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Lawrence rejoins list of most livable sites

Web site factors crime, housing data into rankings

March 29, 2006


Lawrence is back among the top 100 communities in the country to live, according to a Web site that matches people with places that fit their needs. on Tuesday released its "Top 100 Places to Live" for 2006. Lawrence didn't make the list a year ago, after first cracking the top 100 in 2004.

Communities are nominated by visitors to the site, then have several factors - quality of K-12 education, crime rates, employment data, median housing costs and real estate appreciation - reviewed by staffers.

The site assigns specific rankings only to the top 10 communities. This year Naperville, Ill., topped the list, while Boulder, Colo., ranked No. 3 and Columbia, Mo., came in at No. 8.

More than 5,000 communities were considered. Also making the list from Kansas were Overland Park and Wichita.

News of Lawrence's ranking didn't surprise Rob Hulse, president of the Lawrence Board of Realtors.

"This just further validates what we already know: We do have a great community," said Hulse, a Realtor for Stephens Real Estate. "It's schools. It's education. It's exposure to culture. It's the great resource that is KU. It's an educated work force. It's good, Midwestern values in a progressive community."


lunacydetector 12 years, 1 month ago

wow! wichita made the top 100! this is a wonderful day for lawrence - to be ranked with such esteemed communities :)

perhaps we should send a letter of apology to topeka. we should run some taxpayer paid for advertisements in their newspaper about how sorry we are for being ranked as one of the top 100 communties in the united states, but topekans are still welcome to come visit. i hope they would understand and won't be offended by our ranking (whichever rank that might be).

CalGal 12 years, 1 month ago

I checked out the website. We didn't make the top 10, which seem to be the only ones ranked. However, we are joined by such dubious cities as Yorba Linda and Roseville in California, neither of which I'd visit much less live in. Makes you wonder what the criteria was, exactly. Ah, well. To each his own...I'll take Lawrence.

tir 12 years, 1 month ago

Yes, Lawrence is great, as long as you have a large enough income to live here. If you're one of the working poor or a senior on a fixed income, not so much. It's ironic that the above story should appear on the same day as this one:

SpeedRacer 12 years, 1 month ago

Well, since Yorba Linda and Roseville have gated communities I guess it would make them pretty "undesirables" unless they are coming in to clean or do the gardening.

ben_ness 12 years, 1 month ago

Exposure to different cultures? There may be exposure, but I question how tolerant Lawrence is of different cultures?

concerned_citizen 12 years, 1 month ago

Now that this story is out, your rent and property taxes will go up!

kansas_prairieland 12 years, 1 month ago

I know that in many ways Boulder, Colorado is a nice place to live....if you're an outdoorsy type!

But man!, it sure is expensive to live there....and crowded too!

yourworstnightmare 12 years, 1 month ago

I read this as a real estate/developer list. Lawrence is great because anyone can buy a crackerbax mansion built in a flood plain in a suburb away from "city-types". No one mentions that these new houses are crap and that these new subdivisions will quickly turn into run-down neighborhoods. Witness the duplex neighborhood behind Sears. Ugh. The Dupes!

xenophonschild 12 years, 1 month ago

Fundamentalist Christian conservative Republicans. Please move away, to Topeka . . . where you belong.

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