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Children share the meaning of mom

Lawrence area students share what makes mom special

May 7, 2006


Students from the Lawrence area have shared their thoughts about their mothers through the Journal-World's essay contest. Two winners will be selected from the essays published in this special section and will be announced in next Sunday's Pulse section.

The winners, an elementary student and a junior high or high school student, each will receive the following: a framed copy of the May 14 Pulse section cover with framing courtesy of Framewoods; a rose bush from Pine's Greenhouses; an arrangement from Owens Flower Shop; a sterling silver Jayhawk Pandora charm from Etc. Shop; three hours of cleaning service from Buckingham Palace; and $25 gift certificates from Jewelry by Julie, The Painted Lady, Panda Garden, Plum Tree, DK's Statuary and Blue Dandelion.

Here's what makes mothers so special:


By Isaiah Hite

Lawrence Virtual School

Mom: April Hite

My mommy is nice. She is silly and loving. She takes care of me and she has a loving smile. She is special.

Second Grade

By Alisia Carr

Pinckney School

Mom: Tamara Laughlin

My mom is special because she takes care of me, feeds me, gets me toys and helps me with my homework and lets me play and watch TV. And she gets me new clothes for school. And loves me so so so much. And tucks me in my bed. And she gets me clean. And that's what my mom does!

By Elaine Harris

Cordley School

Mom: Lucy Harris

My mom is the best. Because she loves me and she takes care of me. My mom is cool and nice and beautiful. My mom has blond hair and blue eyes.

She loves to cook and clean. She comes to my soccer games. She loves to shop. She helps me with my homework.

My mom likes pumpkin pie. My mom loves our dogs. My mom likes flowers. She takes care of them. She likes to look at them. She has three gardens of flowers. She likes every one of them. My mom's favorite color is green. She is tall, and has short hair. And she is skinny.

By Asha Reeder

Sunflower School

Mom: Christina Letterman


A pair of muscles to whoop me with

3 gallons of love for the things she does

5 senses to catch the things I do

A pair of eagle eyes to spot me when I'm naughty

A heart of gold to help me through my life

11 pounds of heaven in her soul

1 pair of lips to keep me comfortable.

Directions: Add the pair of muscles to whoop me with, 3 gallons of love and mix. Put in 5 senses. Then for the fun part, put in eagle eyes. Heart of gold is next! Add 11 pounds of heaven in her soul. Mix. Then put in the pair of lips that keep me comfortable. Boil for 25 years. Enjoy my mom, Christina.

Third Grade

By Lacey Billings

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Jamaica Billings

My mom is special. She takes care of me in many ways. She provides food for me and does laundry - a lot of laundry and works very hard.

My mom does things she thinks is best for me. She gives me healthy food to eat and pays for me to go to school. She also takes me to church to learn about Jesus. I love my mom!

By Rachel Bond

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Beth Bond

My mom is a special person. She works hard at home. She does all the laundry in our house. She pays the bills for air and heat.

My mom buys me food. She makes me things that are healthy. She also makes me meals. She lets me do fun things like going to friends houses. She lets me invite friends over. She is the best mom in the world and I love her!

By Kyra Haas

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Erica Haas

My mom is special in many ways. One of these ways is she's good in the kitchen. Some of the ways she's good in the kitchen are: she washes dishes, she also makes food and doesn't make me eat what I dislike!

Another way she is special is that she does what's best for me. She makes me get off the computer, shower and go to school! My mom rocks!

By Davis Johnson

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Stephanie Johnson

My mom is special because she takes care of me. She drives me to school and places I need to go. She does laundry for the family and she cooks most of the time.

My mom is also special because she makes sacrifices for me. She pays for me to play baseball and basketball. She pays for me to go to a Christian school. She works hard so she can do all that for me.

By Cheylin Ricley

Lecompton School

Mom: Denise Adelicia Faimon

My mom is my best friend. She's special because she's always there for me when I need her, and whenever I have my feelings hurt she helps me sort it out. I miss her when she's at work and I'm at school.

My mom has MS, but she keeps working hard. She goes to work on weekends at a shoe factory. During the week, she's been going to KU so she can be a speech pathologist. She wants to be a speech pathologist because I used to have a lot of speech problems. She will finally graduate in May.

Even tough she's very, very busy she always has time for my brother and me. She plays games with us and watches movies with us and takes us to all our soccer and softball and baseball practices.

I know sometimes she's very tired and doesn't feel very good, but she still makes time for us. No matter how busy her schedule is, she makes us feel like we are important to her. These are the reasons I think my mom is the best mom in the world.

By Cortlynn Stark

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Monica Stark

My mom cares about me. She encourages me to do stuff I don't want to do. She takes me to the doctor when I'm sick or hurt. She also buys cool clothes for me.

My mom works hard. She went to a few classes to be a nurse. She buys and makes delicious food. She takes and lets me go places. She takes me to the movies. She lets me go to friend's houses sometimes for a sleepover. She also lets me go to my grandparents' house. My mom is special.

