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Old home town - 100 years ago today

May 5, 2006


From the Lawrence Daily World for May 5, 1906: "There is a great deal of petty thievery going on around town that needs to be stopped. For example, refreshments were stolen from a party scene before the event and if this is a joke, it is a mighty poor one. Thievery is worse than ever when it impairs plans long made by citizens, and we have had a lot of that. : Astounding revelations of the methods used by the Standard Oil Co. and its railroad allies were made today when President Roosevelt, in a special message to Congress, made public the report of commissioner of corporations Garfield. The report convicts Standard of the most flagrant and persistent violations of the law and convicts individual leaders of deliberately and grossly lying. Illegal rebates have been common and they are continuing, according to the scathing report that is long overdue. : There was much hand-shaking and congratulating as the State Sunday School convention here closed. Many were pleased with the developments there."


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