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Video brings reality of war home for father

March 25, 2006


No matter how many times he watches it, Lary Trowbridge can't help but shake his head in amazement.

"It's crazy," Trowbridge said.

The video stored on his computer shows a column of four military Humvees moving down a rural road in Iraq. Birds are chirping in the background and you can faintly hear someone talking in Arabic. Arabic words are printed at the bottom of the screen.

Then there is the explosion.

What appears to have been a roadside bomb goes off near the second Humvee. Trowbridge's son, Tyler Trowbridge, of Lawrence, is driving the fourth Humvee in line.

"Every time you watch it you know it's coming, but it's still mind-boggling," Lary Trowbridge said.

It was about two weeks ago when Tyler Trowbridge told his father in a phone call from Iraq about the bomb. He said nobody was hurt, including the soldiers in the closest Humvee. His son talked about it in a casual manner, "like he was going to the Dairy Queen," Lary Trowbridge said.

A Close Call in Iraq

Watch video (opens in new window)

Tyler Trowbridge is serving with Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 137th Infantry of the Kansas National Guard, a unit based in Lawrence and stationed in Baghdad.

A few days after the phone call, Lary Trowbridge received an e-mail from his son with the video attached to it. His son wrote that the video had been posted by insurgents on the Internet. A military psychological operations team took the video and sent it to Tyler Trowbridge's unit. Military examiners think the bomb was a converted 155 mm artillery shell.

Trowbridge isn't sure what he will do with the video - perhaps save it for grandchildren to watch one day, he said.

It is also unnerving to him to know that his son won't be through with his deployment in Iraq until late this year. In August his son is scheduled to return home for a short leave.

"I'm hoping he can come back in one piece," Lary Trowbridge said.


Trow8 12 years ago

This is Tyler Trowbridge. I would just like to ask that you please remove the story about the IED or atleast the video. For the simple reason that there are soliders here who did not inform their families, and do not want them to worry about what they are doing over here. I sent that to my dad thinking that he woudl not share that with anyone but himself. I guess I was wrong. Again I ask that you please remove the video or the whole story.

pimp11 12 years ago

I would have to agree with Tyler. The LJW should think about that kind of stuff before publishing these article.

I am sure the your father, was just wanting to get the news out there that his son was doing well under these circumstances.

Tyler, is there anyway for me to contact your dad. He was a referee for my high school ball games and would like to get a hold of him. If I could do that let me know, my email is

Thanks Tyler and good luck!

Fatty_McButterpants 12 years ago

Come on, Journal-World! Is it sensationalism at any cost or will you do the right thing and remove the story as Tyler Trowbridge requested??

Manson 12 years ago

Remove it. Plain and simple. The line betwen journalistic rights and comon decency is way too thin. Honor his request....I wonder if anyone died in that vid if you would still provide the link ? Tyler DESERVES to have his request to be honored. Prople may be able to find this vid elsewhere but you don't have to show it. THINK will you gain more readers by making it available or will you LOOSE more readers and credibility if you keep it.

MSG to the editor REMOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LesterBurnham 12 years ago

I love it, nice video!

This is America, and anything you do in plain site is legal to video tape. Whether it is right or wrong doesn't matter.

Also, derseve has got nothing to do with it.

If you don't want it on the interenet, find the owner of the content and purchase it. You may need a translator though.

Rhoen 12 years ago

Why is this story still posted when the soldier who sent it as a private post to his father has specifically requested that it be removed?

Can't you honor the request of this young man, or is the worship of Mammon (the patron saint of Douglas County) going to override conscience and decency in this instance as well?

Manson 12 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

armywife 12 years ago

I'm a Family Assistant Center Coordinator for the Kansas Army National Guard, my office is based at the 2-137th Alpha Company Armory. What this soldier and father have done is violated Operational Security ( OPSEC ) to the highest level. Not only is it a violation it puts our soldiers in danger when you have this kind of reckless disregard for Army rules and regulations. You need to immediately take this story of your web page, Joy Mosier the Public Affairs Officer for the State of Kansas will be hearing about this as well as The Adjutant General of the Kansas National Guard. How reckless of the LJW to put this in the paper obviously they aren't too concerned with our soldiers safety. It makes me sick to know they are over there fighting for your rights to publish this stuff.