By Jacob Stegall

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Ann Stegall

My mom is a special person. My mom takes care of me by cooking meals for me. Sometimes she gives me food that I do not like but I know it's good for me. She always takes care of me when I'm sick, gives me pills and medicine but I dislike the cough syrup. She does the laundry for me.

My mom is special because she sacrifices lots of things for me. She sends me to school and spends lots of money on me for Christmas presents.

She is always nice to me. She lets me go to school and a friend's house. She spends lots of time with me at the movie theater. She loves me very much.

Fourth Grade

By Stephen Anderson

Deerfield School

Mom: Kathy Anderson

My mom is special because every Thursday she comes to school to eat lunch with me.

Another good thing about my mom is she is always laughing and joking with me. My mom loves to walk my dog with me.

She is always taking care of me, like whenever I'm sick she is always there to help me. Or when I have had surgery, she has always come to calm me down.

My mom never missed one of my sports games. One of the greatest things about my mom is her cooking! The best meal she has ever made is her homemade spaghetti. When it goes in your mouth, you can taste the joy.

My mom also cares for me. And my mom will take me anywhere I want to go. She is also really protective of me.

By John Henry Bennett IV

Deerfield School

Mom: Nicolette Bennett

My mom is the best. She helps me with everything from Cub Scouts to homework. Whenever I need help she is there for me. No mom is quite like her.

Sometimes she yells. But in the end I know she is just trying to protect me. If I am good, she rewards me by taking me to the Riverfront Chocolate Factory.

She is the one person I can always love. She is like a friend. Someone whom I am proud to call my mother.

Alexis Clark

Heritage Baptist School

Mom: Vickie Clark

My mom is special to me because she loves me very much. I know she loves me very much because she does nice things for me. She is never too busy to spend time with me. I know she prays for me every day because sometimes I can hear her praying for me. I really like it when she tucks me in at night and prays with me. She's always willing to correct me when I do wrong. And last, my mom is a Christian lady and teaches me to love the Lord. My mom is the most special lady in my life.

Hunter Dedloff

Deerfield School

Mom: Sherri Dedloff

My mom is special because she is very nice and kind to everyone, even people she does not know very well. She is extremely smart. Every time someone sees her they say, hey, it's that extremely nice lady, or it's that lady that made me feel better when I was sad.

My mom and I watch a lot of shows together. I love my mom because she will not miss one of my sports games for her life.

In a scale out of 10, I'd give her a googol. She is about as good as you can get for a mom. She takes me and my brother to a lot of fun places. On her mail she gets, it says "Sherri Dedloff" but I think it should say "Best Mom Ever."

Tanna Fanshier

Deerfield School

Mom: Danelle Fanshier

Who else could give a comforting hand when you're scared? Yeah, that's right, I admit it, I do need it! Mom, you're special and I want everyone to know! I won't hide it, I'll let it show. The way your eyes twinkle, how you laugh at my jokes.

I love you mom, you're extraordinary like a little magic I cannot contain. You blaze in my heart like a warm, familiar flame, and if it meant you, I'd give it all up, all my toys and my blankets and my chocolates and books. All my pillows, my knickknacks, my crannies and nooks, everything I have, that's how it looks.

I love you mom. I want the whole world to know I love you mom so I'll let it show!

Jenna Giele

Deerfield School

Mom: Jill Giele

I've always loved my mom. We've had our fights and our harsh words, but after those bad times, she gives me a comforting hug and I say I'm sorry.

There are a lot of things that I need to thank my mom for, like for driving me to violin and soccer, and since it costs a lot of money for gas, I'm very thankful.

My mom catches every shed tear, whispers comforting messages in my ear, and of course, tells me to say please and thank you.

Some of the best experiences in life are when we're riding our bikes down by the river. She and I weave through the trails, letting the rays of sun hit our faces through the peaceful trees, and I talk about school and soccer.

The fact is, I LOVE my mom, and I always will.

Kirsten Gilroy

Deerfield School

Mom: Linda Gilroy

My mom is awesome! She is supportive in my dance. She comes to all my competitions. My mom is hilarious, she tells the best jokes. She lets me be in any dance I want.

My mom has great ideas. She turns making toast into making a bird feeder. My mom has the best singing voice. She and I both like the high school musical soundtrack. We've almost memorized "The Start of Something New."

We both love going to the lake and throwing rocks in the lake and roasting marshmallows. My mom and I have a hobby of flattening out dollar bills in dictionaries. My mom is the best mom on earth. We train our cat to do flips. She gets it on tape. She helps me with my homework if I don't get it. She is a nice teacher and mom.

Montana Hockenbury

Deerfield School

Mom: Tamantha Hockenbury

What I like about my mom is that she helps me with my homework. She wakes me up, takes me to school or day care each day.

What we do together: We practice gymnastics and softball. We do art projects together and even tease my dad together.

