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Trial set for caregiver in abuse case

May 5, 2006


A judge on Thursday dismissed a motion to drop charges against a caregiver accused of physically abusing a mentally disabled client.

The decision by Judge Michael Malone set the stage for a trial later this year for Eric S. Wyatt, 35, a former employee of Community Living Opportunities.

Prosecutors say Wyatt has confessed to acts including pinching the man's cheeks together and striking him with a shoe.

Wyatt's attorney, Michael Clarke, had asked that charges be dismissed on the grounds of selective prosecution, saying his client was being targeted unfairly for acts that are all too common across the state but rarely bring about criminal charges.

He also suggested Wyatt, a former employee of Community Living Opportunities, was being singled out for reporting deficiencies at a different home operated by the agency.

Deputy Atty. Gen. Rex Beasley, who is prosecuting the case, called the motion the actions of a "desperate man" who knows he's likely to be convicted at trial, given that he has made a written confession. He wrote in a motion that his office's staff didn't know until after Wyatt was charged that he had reported previous problems at the agency.

Malone dismissed Clarke's motion on Thursday and scheduled Wyatt's trial for Aug. 14. A co-defendant, Dustin D. Taylor, 21, is scheduled for trial June 19.

Both men are accused of mistreating a 57-year-old man at Ponderosa House, a licensed intermediate care home in the 1200 block of East 26th Street.


somefun 11 years, 9 months ago

I believe that it is best that this goes to trial. I'm glad that somone (i.e, the attorney general's office and CLO) are protectiting the men and women at CLO against abuse. I'm somewhat amazed that a man that confessed to such eregious acts now is saying he is being unfairly punished for pointing out problems in another home. If he confessed is he trying to clean up his issue?

sticktofacts 11 years, 9 months ago

Confrontation... your description of CLO could not be more INACCURATE. CLO requires drug tests, background checks, a physical exam, and a week long training before new employees are able to work. And, CLO doesn't hire high school students!! But, MOST OFFENSIVE, is your description of the persons CLO serves. They are PEOPLE. PEOPLE who deserve to have a high quality of life. PEOPLE with developmental disabilities who need support in order to live safely on a day to day basis. PEOPLE who have the same right you do to participate in their community, live within a family, and have friends and a social life. As I mentioned in previous blogs, I've worked for other organizations, and am very happy to be working for an organization as supportive as CLO. From the tone of your email, I'm also VERY HAPPY that you no longer do!!

sticktofacts 11 years, 9 months ago

Confrontation.... I would also ask you kindly to think twice before you make horrendous, slanderous accusations about individuals and then indicate where they live!! Congratulations, you have just taken persons with disabilities BACK about 50 years!

21century 11 years, 9 months ago

Dear "anonymous confrontation", it is amazing that you are able to use the Internet all the way from the 19th century. It is shocking to read such prejudiced and bigoted post here in the 21st century. If you could just magically transport yourself in the future, I'd like to assure you that you will find the world a very different place. A place where people with developmental disabilities are able to live, dream and work in the community just like anybody else; a place where they are no longer feared with superstitios bigotry and called "insane"; a place where open-minded communities like Lawrence embrace them and give them a chance to achieve their dreams. Yes, my friend, believe it or not they do have their own dreams. Ask their parents, their friends, families, teachers and, get ready....neighbors. I know it's a shock to you, but contrary to what's happening in your neighborhood in the year 1878, here in the future the neighbors appreciate the men and women with disabilities and are OK with living next door to them.I teach at CLO and rarely have been more outraged in my life than after reading your misguided comment. CLO has existed here for 30 years because of the way Lawrence treats its people: With respect and an open mind. You don't represent the attitude in this community towards people with disabilities. On the other hand you somewhat represent the attitude from appr. 200 years ago. No, they are not uncontrollable and they are not some raging "sex fiends" like you'd like us to believe. Please, do not speak for the rest of this great community. Lawrence is one of the few places that have accepted unconditionally people with disabilities. Also, CLO doesn't hire high schoolers and has extensive background checking. No one under 18 can work there. I am really interested to know what exactly motivated you to drop such a vile lie..sometimes I just don't understand the turbulent 19 century. It is painfully obvious by your post why you didn't stay at CLO: you hate the clients!!! But instead of keeping your prejudicies to yourself you come to a forum, in this town's newspaper no less and lash out against the most disadvanteged people in society. They might not be able to answer you but I can. AndI will. Yes, CLO has made a terrible mistake: by hiring YOU! Greetings from the future and by the way, to heck with anonymity: you can answer me personally. Here's my email address:

urkidding 11 years, 9 months ago

WOW! Confrontational, you've got to be kidding me: what planet exactly did you come from? What in the world are you doing talking about the disabled like that?! You must have slithered your way through the CLO job interviews by deception and lies. I've taught there and had the absolutely mandatory classes for an entire week. It's 40 hours of classes, tests, etc. After that it's shadow training for 16 hours. I've had two children while at CLO and I felt perfectly comfortable with my babies being around the people with disabilties. One of the very first people to hold my newborn daughter was a person with a severe developmental disability. I trusted him because I KNEW him. And I mean KNEW HIM. You know nothing about these people and this is the reason you speak with such incompetence and hate. Have you seen these people in an institution? Have you seen them mercilessly confined not only by their misfortune of their disabiltites, but also by walls, straps and locks?Have you seen their smiles now as they are accepted as equals in the community? Have you seen their parents glowing faces? Where there once was no hope and only suffering, now you find happiness and light. Your post made me sad...and angry. But people like you will lose because there's no going back to the dark ages. There are more CLOsians in this world than people like you and eric wyatt

beertomb 11 years, 9 months ago

This is a truly sad post, "confrontational". Whatever your reasons are, you should re-evaluate them as well as your values and character. Thank goodness you didn't hold your job at CLO: you have the potential of being the kind of person that this trial is against. someone oughta submit "confrontational" for removal based on lies, malicious and untrue accusations, insulting people with disabilities and disclosing their residential address

sticktofacts 11 years, 9 months ago

Beertomb... I recommended removal of the "confrontational" comment. Hopefully the JWorld will go further and take away his/her ability to comment on this site.

Geez... It's sad to know there are more of Eric's kind out there.

mssking1 11 years, 9 months ago

I also recommended removal of "confrontational". How dare you print an address---what, to try to get the neighbors in an uproar? I had a brother that was developmentally disabled, unfortunately he has passed, but he was the kindest most caring human being ever and I miss him daily as do my children--Controntational you should leave our community. You are more dangerous than any client CLO helps!

YoungNWild1 11 years, 9 months ago

I dont want to go against what anyone is saying or anything...but why is everyone on here hatin on what this confrontational dude/chick has to say?? Arent we ALL entitled to our OWN opiniouns?? Yeah, well, another thing, I just think that its not right how people like them treated this mentally disabled how did they find out anyways??

Confrontation 11 years, 9 months ago

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