Sincerely, Lisa Galindo Family Assistant Center 785-806-1757

Manson 12 years ago

What is going on here? there was no malicious material in Prospectors post. Mine was marginal with the acronym. It's strange here at the LJ world cuz editing comments that contain NO violations of the posting agreement are edited yet the taseless vidieo from Iraq enjoys free reign.

Way to go LJ world board Admin.

LesterBurnham 12 years ago

The story and video are posted because it is an entertaining arcticle. It caught my attention, and it didn't cross any moral boundaries.

It is entirely legal and won't hurt the LJW's rep in any meaningful way. There is no valid argument against it.

By the way, why remove prospector's comments? He may have been full of laughable lies, but nothing offensive.

By applying and recieveing payment for their military employment, the individual has agreed if not endorsed himselve to be on this videotape.

I'm grateful America allows me the opportunity to see this footage from the comfort of my office.

Manson 12 years ago

You're absolutely right Lisa. I hope that the LJ world will be held accountable for their actions and not get off on some journalistic tecnalcailty.

Hey Lisa, It's Jared's Brother !!!!

Manson 12 years ago

"By applying and recieveing payment for their military employment, the individual has agreed if not endorsed himselve to be on this videotape."-lester

Wrong Lester, the video was recorded by the enemy or someone not affiliated with the UN army. His voluntary decision to join the Army is no acceptance of video compromising tactical security.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 12 years ago

I really don't see why posting this video is such a big deal. It's what happens nearly every day, sometimes several times a day, in Iraq. Why shouldn't the American people know about it?

But it's obvious that this sort of video is supposed to be censored, and that's probably what's got Tyler Trowbridge so concerned. I hope he doesn't suffer because of the harmless release of this video (which was originally placed on the internet by those who took it, anyway.)

LesterBurnham 12 years ago

Yea.. You're wrong Manson..

exactly the opposite of what you said is correct.

LesterBurnham 12 years ago

I've seen FOX news play video's like this... and FOX NEWS is always correct and a messenger of truth.

Thus I know the LJW is doing nothing wrong.

Manson 12 years ago

"I really don't see why posting this video is such a big deal. It's what happens nearly every day, sometimes several times a day, in Iraq. Why shouldn't the American people know about it?"-Just another Bozo

It's a big deal because the LJ world shouldn't be providing the link . Just because it's avaliable elsewhere dosn't mean that the LJ world has right/decency/comon sense to provide access to it.

Same thing happens in bars Just cuz someone provides an ID saying they are 21 if in fact they ain't the bar is still liable for providing the alcohol.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 12 years ago

"Same thing happens in bars Just cuz someone provides an ID saying they are 21 if in fact they ain't the bar is still liable for providing the alcohol."

Um, yea, well, whatever you say, that really splains it all.

cms 12 years ago

My son is with the 2/137th in Iraq. I will not watch the video and the story alone made my heart pound. Say what you'd like derf, but our sons and daughters are serving our country and while we as the general public might view this type of video and read the same type of story everyday, when it is YOUR son in the heart of the action, it invokes a different reaction. I hope and pray my daughter-in-law, and other young husbands and wives, do not see this article or video.