What my mom does: My mom works for Godiva Chocolates. Sometimes she brings home new chocolates for me to try. She is always traveling so I don't get to see or talk to her very often because she is always working, even when she is home.

I don't know what I would do without my mom.

Ashley Hocking

Corpus Christi Catholic School

Mom: Carmen Hocking

Most kids picture a mom as a controlling woman, but mine is different. She's my role model, inspiration, biggest fan and my best friend! She is not shy, expressing true thoughts and feelings with me. She helps me express my creativity, uniqueness and individualism. I have a cool special bond with my mom I could never have with anyone else. In books there are mother/daughter things everyone experiences it differently and when I'm with mom I just have a great time! I know my mother and I will always be close. Again, we have an unspoken bond every day! I know that my mother will love me forever and always no matter what.

Alex Houston

Deerfield School

Mom: Mary Morningstar

I think my mom is a great mom. She is always loving, always there for me. If I'm sick or hurt, she is right by my side. If I'm having trouble or a bad day, she'll give me advice and cheer me up. She is pretty and has a good sense of humor. She takes care of me and my sisters and if we really need something, she'll try to get it for us. She has a great taste in so much like movies, books, clothes and especially food. She is also a great cook. She will take us on trips to places and never misses an important thing in our lives. Plus she is highly educated and has a doctorate from KU.

She comes to my sports games and cheers me on. Even if we lose, she'll cheer us up. If something goes wrong, she'll keep me calm and give me advice on how to fix it.

I think my mom is the best mom in the whole entire world, and if there were 1 million more moms, I would pick Mary Morningstar as my mom!

Michaela Ison

Deerfield School

Mom: Cathy Ison

My mom is the greatest! She makes me feel great every time she smiles. Mom feeds me, takes me to all of my activities, and she tells me what and what not to do.

I like hearing her jokes and funny songs. She's the greatest mom in the world!

My mom is the Girl Scout Day Camp registrar for the second year in a row. She's done PTA and Girl Scouts. Mom is not like other people, she speaks her mind. My mom is a great cook.

Mom's my best friend and will always be. We're both alike, we both like to cook.

That's my mom, she's great!

Austin Jantz

Deerfield School

Mom: Tammy Jantz

My mom is special because she helps me with my homework and she makes really good food. One time we were going to Worlds of Fun and it was her idea. We had a lot of fun.

My mom's favorite color is yellow. Her hobby is learning to play the banjo (she's getting better). Her favorite food is my dad's shells. They're really good. Her job is a medical assistant. She helps people. When I grow up I want to help people. For fun she spends time with us. Sometimes we go to the movies. I think my mom is special because she takes care of us and she feeds us. Most of all, she love us.

Madison Jenkins

Deerfield School

Mom: Beth Clover

My mom is very wonderful. She is very helpful, too, because she helps me with my homework and supports me at games. She lets me go on trips to places all by myself. She takes me places to buy stuff. She buys me lots of stuff.

Right now she is working on our house with my stepdad Mike and lots of other people because we want to move back in because we had a flood from a fire. She is dealing with living in my grandma's house that is all crowded. She deals with my wild sister while Mike is working on the house.

She cooks dinner for the family. She lets me come to her work. She comes to my parent-teacher conferences to see my grades and work.

That's my mom.

Alita Joseph

Sunset Hill School

Mom: Nisha Joseph

What does my mom add up to? A very special person! My mom and I love to shop together. We look for clothes, jewelry and anything that catches our eyes!

When I am sick, she is always there for me. She also brings me soup so I can get better. We bake together. We bake brownies and cookies. Most of the time, they are so good that they vanish in just a few hours!

Best of all, my mom helps me no matter what. She helps me study for tests and she asks what I do in school. She even taught me how to carry and borrow in math right before kindergarten!

Moms are special people. If you ask me, nobody could ever replace my mom!

Caleb Ledbetter

Sunset Hill School

Mom: Kim Ledbetter

My mom is sweet and kind. She has brown hair, she has glasses, she likes to wear blue jeans, and likes red long-sleeve shirts.

We go shopping together "not for accessories" but supply shopping. She cheers me up when I want to do something. Also she helps me when I'm sick.

Sometimes we go to Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi because it's some of her favorite spots in the world.

We also play Monopoly, checkers and Life when we have free time. Today, my mom is in college and goes to Quail Run to work as a para. My mom is the best mom in the world.

Kate McCurdy, fourth grade, and Anna McCurdy, second grade, Woodlawn School

Mom: Amy McCurdy

My mom is special because she pays for all of our activities. (Our dad does, too, but that's a different story.) Mom helps us with our horse riding. She carts us around place to place during our busy schedule. Mom comes to all of our swim meets, 4-H meetings and Girl Scout award ceremonies. Our mom is kind of a pushover, but we like that about her. We love our mom very much!

Rachel Miller

Sunset Hill School

Mom: Debbie Fuller

March 21st I was sitting in my room crying with my face burrowed in the pillow. Suddenly I heard the door squeal open I turned around with tears dripping off my face. My mom asked me what was bothering me. Fight with a friend? A lot of homework? Does your mom talk stuff out? Well, mine does.

