I would hate to think they would lose their home over inuendo and speculation."

Wow enforcer! - those police sure are bastards - no charges have been filed, yet you would have us believe that innocent children will be tossed into the street if you can't continue to buy new merchandise below legitimate wholesale prices...

justsomewench 12 years ago


i have no idea what you just said, but i'll take two of whatever you're on.

(especially if it'll help me get to sleep.)

dozer 12 years ago

Insiderinfo - wow, I am enlightened by your dictionary definition of police corruption.

How about this...

Paranoia: 1) a psychosis characterized by systematized delusions or presecution or grandeur. 2) a tendency on the part of an individual or group toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others.

shh...I hear the black helicopters approaching.

Grandpa_John_Brown 12 years ago

Should this specific thread have ANYTHING to do with police corruption?

Y.H. and it's owners have said nothing but compliments towards the Lawrence Police Department.

If you like Carrie and Y.H., read their public comments about the Police and follow their example.

borntobewild - change your name to freakydeaky and climb back into your yellow submarine... No one likes you or the 'me' generation; please don't take it personally; please don't go away crying - just go away.

yellowhouse 11 years ago

here is the true story. This story about the compressor is incomplete. This entire incident was a fabrication to make the Yellow House look bad! If you want to know the truth here it is:

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