Lary should have asked permission and the LJW should respect Tyler's wishes. I encourage the LJW to act upon Tyler's request.

jwmound 12 years ago

If you don't want to view the video then don't watch it.. it's reality and somthing to be dealt with reguardless if you know someone in the war. It's time for the American public to realize what's going on.

lf83 12 years ago

Upon reading the article published in Saturday morning's paper I was both angered and dismayed. Angered that the soldier's name and information were actually published but dismayed at the laziness the staff has displayed in covering this war. Yes the people have a right to know what is going on in this war and the danger our soldiers encounter, but the people also have a right to respectable journalism. Why is it that the only articles the Journal World publishes about the war are scary and negative and are information that is taken from testimonials? If the Lawrence Journal World really cared about bringing the truth about the war home to the people of the Lawrence area they would have found that video themselves online, they would have protected the names of the soldier and his family member. They would have sought to give a real story with facts and truth and the best interest of the soldier in mind. As for the readers who criticized the soldier and his mistake, shame on you. He is over there in extreme circumstances under stress. I'm sure none of you in extreme situations have ever made a mistake, or have you? As for those of you defending the people's right to this information then I urge you to pressure your media to bring you the truth. Pressure them to get off their butts and actually go get the truth instead of waiting for the occasional testimonial to fall into their laps.

bookdiva 12 years ago

I have several friends who have served in Iraq and all of them have been involved with IED's. Many times they requested that I not tell anyone about the events, not to cover up the truth, but because they wanted to make sure that the soldiers involved were the ones that told their families what happened. It's terrifying having bits and pieces of the story and I know that I would have been a wreck if they had shared every close encounter with me. LWJ should remove the link, if not the story.

tpatric 12 years ago

Well, armywife, while I neither condone nor condemn the publishing of this story with video, you are way off base and your threat is irresponsible and inane. When did you become the Army spokesperson? Tyler is in a battlezone, and to the best of my knowledge all of his email is closely monitored by the Army who chose not to censor it. Furthermore, the video came from the internet and is accessible by anyone. He neither revealed confidential information nor remark upon the war. The Army Reserve would do right to address your use of your position to make this post.

commish 12 years ago

This is Lary Trowbridge, and I wish to take this opportunity to apologize to people that I may have offended or hurt. I have asked the Journal World to remove this on their site and have not recieved a positive comment back. It was never my intention, or ever will to put people in harms way. If we are so quick to jump at a story by the media, then why can we not be that quick to remove it. I ASK TO PLEASE REMOVE THIS ASAP!

This may not be enough for all that I may have offended, I am truly sorry.

tpatric 12 years ago

Mr. Trowbridge, you have nothing to apolgize for. I am not naive enough to think that our soldiers are sitting under palm trees sipping pina coladas. We know that they are bravely doing their jobs. I don't know how anyone can construe your interview as putting our soldiers in harms way. When I served in Vietnam, letters home were published quite regularly. They conveyed the trials of servicemen and the dangers they routinely encountered. IED's are no surprise to anyone and I have seen such videos on the news as well as the horror of the aftermath. The oversensitivity of some people who have read this story is truly astounding, and the attacks are unwarrented. Furthermore, the video in question does not in anyway detail where the attack occurred or who the casualties were. However, based on the responses I am sure you have gotten, I can understand your desire to have the article removed. I pray for your son's safe return as well as those of of all of our servicemen and women serving in Iraq and Afganistan.

claw 12 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Confrontation 12 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Joel 12 years ago

I just sent the following e-mail to the link bearing Mr. Trowbridge's name. I thought I would share it with the rest of you.

Mr. Trowbridge:

I'm sorry if you haven't heard back from anybody on LJW staff regarding your wish to pull the story we have online about your son's video. We tend to run with a skeleton staff on the weekend, so your messages may not have been received by the person you're trying to contact.

I've chatted with the managing editor of the LJW and the news director of 6News, and the feeling is that we should leave the story up. Here's why:

¢ It has news value -- not just to be luridly sensational, but because it provides a real, if brief, look at what the war looks like.

¢ We obtained it fairly and honestly. I've not spoken to our reporters about this, but it appears in the LJW article and 6News story that you fully cooperated in the production of the story.

¢ Finally: What's done is done. I don't mean to sound heartless here, but the story appeared Friday night on 6News and on the front page of the LJW this morning. To remove the story and video from our online service would be akin to "unringing a bell."