My mom and I take walks together and go to the coffee shop. We watch lots of TV shows together. I think every day should be Mother's Day for her.

Megan Robinson

Deerfield School

Mom: Paige Robinson

My mom is special. She is very kind. I think she is the best mom in the world. I can rely on her to get me somewhere on time. Like once, I was going to be late for school but my mommy was there and took me to school. She was almost late for work.

She's the one who was there for me when I was in the hospital, for both times. Mom is the one who was there, I could always see her. I would hate to have anyone except for her around. She is very special to me because she never gives up. She is my motivation, she keeps me going, I love my mom.

Maddie York

Deerfield School

Mom: Maggie York

My mom is special because she is by my side when I am sick. She always makes me feel a 100 percent better knowing she is around.

My mom gives me everything I need, from putting a smile on my face in the morning to tucking me in at night.

She makes my world a better place. My mom lets me go to the movies and go bowling. Even when we get in fights we say we're sorry and know we will always love each other, forever and always.

Fifth Grade

Kelsey Consolver

Hillcrest School

Mom: Ronda Consolver

My mom is the woman in my life, whom I love with all my heart. She has taught me so much throughout my life. She has taught me to cook and a lot more. She always has been a great cook. My mom sews when she has the time. My mom loves to shop with me and we love our shopping trips to the mall. My mom is unique in every way. If I have questions about growing up she is always there for me. She taught me to ride my bike. My dad says one of the reasons he fell in love with my mom is her eyes, and my eyes are the same as my mom's. We garden together and do so much more. My mom takes care of me when I am sick. She brushes my hair and helps me comb my hair, too. It would take me days to list the things that are special about my mom. I love you mom!

Emilie Padgett

Hillcrest School

Mom: Melissa Padgett

My mom is the most exciting and helpful person I have ever met. That is just two of her many awesome qualities. She has taught me so much in my 11 years of life. I look up to her. We love to go shopping in Kansas City and especially anywhere on a vacation. My mom takes me to get our nails done and I just love to just sit and talk with her. Even if it's a boring conversation it's still so fun to sit back relax and just talk to her. She was the first person to see me take my first steps. She was also there when I took my first gulp of refreshing air when I was born. It seems like my mom can never run out of patience with me and my three sisters as she drives us all around town to our different activities each day. It also seems that she never runs out of time because she always has time to help me and my sisters with our homework and still has time to make us and our dad dinner. It makes me happy to know that my mom and dad will always try to make me and my sisters happy no matter what we do. I love you mom!

Aubrey Rinehart

Lawrence Virtual School

Mom: Nancy Crisp

My mom is special for a lot of reasons. She has been like the best big sister, only more. She has never left my side and she means a lot to me. Even in times when I would rather be with my friends, I think about how she's my special best friend.

One reason why she's special is because she's my teacher. When my mom decided to home school, I wasn't sure about it, but now it's really fun. Especially with my mom! She's really good at teaching me and helping me learn.

Another reason why she is special is that she is patient. I always forget to do a chore or clean my room. My mom is patient for a long time, no matter how long it may take for me to do it.

She is also good with cooking. She may say that she's not the best cook, but she always tries really hard to get dinner ready. Even if she doesn't get any help from our family.

After all this, all I can say is, "Thanks, mom!"

Sixth Grade

Inna Buglak

Hillcrest School

Mom: Nadia Buglak

My mom is like the lighthouse during a stormy night

guiding me

ever so truly

through the rough spots in life

Through the hazardous waters of my journey

Through my life

I can always depend on my mom to be there, to shine

Her Everlasting Love

Her Care

Her Power to carry me through

Her will to help when help is needed

She feeds me her Everlasting love, power, kindness, strength and knowledge.

She is my Torch

She is my Strength, My Endurance

Without her I would surely fail

She shines, she twinkles, she steers me in the dark valley

She is Everything to me and I'm Everything for her

She is my compass

She points me to the North star

The Star of Promise, The Star of Love, The Star of Hope

She is my lighthouse during that stormy night

Maddie Easley

Lawrence Virtual School

Mom: Carrie Easley

My mom is the absolute greatest mom in the world. She is a mom to five children (I am one of them). When No. 5 was born, he was born with a massive heart defect and she had to spend time at the hospital for six weeks, but still came home to see me and my other siblings. She home schools me. She is the best teacher I have ever had. She is also going back to school and goes to a class twice a week. My mom is my role model. I love her so much.

Hannah Fowler

Deerfield School

Mom: Susan Fowler

"Miracle Baby," this is what my mom has called me since I was 3 days old. At this time I had my first heart surgery. Doctors told my parents I wouldn't make it, but they didn't give up, and neither did I. But, this isn't about me, it's about my mom.

The No. 1 thing that makes my mom special is that every day she tells me that she loves me. Even when I'm angry at her or she's angry at me, she continues to say "I love you."

