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Old home town - 25 years ago today

May 5, 2006


Angered by what he called a "truly disgraceful legislative exhibition" regarding school funding, Gov. John Carlin said he could guarantee the omnibus appropriations bill sent to him when the lawmakers adjourned "is not going to go through as it is." He said legal experts had told him he would be able to veto items selectively in the bill.

Local farmers again were engaging in their annual spring planting gamble by sowing seeds into the fields and hoping for a break in the drought. There was little optimism on the basis of recent forecasts, however. The searing heat wave of the past year had left the region more than 6 inches below the moisture normal at the end of 1980. There had been insufficient moisture since Jan. 1 to close the gap appreciably. More wheat and less corn seemed to be the prognosis for 1981 in the Douglas County locale.


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