All of us here at the Journal-World have enormous respect for American soldiers and their efforts. But we should not unreport news that is already reported.

With full respect, Joel Mathis Assistant City Editor Lawrence Journal-World jmathis (at) 832-7142

jwmound 12 years ago

As a matter of fact,. my father served two tours of vietnam,.. so forget about your parades and and positive imagery. If you can't handle the negative aspects then buck up,.. as i hear and see it,.. this war has had less coverage than the Vietnam war ever had. And "they" designed it that way. I give all my blessings to the men and women fighting over there. And those of you who served in Vietnam, know plenty well about IED's. People can't be ingnorant to the fact that these things do happen over there. So take off your rose colored glasses and look at the big picture.

cms 12 years ago

I AM SICKENED AND DISGUSTED. The LJW routinely changes online headlines and stories every day; an example would be one of the stories about the young boy who died in an accident in Prairie Park. The position stated by the LJW DOES show a lack of respect, especially for Tyler Trowbridge.

armyguy 12 years ago

I have thousands of pic's and video on my puter from Iraq. I very carefully chose those that I would send back via email to my father and other loved ones. They are public info once posted. Any one posted by the enemy are of no obsec value to the enemy and are not endangering anybody, in fact, My company used enemy videos in training before we deployed. The simple fact is don't email anything you don't want seen by lots of people. Email is a very fast way to spread things. Most of my pics and video are for my use only.

Trow8 12 years ago

What the Journal World did was not wrong nor what my father did was not wrong. The papers job is to report the news. This story is new! As far as it being wrong and a security violation for the Journal World to put this in the paper, it is not! The video was taken by the insurgents and posted on the internet orgianly by them. Anyone could find this footage if they were to look hard enough. The Journal World was only doing their job as reporters. My father had no intentions of harming anyone by this post and is truely sorry for what has happened.

The only reason that I asked for the post to be removed is for the familes. No one needs to see that kind of thing while their loved ones are deployed. Yes it is a reality that everyone has to deal with, however things like this do not help people cope with the situation.


armywife 12 years ago

tpatric it's my job to inform anyone in the position such as Joy Mosier or the TAG of these violations if we see them. For your information I spoke with the Assistant to the TAG and he agreed that this was a violation. I also talked to the Rear Det Commander as well as the Rear NCO IC and they are addressing the situation. My comment was neither a threat or some way for me to be a spokes person for the military. I suggest that you look into what you're saying, first of all the National Guard is State and the Reserves are Federal. Second I suggest you educate yourself on OPSEC and what gave you the idea that ALL e-mail was regulated. Do you know how many times I get calls from families because their soldier has sent them an e-mail such as this .Is it fair to put these families through this time and time again. It's one thing for CNN or FOX to play a video such as this, keep in mind they usually don't identify the the soldiers or the unit involved unless there is a fatality or there are injuries. What was done here was a story that has caused a DOMINO effect of rumors and has added to the stress of these deployed soldiers families. In the future you may want to think about what you say before you say it.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 12 years ago

I think they used to put what you're saying "Loose lips sink ships," Armywife.

I think you're blowing this way out of proportion. Any family who doesn't appreciate the danger their soldier-relative is in must be living under a rock, but that's pretty much how this administration wants it.

The American people deserve to know exactly what this vanity war looks like, and what that means to the soldiers over there.

armyguy 12 years ago

Armywife, perhaps you can refresh me on OPSEC, before I deployed we were told not to tell anybody (mostly media), who we were, where our unit was based, were we were doing are training, how many people were in our unit, where we going or what we would be doing.
Yet a few days before we left we had deployment dog and pony show with the Gov. Tag, many Polititions and most media outlets in the state.
It was great to see the Gov and all the State TAG telling everyone just what we were not supposed to.