If something happens at school, or anywhere else for that matter, that makes me sad or angry, she comforts me. That's definitely something special.

Right now I bet my mom's crying her eyes out reading this. What I'm trying to say is, my mom loves me and that's why I love her.

Seventh Grade

Naomi DeFazio

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Kimberly DeFazio

My mom is always thoughtful and caring and would do anything to take care of me and make sure I am safe and happy.

My mom's name is the most comforting of all. Every time I hear it I think of her and her invigorating actions.

Whenever I am sick she is the one who stays home with me. She always makes me soup or pizza or whatever I want when I am sick.

My mom is the first person I go to for anything because I know that she will listen and I know she always cares. I think that my mom deserves every thing she wants for being such a great mom, and I am very happy that I have a mom like her.

Shereen Fattaahi

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Debbie Fattaahi

My mom is there to take care of me no matter what. When I'm sick, she takes off work to stay by my side and make sure I'm all right. Good thing she's a nurse so she doesn't get disgusted when I have the stomach flu. Another great quality about my mom is that she's thoughtful. She lets other people go first or have the "better one." Usually if someone gives her a coupon or gift certificate, she spends it on my sister and me and not on herself. She always puts family first, and her love for me is unconditional. She's the best mom I could ever have, and I wouldn't change a thing about her.

Caysi Gatts

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Julie Gatts

Why is my mom special? Wow! There are so many things I could say. She provides, helps, listens, cooks, teaches, sacrifices and loves me.

Whenever I am sick, my mom doesn't hesitate to help me even though she could get sick and usually does. She also tries to make sure I don't make bad decisions that could harm me.

Most of the time, I want to complain. When mom says I can't watch a certain movie there's always a "Why not? Everyone else can!" When I'm told to clean my room or help my sister, it's followed by an ungrateful "Uggg." But she does all those things because she loves me and wants to protect me.

My mom is, in a way, like I think Jesus would have been. She has everlasting love for her children and always watches over us. She is only human, so she makes mistakes, but her everyday actions remind me constantly of how much Jesus loves us.

I know that my mom was sent here for a purpose: raising my sister and me. All I have to say is, "Mom, you're doing a great job!"

Boomer Mays

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Rita Fulton-Mays

The reason my mom is special to me is she takes care of me. When I'm sick, she takes care of me and makes sure I eat the right foods. She makes it easy to keep track of some of my stuff. She will help me if I need help with homework.

She can take care not only of me but also of the rest of our family. She cooks for us. She drives me to school. If she is not busy, she will take me to the store or to the movies.

She works all the time so I can do things like go to the movies.

I love my mom because she helps prepare me for life.

I am glad there is a Mother's Day, the one time of each year I get to pay her back for all the love and care she has given me over the past year.

Sarah Perala

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Martha Perala

My mom is special because she cares for me. Some people do not think their mom is special, but they do not look at how much their mom does for them. Moms clean up after you, stay home with you when you're sick, cook for you and much more. On April 20, my mom made three trips to get food, plates and cups for a party that we had in math. That shows me how much she cares for me.

I remember one time when I was about 6 years old and my whole family was sick except my mom. She had to take care of us which meant that she had to stay home from work. She cleaned after my brother got sick. Since I do not like it when people throw up, I started to cry, so my mom had to try to calm me down. While she was trying to settle me down, my dad made a dash for the bathroom, so I started to cry even harder. Well my mom treated us by giving us some 7-Up, making soup and letting us get a lot of rest so we were better the next day. So that is my story on how my mom is special to me.

Jordan Rebman

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Diane Rebman

"My mom is the best ever." If you think about it, isn't that what all kids say? But what really makes a mom "the best"? Does she take care of you? Does she love you more than anything? Most importantly, does she love God?

In my opinion, these qualities are what make a great mom. My mom is all these qualities put into one great person; however, she is also my friend!

My mom is loving. Whenever I'm sick or just need someone to talk to, she's there. She takes care of me even if it means sacrificing her time. Whenever dad's working away from home, she's there, taking all the responsibility. My mom doesn't knit, doesn't grab my cheeks and say "Oh, who's a cute little boy?" or any of those stupid cliches. She's just my loving, supportive, God-loving mom!

Karisa Sanders

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Kalene Sanders

My mom is a great person and the greatest mom because she listens and loves me almost all the time. (I say "almost" because I believe I get on her nerves sometimes.)

Her expertise and motherly instinct were evident when I was sick with the flu a couple of months ago. She brought me soup, crackers and all of the necessary "sick" things. She did not avoid coming into my room to avoid getting the flu; she walked right in with smiles, and did not care about all the germs and bacteria flying around my room. She was nothing but kind during my illness. When I fully recovered, I went downstairs to find her sick with the flu. I felt so grateful toward my mom because she sacrificed her own health to care for me.

When I get home from school, I tell my mom what exciting things happened that day. Usually the "exciting" thing is we had chicken for lunch or something of that sort. She will always listen with intent ears while I talk on and on. Our conversations about school aren't very long, but they are what I look forward to every day.

I think my mom is a very special mother. I hope to be just like her when I get older.

Ethan Scott

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Saro Scott

My mom is the best person I know. She is always there for you when you need her and even when you're sure you don't.

My mom is awesome because she makes good food. Her cookies and brownies are the best. She also makes great dinners like lasagna.

Mom is always nice to me, except when I've done something wrong, of course. She always read to me when I was younger, and gave me privileges when I was ready, like being able to ride my bike around Eudora, or going to friends' houses.

My mom is always trying to help. She assists me with my homework.

My mom tries to make things happy at our house, because she hates it when my sister, my twin brother and I argue; she likes harmony. My mom is splendid because she is nice, helpful and fun.

Nate Scott

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Saro Scott

My mom is a very special mom. She finds a way for me to do special things with my friends, even though we really don't have the money. I know we really shouldn't go to Worlds of Fun more than once, but she lets me. She also lets me do the everyday sort of things with my friends, like go to the mall. She is also an excellent cook. She knows all kind of recipes and how to prepare foods that I have never seen or heard of. She is always there for me, no matter what. She helps me with my homework when I am in dire need. I know she loves me when she makes all these sacrifices for her family every single day even though it doesn't benefit her personally at all. She would definitely have my vote for the best mom in the world.

Amanda Welcher

South Junior High School

Mom: Gabriella Shawley

My mom is an individual. There's a certain spunk about her that says, "I don't care what people think about me. As long as I'm having fun and living for God, I'm great!" My mom takes care of my two brothers, two sisters and me. Unless you count David, my stepdad. Outside of our family, there's my mom's three baby-sitting kids Aidan, Ryan and Desiree. Some families don't communicate very well, but my mom keeps us all talking. All of us trust our mom. We can all talk about the most embarrassing things together and not care that our siblings make fun of us. My mom is so special to our family and my friends. My mom doesn't try to be something she's not, she's just herself. That's why she's an individual. And that's why she's special.

Mayra Zuniga

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Margarita Zuniga

The thing that is special about my mom is that she has always been there for me. When I was sick as a baby, when I was around 2 months old, I had seizures, and she used to cry because the doctors said that I would grow up to be retarded and that I would not be able to walk. My mom did not believe the doctors; she always prayed for me, and so did my relatives. One day when my parents took me home, they noticed that I was doing so good even with my condition. They were so happy; my mom said it was a miracle. Other things are special about my mom. Whenever I have trouble with school or friends, my mom is the first one to cheer me up. She either makes some tea or she hugs me tight. My mom's cooking is also one of the things in her personality. My mom can make awesome Mexican dishes: Pico de Gallo and Posole. I'm really happy that God healed me and that I have such a wonderful mom that loves me and cares about me.

Eigth Grade

Josh Barclay

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Cindy Barclay

If you have never met my mom, then you do not know the meaning of awesome, special, cool and fantastic! I love her more than school, video games and my teddy bear. I love to hear my mom play the piano. She plays and sings so beautifully. My birthday just happened and she, along with my whole family, made it so special for me. We love reading together. If I have a bad day at school, my mom makes it a lot better when I get home. I am so blessed from God that he gave me such a wonderful mom.

Katie Brown

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Brenda Brown

Every child has a mother; every mother is special with her own unique strengths and weaknesses. I think my mother is the best because she knows what her weaknesses are and works at getting better. She willingly sacrifices her time and energy to help and take care of me. When I don't feel well at night, she selflessly gets up, gets medicine for me and then lovingly scratches my back until I feel better.

My mother is an extremely hard worker. This is not to say that my dad and I don't help out, but she gives so much of her time to make this family stay running. Mom does the dishes; cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner; then makes sure we have food for the next day.

My mom is superb because she is a wonderful Christian woman. She is genuinely interested in my life, what choices I make and how those choices affect my life.

She encourages me when I am down and don't feel pretty or special. The most important thing, though, is that she loves me, and I love her.

Gabbie Burman

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Gina Burman

My mother is quiet but intelligent, and she always has the most sensible solution to problems, one's that just never come to your mind until she tells you about them.

She has a crossword fetish and surprisingly I love that about her. She gets so into them and won't stop until she is done. She's like this in all of her life. If I have a problem she won't stop worrying and thinking about it until it's gone.

She puts up with me, which is one of the greatest things about her. She "forgets" how I've acted (most of the time) and gives me an opportunity to fix what I've said or done.

She's kind and does so much for others, especially me. She does laundry and in return I cook her the amazing food she's taught me to make.

Mom, I love you.

Dylan Guthrie

West Junior High School

Mom: Diane Guthrie

My mom has an almost incomprehensible amount of love for me and my sister. Especially considering all the stupid things I do. Personally, if I was my parent I would have nowhere near the tolerance she has for me.