It tells me that those in charge just didn't want us talking to the media. Especially in Lawrence, "The hub of terrorist activity in the Midwest" (From a ARMY OPSEC breifing at Fort Riley).

letsgetwise 12 years ago

I just finished watching the video, completely out of curiousity. I probably never would have clicked on the link if I hadn't read all the comments. I did jump when the explosion happened. I do not have any relatives over there, but can completely empathise with the families who do. Has this been interesting, yes. Necessary? No. Trowbridge is thinking how the families would react to this without accusing anyone of anything. A simple request to remove the link is not too much to ask.

tpatric 12 years ago

armywife, perhaps you need to think about what your saying before you post it.

bucephalus 12 years ago

I don't get it.

Someone posts claiming to be a font of official Army regulations on this sort of thing, then retracts her statement and just says that she's notified some officials somewhere. Sounds like the old "Get Smart" show where Don Adams would start out by saying "You're surrounded by a crack team of snipers with German Shepherds itching to attack" and then back his way down to "Would you believe we've got a couple of Boy Scouts and a seeing-eye dog?"

Supposedly there are two objections to this being posted: one is that it gives away information about the location or movements of a unit, the other is that some families of soldiers involved might not know if their military relatives are OK after seeing this. Except, well..

  1. Giving away the location? Well, let's see... the story says the unit in question is "stationed in Baghdad." Whoa! I bet the terrorists didn't know until this story was posted that we have troops in Baghdad! As for giving away specifics, the story doesn't say exactly where or when the video was taken, so I don't see any possibility of sensitive information getting out.

  2. As for families who "might not know" how their relatives are after this, well, it's right there in the story: nobody was hurt. Answers that question pretty effectively.

So... anybody got an objection to this based on actual thought and reasoning? Personally, I think this is a pretty heartening thing; a bomb goes off under a convoy and nobody gets hurt? If anything that should make folks at home feel better about the safety of their loved ones in Iraq...

lf83 12 years ago

i think Lisa G is taking things too far. she wants to talk about the security and privacy of army operations well then why is she talking about what she's doing to get the soldier in trouble? obviously she's not thinking of privacy and i think its totally inappropriate for her to use her "rank" in the system on a web blog-if she's so professional then she shouldn't even be posting her opinions on here, she shouldn't have opinions.

The_Twelve 12 years ago

Well, armywife, my brother should be in Iraq within a month, and I will blame YOU if something happens to him. This is absolute BS that the American public cannot know what life is like there, without the censorship of you and yours.

So our side took video off the other side's website? And it's dangerous for them to know that? Gimmeabreak. What kind of enemy are we dealing with? Can they be so stupid to think that websites aren't reviewed?

Let's not even note that Trowbridge (bless his soul) can't even translate the Arabic (or doesn't tell us what it means). That's the stupidity of a military fighting in a foreign land...without the common sense to be able to communicate with those around them. And we want to be the Iraqi people's "friend."

Of course it's "fair" for the families to see this material--they supported their relative's decision to join the military in the first place, right? Are you all so naive?? The military wants to keep the true joys of war hidden--out of sight, out of mind.

You only want to salve your own conscience. Can't handle knowing that your husband might be dead? Can't handle the fact that 2300+ Americans and 10000+ Iraqis (whoops, I forgot, they don't count for you) are dead? Do something about it.

Fight for TRUTH and the American way--but the American way, in the last few years, has become FALSEHOOD and LIES, and you are a part of it.

armyguy 12 years ago

12, might have to disagree with you on one point. That is 10K Iraqis dead. I belive it is much more, nothing to prove or disaprove that, just talk among GI's that were or are there. Otherwise, great post..

armyguy 12 years ago

12, U R still not getting my pic's and vid's other than nice ones. A friend whom was a Vietnam vet thanks me for not sending the not so nice one's (yes I am being politically correct)

lisabeth2002 12 years ago

Hey Tyler! Just want to say we miss you and think about you every day!