She is always doing her best to help me in any way she can. She makes sure that I stay healthy by cooking food for me that is nutritious.

She keeps our family closer by doing activities as a family like picnics and eating dinner together. She knows what's best for me even though sometimes I may not agree with everything she says. When I get in trouble she thinks of the best punishment for me, not necessarily the harshest one. She never yells, and always tries to keep her cool no matter how angry she may be.

Best of all she shows me she loves me.

Keiasia Harris

South Junior High School

Mom: Tania Atkins

Not everyone has a mom like mine. She's funny, smart and a wonderful person. She says you can learn a lot from your mistakes. My mom and I can talk about anything that we could never talk about before. My mom is someone that I can look up to, but not only me but others can, too, and that's the last and amazing fact of why my mom is special and what makes my remarkable mom more special and wonderful.

Caroline Mayhew

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Carrie Mayhew

My mom has so many responsibilities, but she still has time for both her family and a life. I come from a family of eight, and I don't know how my mom does it. She makes it to most of our activities, holds down a job, cooks dinner at night, keeps our family together and isn't always stressed.

Mom works four days a week at VCS teaching elementary music and P.E. She is a great teacher and her students say she is fun.

She has six children and although two are now in college, she still makes it to the other four's practices, games and performances. She is very active in our lives and very supportive of all of our talents and skills.

She is very special to me. She has found a good balance for her life between her job and her family.

Megan Nichols

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Allison Nichols

Besides being a caring mom and loving wife, my mom works full time at Lawrence Memorial Hospital and is involved in youth ministry at the Mustard Seed Christian Fellowship with my dad. She shows her love in practical ways every day as she cleans house, does laundry, organizes our schedules and helps with our homework. She also helps my dad with all aspects of ministry.

Family is very important to my mom. This extends beyond our immediate family; she wants everyone to feel like "family." A practical way she demonstrates this is when we are getting ready to clean, no matter who is there - we all clean. Instead of calling it cleaning, she calls it "bonding" and as we are working together physically, we are bonding together spiritually.

My mom loves sharing our lives with others, and there are often extra people at dinner. She always says that our lives are an open book, and I am having fun writing this book with her.

Hogan Randall

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Kelly Randall

Aren't moms great? They have so many responsibilities and no matter what you do they will still love you as much as they did the day before. If you pull an "uh-oh" or an "oops" while you just stand there, rooted to the spot, with a hand that didn't know how to carry a glass of purple Kool-Aid properly, who is going to get a dishrag and clean up your little spill? None other than the same person that drove you to your soccer game and cheered you and your team all the way until the final whistle blew.

All moms have an uncanny ability to sense certain things about their children. For example, my mom has three boys, and when we get up in the morning, without turning around, she can tell which boy it walking toward her just by the sound of our different footsteps! Moms can tell whatever you're going through or what you're feeling whether you like it or not.

Mothers are special enough that someone even named a holiday after them. Have you thanked yours lately?

Alexandria Welcher

South Junior High School

Mom: Gabriella Shawley

My mom loves me just the way I am. She would never want to change one thing about me. I know that I would never want to change anything about her because I love her for the way she is. I love how she smiles, talks, walks, eats and how she loves me. There is so much that I love about my mom.

No one can take her place. She takes care of me when I'm sick, sad and mad. She does not tell me what to do with my life, but tells me what is better for me in life. She encourages me to grow up and be stronger than she was as a teen. I rather get help on how to live life than just live how I think I should. My mom is the best in the world.

Ninth Grade

Kirsten Bennett

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Angela Bennett

If the head of the house is the father, the neck of the house is the mother, and the "neck" plays an important part because it moves the head. My dad is the president of our house, but if it weren't for my mom, he would be extremely disorganized. For example when my dad forgets his whistle for football practice my mom brings it to him. If she did not bring it for him he would not be able to do football practice.

My mom does a lot of things for my siblings and me. If she didn't, our house would never function. My mom provides me with emotional support. When I get into a fight with friends, I know when I get home she will comfort me and help me decide what to do.

My mom has always been there for me. And I love her even if sometimes I act as if I don't.

JoAnn Doll

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Victoria Doll

Being a mom looks difficult. First, you have to carry your baby around for nine months before she's even born. Then after she's born, you have to clean up her messes, feed her constantly and make sure she doesn't chew up every object in sight. When she grows older, you must drive her to her various activities, answer all of her questions and then avoid panicking as she learns to drive. You also must help her prepare for her future by giving her advice on being a woman, wife and mother herself. Furthermore, you must accomplish all of these things without going completely insane.

I'm thankful for my mom because she does all of these things like most moms; however, what makes her special is that she's my mom. She puts up with my ever-changing moods and gives me advice whenever I ask for it. I can tell her my problems, and she'll make them seem less overwhelming. She'll comfort me when I feel miserable and laugh with me when I am cheerful. She still cleans up my messes and patiently corrects me when I'm wrong.