Phil and Lisa

bookdiva 12 years ago

12-Glad you found the appropriate forum to bash the military and their families. Because of all the people in the country those are surely the least informed about the horrors of war. They so obviously live in denial of the everyday terror and tragedies befalling the region and those in it. Thank goodness you're here to offer blanket judgments of them. Try not to confuse the gov't with the people required to do its bidding.

Blathering on in a rightous tone and acting superior, taking cheap shots... Glad you're not above stooping to the government's tactics.

pimp11 12 years ago

well whatever the case may be, right or wrong, I think that the request of the person who submitted to article should be enough to remove the article.

Like one said before, there have been articles changed or altered before once someone claimed.

Maybe Mr. Trowbridge isnt the mayor of Lawrence or President of a business but he has those same rights as those people.

I know it is to late to remove it now, but the LJW should have done the right thing in removing the article like Mr. Trowbridge requested.

Rhoen 12 years ago

To Lary and Tyler Trowbridge and all of the other soldiers serving in war zones and their families ...

thoughts, prayers and blessings to you. My hope is that all will be well for you and yours.

The_Twelve 12 years ago

Armyguy, thanks for a little support there--as to vids and photos, don't have time right now to google web for them. PC, whitewashed news--that's exactly what I'm concerned about. This war has been antiseptically cleansed by men who never fought (GWB,Cheney, Rummy), just so that their own policies could be moved forward, without arguments from the public.

YO, Pilgrim. Of course, it's impractical for the whole damn army to learn Arabic (too bad we arent' fighting in Mexico). However, how do you expect any frightened foreign citizen to act sanely or calmly, when their door is bashed in and a patrol starts searching their home with guns in hand. How do expect any true communication and building of trust?

You're right, I don't do Arabic, I do one of those other "national security" languages. Don't know what they are?--Ask Sen Roberts.

My grandfather (on mother's side) didn't speak German--my grandmother did. --And Czech, as well. WWII arguments won't play here. This is not a European war, among speakers of a language that many of us should have studied in high school, or may have been familiar with through family ties (i.e., Fr, Ger, Ital ).

Bookdiva, I do not bash all the military--father served after Korea, my uncle was US Army (in 'Nam) and Marines (after 'Nam). I only question the holding of moral systems that create the illusion of "support" for military while denying the evils of war. As I have posted on other stories, some that go through war' s hell choose to force that choice on others. Why? Just because you find in your conscience that moral abyss that allows you to kill another, doesn't mean I must.

Perhaps you missed my post about a former boss--a Marine--who told stories about placing grenades in Vietnamese women's vaginas... I find that rather reprehensible.

If I must connect the gov't with those that do its bidding, so be it. Isn't that what Nuremberg was all about? A job is a job, you're right--so why not try and do it in the most humane manner possible? Why not respect the culture into which you've intruded yourself?

Yes, sticky issue. And I don't have the answers. I am not morally perferct (after all, God knows I'm a lifelong Democrat). All I see, though, is the avoidance of truth under the veil of patriotism. Righteous, no I'm not.

As to "least informed of the horrors of war"--well, if there are families out there that know more than what the papers are allowed to show these days, then yes, you are part of the problem.

"Support our troops" should not be a slogan that promotes the killing of others in furtherance of lies and ingnorance.

LesterBurnham 12 years ago

yea thats right!!

Thanks for agreeing with me LJW staff..

Its hard out here to be a pimp!

AmericanSoldier 12 years ago

LJW, I applaude you. It is about time that a public news source starts posting views of what we are fighting. We are not fighting a conventional soldier, but rather terrorist rats who do well blending with innocents.

As an American Soldier, I plead with you to keep this video active and keep posting them. Lisa and the MSG dont have a clue what they are talking about. OPSEC?? I think not. Our country needs to know why we fight and who we are fighting.

"If it were up to me I'd show it everyday!" (darryl worley - have you forgotten?)