My mom not only cares for me; she also inspires me. She is a hardworking woman at her job and at home, but she still makes time for her family. She is generous, helpful and empathetic to other people's needs. I know that no matter what my age, I'll always look up to her and depend on my mom.

Becky Finger

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Jonnie Finger

If you asked anybody what made their mom special they would probably respond that they are able to go home and tell them anything, and their mom is able to teach them life lessons. My mom goes beyond the call of a normal mom; she has made it so I am able to talk to her at school. For the last three years she has taught me more than just how to survive life but also how to survive English classes. Even though she has a busy schedule, she still finds time to help me out in the morning.

The best thing about my mom is that she enjoys making sure that I don't have to deal with my life on my own. She gives me constant reminders and encouragement. She's an amazing woman whom any kid would be lucky to have. I love you, mom.

Dani Marsh

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Ellen Marsh

My mom is so full of life and understanding. She always sees the good in people.

She always has wise advice for me no matter what I am struggling with. She helps me with questions about God or my faith because she is so strong in the Lord herself. The best advice my mother ever gave me was to "love the Lord your God with all your heart." My mother and I like to cook together and paint together. We have a common interest in books. My mother has helped me build my life by being such a good example to me and by giving me love and discipline.

Steven Peng

Veritas Christian School

Mom: The late Mei Hwa "Joyce" Peng

"Clean your room," "wash the dishes," "pick up your trash" are some things every one of us has heard from our parents, especially from our mothers. I, for one, have heard this many times. The reason our mothers do this is to help us better ourselves so that we can become responsible and trustworthy. Yet that isn't why moms are special. My mother was special because she was a great role model. She was kind, courteous, loving and righteous in all that she did. She would help others in need. She cared for me whenever I was sick; whenever I did something wrong, she would correct me. The main reason why my mother was special is not only because she put up with me, but because she loved me even with the trouble I come with. She influenced me much. She made me the person I am today.

Taelyr Shelton

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Denise Shelton

What makes my mom special? She is beautiful inside and out, she has a patient spirit and she loves me. She has so many qualities that stick out and make her special.

My mom is simply beautiful. She always tries hard to look her best. People say I am looking more and more like my mom every day, and I take that as a compliment. Mom is patient. When one of my siblings or I am whining, she always is sure to stay calm and solve our problem.

She is not only a loving mom; she is a friend. When I have a problem, I know I can go to her. She gives good advice that teaches me to love others. She knows so much more about life than I do and she shares those insights with me. This makes me feel special, and people who make other people feel special and important are like precious jewels: beautiful and valuable.

Hannah Walton

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Linda Walton

My mom is not like anybody else's mom. I can talk to her about anything, and she can always make me laugh. She is the kind of person who knows without being told that something is wrong and then knows just how to make it better. When I am upset, she will comfort me. Everybody has moments when they fight with their moms; however, when I am mad at mine, it doesn't last any longer than a couple of hours. Mothers and daughters have an unconditional bond, and mine with my mother will never be broken. I love when I spend time with her. She is the only person who fully understands how I feel.

Tenth Grade

Marie Fattaahi

Veritas Christian School

Mom: Debbie Fattaahi

When I was little and had heart problems my mom did everything to keep me alive.

She is very special, because she loves me no matter what. My mom is amazing because she takes care of us. She knows what is best for us. My mom would buy up the world for us if she had the money. My mom is very hardworking. I love my mom because she makes me laugh. Sometimes when she tries to discipline us, she gets her words mixed up and we end up laughing instead of being punished. My mom is special because she will always love me.

Kaitlyn Saathoff

Tonganoxie High School

Mom: Missy Saathoff

I can talk to my mom about anything, and she offers great advice. She always makes me laugh, no matter what.

I tell mom everything. She's my best friend. Mom always makes time for me when I want to talk about something, and she always has advice for me about guys, friends or anything else. When I am upset, she taught me to never hold a grudge but to go talk to that person. She always told me to keep a smile on my face at all times. She has helped my dad bring us up in a Christian home so we would have a strong foundation.

I totally admire my mom. She has taught me so much in my short lifetime. I know for a fact that I could not ask for a better mother because there is no one like her.

Twelfth Grade

Laura Parkinson

Lawrence High School

Mom: Mary Parkinson

My back hurts - mom gets me a hot water bottle. I'm hungry at work - mom brings me a sub sandwich and a cookie. I want good seats to the James Blunt concert - she is there second in line. I don't deserve her, but she deserves to be highlighted as the best mom ever.

First of all is her patience. Her job requires it. As a teacher she constantly works with kids all day and then comes home to take care of both my dad and me. We're both Type A personalities so it's a big job.

My mom is my No. 1 cheerleader. She always is the promoter of my future. When searching for the right college, she was always behind me to offer me advice. She has helped me edit many a scholarship essay. She was 100 percent behind my decision to try swimming my senior year. If I come home overwhelmed, stressed or depressed, she is there to listen. She is the sweetest, most dedicated mother I know. I won the lottery when I was born.


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