Keep up the good work!!!

us_army_infantry_soldier 11 years, 12 months ago

I am a member of this unit as well as Tyler. I am can not believe that LJWorld published this article with Tyler's name and family members. That is totally unprofessional; I know I have a Masters in Journalism, to publish such information with out consideration to other families of soldiers in our Unit. It would be like them posting the video of SGT Davila's death if they had footage of it. The US does have the right to know what is going on over here and believe me we (the soldiers) want nothing more but for the public to see what this war truly brings. This video should not have been posted and I believe that causing more stress and heartache to more families is disappointing.

Thank you all for you continued support.

Linda Endicott 11 years, 12 months ago

Tyler, while I respect your concerns, any family who has a loved one in Iraq already knows the dangers they face every day.

They've already seen enough on the news to know what can happen. Having a loved one in Iraq is going to cause worry. There's no way to stop that. Removing the video and/or the story is not going to make families stop worrying.

Just hearing that their loved one is going to Iraq causes worry, before they even get there.

kirbster 11 years, 12 months ago

The fact of the matter is that not all of the 2/137th is able to tell their families what happens there every day, nor do they want to put further stress on their families. My husband is there now, and I know the stress of managing a house hold is enough. However, the added stress of an anti-war community that has no regard for the families that are standing by their soldiers doesn't help. Yes no one was injured, in THIS incident. What about others? It is disrespectful to take away the rights of the soldiers that are protecting your freedoms, and to disallow them to communicate the attacks on their unit to their families THEMSELVES. Yes, we see things on the news everyday, but no they usually don't reveal which unit the attack was on. By publishing something that basically says, hey this is our local unit based out of Lawrence and they are getting attacked, this is disrespectful to the families who have enough to worry about all ready. Further more, to disregard the request by Tyler to remove the story is blatant disrespect. Don't forget that their would be no freedom of the press, with out the protection of the military. I'm never at a loss of amazement for the disrespect the LJW is showing the local military community. If you want to see this sort of coverage its available on the internet, its not hard to find. For those of us trying to keep our sanity in tact and support our soldiers, you only make our jobs harder by constantly reminding of the danger that our husbands, sons, or otherwise loved ones are constantly in.

Linda Endicott 11 years, 12 months ago

And would you worry any less if the article hadn't been printed?

bookdiva 11 years, 11 months ago

Well, since we're pulling out our pedigrees...My father served two tours in 'Nam, two uncles and my gramps were Navy, my brother-in-law and brother were both members of the Army Guard, and the family cannon is a legacy from my family that fought in the Civil War. I won't list the friends I have serving now and it matters to none of them that I protest the war and vote as a Democrat. Sorry, I somehow missed your other posts, but I'm sure they were loaded with facts and objective statements and not filled with overgeneralizations and accusations.

I know more about what's going on in Iraq because I chose to educate myself. Whoever gave you the idea that the military is one large killing machine whose sole objective is to crush the soul of mankind was obviously a great propagandaist. Two of my friends spent 90% of their time in Iraq doing humanitarian work. Operating a clinic for children and helping re-build the infastructure needed in villages long ignored. There are too many charity efforts to count that are led and conducted by the military on the ground. They ask folks in the states for basic school supplies and medicines for the Iraqis and we send them. They are working together to make a better life. Where do you get off assuming they don't mourn the loss of those lives? SHAME ON YOU! It's people on both sides of the debate that refuse to see the people fighting and dying as people that are the real problem. Most of those that are stationed there and work closely with the citizens of Iraq mourn and grieve deeply for the lives of EVERYONE lost in this stupid war. If you want to make a difference, do it. Stop throwing around rhetoric and find some truth, then lead others to it. The media reports the stories the public accepts. If you want the stories to change, be a voice that can lead. The information is out there. I suspect your issue should be with the passive reception of info of most of society. Most people don't seek. Isn't it just easier just to rant and cast about inflammatory words?

As for your post about a marine, there are people that are cruel and heartless in every walk of life. You don't need to be in the army to find a way to express masochistic tendencies. There are plenty of sickos (and probably a few in your profession) that are depraved and given the opportunity will inflict the most harm they can. And we should all object to that.

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